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Monday, November 30, 2009

question and answer...

It's "Book of Questions" post time. Who's excited? No one? Okay fine. If you are new to the blog (as I see a few of you are, 39 followers holla!) then please click here. Then if you would like to go back and read ALL of the posts from this epic book...feel free to do so.

Alright I am flipping (through the book of course...not like ACTUALLY flipping out) as we speak (type)...and the question is...

Question #77: Do you feel at ease going alone to either dinner or a movie? What about going on a vacation all by yourself?

Answer: Sorry this question is pretty darn lamespice if you ask me...but I must follow my own rules and answer whichever question I flip to..ugh.

I am totally fine going to dinner or a movie by myself! Sometimes I actually prefer it. A guy I used to date HATED when I would call him and be like, "Hey...I know we had plans but I am going to scrap those plans to have some me time." I would then proceed to head on over to whichever restaurant we were planning on going to and taking a book and eating by myself. He would get wicked pissed...I must admit it was a little funny!

Same thing with movies...sometimes seeing a movie all by yourself is awesome. I don't do that one too often though because most of the time someone I know wants to see the same thing so we just group it up and go together.

While I am a-ok with doing things solo I don't think I would be into going on vacation by my lonesome. To me vacations are fun because of the people you go with! If no one comes with you who is going to take pictures? And let you taste their yummy restaurant food? Who would ride in/on the plane/train/or automobile with you? It would be SO boring (kind of like this post).

So...I say heck-to-the-yes for solo dinner and movies! Heck-to-the-no for solo vacations....

I know I have let y'all down greatly with this post. It is looking like my 'funny' took a solo vacation and left me alone!

Anywho...answer this question in the comment section! What do YOU think about solo adventures (and no I did NOT mean that in a dirty way)?! Also, if you are a new friend o' the blog...introduce yourself (alcoholics anonymous style) I would love to meet you!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

four photographs...

I was tagged by a lovely blogger pal o' mine to do this little picture meme. Thanks for thinking of me Sara-Jane.

As always these meme's have some rules. Here they are...

1. Choose a photo that makes you cringe like hell.
Really? Really?! What was I thinking? This is Prom 2002...I was 16...and I obviously had zero fashion sense. Let me count the ways that this photo makes me cringe...
1. The dress! Oh the dress...the $575 dollar dress. Yes you did read that right. I honestly thought my life would end if I did not have this dress on my body. My parents were amazing enough to foot the bill (although in hindsight Mother, you should have told me how ugly this dress was.) Ick. I only wanted it because my dates favorite color was baby blue...yep gag!

2. The date! Jason was his name. Professional Douche bag was his game. Seriously. I dated him for almost a year...not only is he unattractive he was the.biggest. jerk.ever.

2. Choose two pictures that you could stare at all day long.
This picture is one of my favorites. My niece is obviously the cutest child ever to exist. She also steals my accessories hence, her fabulous peace sign scarf she is rocking in this photo. Another reason I love this picture is because it was taken at Sprinkles Cupcakes...also known as 'Mecca'. Sprinkles+My Bug+Scarves+Peace Signs=A photo I could stare at all day.

If you need any explanation as to why I could stare at this hot piece all day long. You obviously have not been paying attention. I heart Robert Pattinson. He makes me swoon. The end.

3.Choose one picture that shows your dreams and aspirations, or that holds a place on your 'bucket list'.This one may need a little explaining. I am a girl with dreams. Big, big dreams. Education is the key to all of these dreams. I am almost done with my Bachelor's Degree. I will be starting on my Master's in the Fall. After that I will hopefully becoming a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. I want my own practice. I also hope to someday have a pH.d. As shallow as it may be...I do not think I will be satisfied until I have Dr. in front of my last name instead of Ms.

4. Link four bloggers-and tell why they inspire you.

Man...why only four?! we go...

-Alice from 'Alice's Shenanigans'.
Why? Because I seriously think we are twins...and new bffs...she is hilarious and I heart her major.

Why? She is my official Political Soul Sister. Truth. I adore this girl.

Why? Um. Hello. Her blog title has the word 'inspiration' in it. She is also a blog friend who cracks me up and helps me catch mice. She is married to The Mouse Whisperer and I love her for that!

-Kimberly from 'William & Kimberly'.
Why? Because she is just plain awesome. Also, because she is on vacation and I miss reading her blog!
Alright ladies do me proud! I cannot wait to see your photographs! Thanks again Sara-Jane for tagging me! It was a lot of fun (it was also traumatizing to relive my Prom thanks for that too!).

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i almost passed out...

Ladies...I know I am behind the times and that everyone has already seen 'New Moon' probably more than two times. I however went last night...I said I wouldn't blog about it because all of YOU already had but I am swooning and I can't help myself. I must blog about how much I loved this freakin' movie...feel free to not read...I will understand.

Dear Chris Weitz,
I want to kiss you full on the mouth (with or without tongue...totally your call). You made 'New Moon' what 'Twilight' should have been. GOOD! I am so disappointed that you are not directing 'Eclipse'...I only hope that the director of that movie understands the fandom as you do. You. Are. A. Rockstar.
Dear Charlie,
You are so MY Charlie. The exact same awkward, quiet, hunting & fishing Charlie that I pictured while reading the books. I love you and I also love your 'stache and your flannel. That is all.
Dear Kristen Stewart,I take back every bad/mean thing I ever said about you. You pretty much ruined 'Twilight' for me...with your "acting" (stuttering & blinking). You redeemed yourself. I am now sorta in love with killed it in 'New Moon'. You are Bella. No question. You are also gorgeous.
Dear My Heart,
I am so sorry that this part broke you last night. Srsly.
Dear This Scene,
Are you kidding me? I almost wet myself because I was laughing SO hard when Jacob ripped his shirt off to clean Bella's headwound. Really? Because THAT is the most practical thing to do in the situation. (I secretly loved this scene...I vowed last night that the first guy to take his shirt off to clean blood from my forehead will be the man I marry. True Story.).
Dear Jessica,
You were A.Maz.Ing. "Movie night with Bellllaaa...yay..." Win!
Dear Alice,You are perfection. Your clothes were a little off...but I still was in some serious love with you. The scene with you and Jacob was all kinds of awesome...
Dear The Scene Where Bella Got Gangsta', Um. Bella is hardcore. She punches wolf-boys in the grill. Straight up my friends. Straight up...
Dear Gods of Awkwardness,
This scene was exactly how I pictured it in my head while reading. Holy uncomfortable situation Batman! I suppose the only difference between the version in my head and the version on the big screen is that in my head Mike was always the not so much.
Dear The Wolf Pack & Emily,
I went into the theater thinking I would hate all the scenes involving wolves. Why? Because I am SO Team Edward therefore I dislike the wolves. Not anymore! I now sort of love the wolf pack. I also love Emily...she is beyond pretty and her scars were so perfect.
Dear Jacob's Abs,
You are 17. That is not ok. Seriously. I may or may not have audibly sighed/groaned the first time you were on the screen shirtless. It is perfectly acceptable to be 2nd hand embarrassed by that fact. (ladies did you see his the scene where he was in Bella's room? Holy musculature. Hot. Hot. Hot.)

Dear Dakota Fanning,Remember when you were sweet and four years old in that movie, "I Am Sam"? too. I must admit I doubted your ability to pull off the pure evil that is Jane. I am sorry for my doubts. You freaked me out. Hardcore.
Dear The 2.5 Seconds Where I Considered Being Team Jacob,During those seconds I sort of lost my mind. I was sitting there thinking about Jacob's sex arrows...and his tattoo...and his back and I thought, "Screw it Bella...kiss him! Open-mouthed!"...I then quickly regained my mental capacities and remembered Edward...

Dear This Kiss,I wanted to break out into a Peaches & Herb song in the movie theater. You know..."Reunited and it feels sooo good.."? This was the hottness. Edward is the hottness. Edward & Bella practicly jumping each other in the middle of the square in Volterra was THE hottness. The thought "Ugh. Edward do me now." may or may not have been running through my head...just sayin'.

Dear Aro,Perfect. Creepy. Scary. Sick. Perfection. Nasty. Ugh. I love you.

Dear Bloggers,

Did anyone else feel like they were going to pass out at this part? I did! I literally stopped breathing. I also stopped breathing during the very last know which one I am talking about. SWOON!!

Sorry for this ridiculously long post! As you can see I loved the movie. I plan on seeing it again this weekend...and next...and the one after that. Basically I will continue to go until it is no longer in the theater. Truth.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

i am late...

Okay before you start yelling "Congrats" it is SO not that kind of late. Do you get what I am saying? Are you picking up what I am putting down? Yes? Awesome.

I am late for this entire day. I woke up at 5:oo this morning. Why? I have no clue...but it is only 3:00 and I am officially exhausted.

I had to venture out and brave the crowds at the grocery store AND was. not. pretty. It was especially not pretty because I promised myself I would be at the store by 9:00 and did not arrive until noon. Would you like to know why? I was busy swooning and freaking out over the epicness of a new blog that I am lucky enough to contribute too! Yes, that is correct the twitterverse was alive and well today with hashtags involving the #banginhotbookboysclub...c'mon admit it you saw it. If you didn't please venture over and take a is going to rock your universe. Promise!

Oh how I love my Twitter/blog pals. A.Maz.Ing.

So I know this post was completely lame and pointless but this is all I have to give today because I have to go unload all my darn groceries and then make myself pretty for my date tonight. It is a date that has been a year in the making...and I am beyond excited. Would you like to know who the lucky fella is? Sure no problem...Yep. That is right. I have a date with Edward-freaking-Cullen...well with Edward Cullen and the six other ladies I will be seeing 'New Moon' with...oh and I suppose all the other people in the theater as well. But as we all know he only has eyes for me...ain't no thing!

Friday, November 20, 2009

always alexandria's official hottness monster list part deux...

These posts are going to become a regular feature on this little blog o' mine. The last one was a rousing success and after another late night Twitter session with my ladies...I have compiled a list of hottness monsters that will take me the rest of my life to get through (to all of you who helped by sharing your hottness monster suggestions with me; if your picks are not in this post they will for sure be in an upcoming one. scout's honor!)

*Do not forget to breathe while reading this we go...
Hottness Monster #1:
Um. Hi. Chuck Bass is pretty much the only reason that I still watch 'Gossip Girl'. I mean srsly he is the foxiest bad boy in the history of bad boys (yes, I am aware he has a real name. I just refuse to use it because in my spare time I like to pretend that Chuck Bass is a real person)...
Hottness Monster #2:
Why hello Patrick Dempsey you are looking rather stunning in that suit, it also looks like there is plenty of room on that bed for one case you were wondering I do not have plans this evening. Lauren may have plans but I am 99.9% sure she would cancel them for you...
Hottness Monster #3:
Robert Downey Jr. I have crushed on you for the longest time. Even though you were kind of cracked out for awhile I still hearted you big time. I am super glad that you figured out crack was wack...because to deprive us of your foxiness would be a crime...
Hottness Monster #4:
Sorry ladies but Rob will probably be on every single hottness monster list. He is a stone cold fox and always deserves an honorable mention...and honorable drooling...
Hottness Monster #5:
I made an executive decision that each list will always include at least one woman on it (last time was Angelina). Zooey Deschanel is the epitome of beauty and grace. She has the most amazing fashion sense and I am wicked jealous of her hair...and her eyes...and her singing voice...and her acting skills...and her husband who is in Death Cab. Basically Zooey, I covet your entire freakin' life...
Hottness Monster(s) #6, 7, 8
I do believe that the leading men from 'Glee' were the most popular when it came to suggestions for the list. I am a recent convert and watched all of the episodes yesterday (yep...I was super productive). Technically Puck was on the last list but I think we can all agree he is hot enough to be chosen twice. Also, just to declare my allegiance...I am not Team Finn or Team Puck...I am Team Mr. Schuster all the freakin' way...

Hottness Monster #9:
Gilles Marini I love you bad. You are hottspice. You can dance. You have a super-sex-machine French accent and you have abs like no one's bidness (and thanks to The Sex & The City movie...I have bared witness to your ACTUAL bidness...ahem)...

Hottness Monster #10:

Oh, Jake Gyllenhaal you are the love o' my life. Seriously. When I look at your smile and your big sad puppy dog eyes I see a glowing light and hear angels singing 'Hallelujah'. Truth. (Jil this one is for YOU!). Can I get an Amen?

Okay ladies...thanks again for all of your help with this list. I will be coming back to you in the future for more suggestions so start a-thinkin'! If there is someone you think of now feel free to leave the hottness monster of your choice in a comment...

So let me have you agree? Disagree? Will you quit reading my blog if every single hottness monster post has a picture of Rob?

One last thing...thanks again for all your sweet comments regarding my I have said a bazillion times I heart you all big time! xoxo

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a walk down memory lane...

As you all know by now, my Dad passed away a little less than a week ago. I miss him more than I ever thought that I could. That may sound like a crappy thing to say but I think it is safe to say that we pretty much drove each other crazy. Not in a 'I hate you so much' kind of a way but in a 'we both think we are right about everything and the other is wrong' kind of a way. I suppose you could say we were two very similar people...except for we stood on the opposite sides of almost EVERY single issue.

Did we fight? Yep. Did we disagree? On almost everything. Did we still love each other? Absolutely.

My Dad was 81 years old. Yep...he is over 25 years older than my mother. He didn't have his first child (my older brother) until he was in his late 50's. Crazy, right?! Right. So I believe this generation gap was the cause of most of our arguments. He wanted me to be a little lady who was polite and sweet and always wore dresses. I grew up to be polite and loud and opinionated and I could not tell you the last time I put a dress on! Another big area of disagreement came from this....

I am awesome AND a Democrat...

He was wrong AND a Republican...

The two of us argued politics every single time we talked...and I think I will miss that most of all...even though we made each other mad it was still fun. I keep thinking about Thanksgiving and who is going to talk politics with me for hours on end this year...

This was back when we agreed on a lot. That sandwiches are delicious...and that I had a gigantic head. I believe I inherited that from him. We also had exactly the same amount of hair on our heads...

Dad, one of my brothers, and myself. this was my brothers 23rd birthday dinner. This was two days before my 21st birthday. I was bummed because we were at The Melting Pot and I technically couldn't order my first legal drink quite yet. My Dad was awesome and ordered ONE chocolate martini for me...he had ONE glass of wine. We were both tipsy by the time we lightweights...

Another example of our mutual stubbornness is this lovely little tattoo I put on my foot when I was dumb and 20.I had every intention of hiding it from my pops...that is until my niece grabbed my foot the next day and I screamed because it was tender. The look my father gave me after he told me to wash it off and I said I couldn't should have left me dead in the hallway...why is this ironic?

I know this picture is hard to see...because it is old and faded and my baby bottle was blocking the view...but my Dad has been rocking this anchor tattoo on his forearm since he was 18 years old...

I am posting this because it was for some reason my Dad's favorite picture of his three kids. Probably because the boys have collared shirts on and I am in the frilliest dress known to man. Plus, the boys are not punching each other and I am not screaming for them to leave me alone...

This picture was taken at a little BBQ my mom had for me after I received my associates degree...yeah I know not really something to celebrate but try to tell that to my parents! I didn't walk in my graduation from community college because I was heading over to a 4 year university to finish up my bachelor's. My dad was disappointed but I told him he would get to see me walk this May when I was really done. It breaks my heart that he will never get to see that...although it makes me happy that one of the last conversations that I had with him he told me how proud of me he was. If you are wondering if I will have a picture of him under my graduation gown this coming May...I so will...

This may not be the most heartwarming 'tributes' but it is real. My Dad and I were very different, we were also similar in so many ways. We loved AND we argued. We had ups AND downs. I know there is no way I would be who I am if he didn't exist...and for that I am grateful.

Rest in peace are already beyond missed. I also solemnly swear to NEVER vote Republican (sorry but some things will never change)...

Feel free to comment with some of YOUR favorite memories of your parents...or some of YOUR least favorite memories...because in the end they are ALL important.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

thank you...

I stayed away from my blog as long as I could. I figured I would be missing in action for at least a week...turns out this blog is like crack to me and I have been going through major withdrawl. So turns out I only lasted four days...did y'all miss me? (I have been on a serious y'all kick lately. I think it is because I am sad that I do not have an awesome accent because I am a born and bred california girl. Sigh.).

First, I am feeling some serious love for every single one of you fabulous people who read me. Your sweet words regarding my Dad were beyond kind and thoughtful. I wish I could hug each and every one of you (and that is saying something. because I am SO not a hugger!) So this is the best I can do...virtual-internet-blog-group-hug-to all of you lovely folks.

I know this isn't an actual post...but it will have to suffice for now because my pillow is calling to me! Tomorrow I will update with a post I have been working on for a bit. A little tribute to my Dad. Until then bloggers!

Friday, November 13, 2009

a short hiatus...

I want to start this post of by saying how awesome you all are! I am very impressed that no battles were waged due to the last post I wrote. It dealt with a controversial issue, which tends to always make people get a lil' fired I knew in posting it that it could lead to some crazy comment business. BUT it so did not. Why? Because y'all are awesomespice...that is why! Did I disagree with some of my readers? Yep. Did I agree with some? Yep. Did you all have slightly different opinions? Of course. Did anyone get feisty and freak out with any mean/hateful comments? No way! One of the many reasons I love my little blog is because I love the people who take the time to read it and I love it even more when everyone can talk like grown-ups. So...this may be the green light I needed to delve into my love of politics and important world issues. I was avoiding it because I do not want negativity here but that does not look like it will be a problem (do not panic! i solemnly swear that this blog will still remain silly and sarcastic the majority of times. it will also still involve a Robert Pattinson photo at least a few times a week!) Yay!

Another thing I want to mention is a super special thank you to blog friend Lauren Elizabeth. She has the cutest blog...if you haven't read her make sure you do! I was the lucky winner of her giveaway she hosted a few weeks ago. She promised a box of some of her favorite things and today I went to the post office and picked up my prize. Let me tell you Lauren contained bags/bars of candy; yummy snacks; the cutest pair of tights ever; a to-go coffee container that she made; and many other awesome things. It gave me a definite smile today...which I needed. Thanks again Lauren! I included a picture of the loot I won!
On a different note I will be taking a couple days off of the blog (not that this news will shatter any of your lives) I just wanted to let you all know that I may be missing in action for a few! As my real life pals know and some of my blog/twitter pals know my Dad lost his battle with cancer yesterday morning. So...obviously my entire family has quite a bit to deal with at this moment. I also do not feel very witty at the moment...and what good is a blog if it can't make you chuckle at least a little!

I also want to say thanks to everyone who has e-mailed, called, text, or sent me their love through some insanely sweet tweets (holla! rhyme). I have amazing real life pals and amazing blog buddies. You ALL win at life.

Alright, blog-land peace out for a few!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

question and answer...

Guess what today is blog-pals?! It is, 'The Book of Questions' post time! Hmmm...I suppose you could have deduced that from the title of the post was more fun for me announcing it like a game show host. Alright, since I have some new 'People who win at life and read my blog!', or as Blogger calls you 'Followers', here is a little background on these posts. Clickity click here and and last but not least...nevermind if you do not get the point after all of that clicking then I just do not know what to tell you! Meh...anyway...drumroll as I flip through the book and question #42 COME. ON. DOOOWWWN.

Question #42: How would you react if you were to learn that your mate had a lover of the same sex before you knew each other?

Answer: Okay so I seriously considered cheating and flipping to a different question because I like to keep this blog as un-hostile as possible but that would be breaking the rules and that is not going to happen on this here blog!

Here is the deal. I am all about equal rights and I have zero issue with gay men or women! Honest! I feel very strongly that love is love no matter if the people in love are two men, a man and a woman, or two is all the same to me! I am a strong proponent of legalizing gay marriage and I even took to the streets to protest Proposition 8 in California...
if you are wondering if this is my lesbian's not. it's real-life pal Jil. also if you are wondering if people saw us on the local news protesting and thought we were a couple...a few people did...

With that all being said...I would SO not be cool knowing that a man I was involved with had been with a man at some point in his life. Sorry! I am all about people doing what they please, experiment if you want but I am a jealous kinda gal and have hard enough of a time worrying about other women...that I would lose my mind if I had to worry about other women AND other men. That is far too much for my jealous little heart to take!

The question asked how I would react? I would ace right outta that relationship with the quickness! (Although the whole Jake/Heath scene in 'Brokeback Mountain' was the definition of hottness...and now that I am thinking about that I am rethinking my opinion, ha!) Just sayin'...
oh the hottness...I cannot believe I forgot Jake on my hottness monster list...

This is my 'Let's Keep This Blog Un-hostile' disclaimer. This is my blog and expresses MY views. I happen to be pro-equality. I however, do not judge or hate those who do not agree with me. So please do not judge or hate on me for my views! You are entitled AND invited to share your thoughts and opinions anytime as long as you respect mine. Deal? Deal!

So...your turn! How would YOU feel about your mate having been involved in a same-sex relationship pre-you? Is that awesomesauce? Or is it a deal breaker?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

my first ever blog award...

I have received my first blog award. I am super excited about it...and it is all thanks to the absolutely hilarious Maya over at 'Straitjackets Are Slimming'. Her blog makes me come thisclose to peeing my pants from laughter every time I read it...and she is one honest lady (which I love!).

The Honest Scrap Award comes with a few rules…I have to divulge 10 honest things about myself. Then I have to pass the award on to 7 bloggers that I adore...and who I believe will be 100% truthful!

Everyone likes to say that they 'admire' honesty. I have found that the majority of the time this is not true. I however, do love it. Alright let the honesty commence (I am totally ashamed of some of these) ...

1. I am a bleeding heart liberal. I voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 election. I also voted for George W. Bush in the 2004 election.

2. I re-read the Harry Potter Series every summer. I have read each book over ten times.

3. I find Bill Maher to be incredibly sexy. I am probably the only person who thinks this.

4. I don't want children. I also have no desire to get married. I sometimes feel that those two facts make me a bad person.

5. I have never had my hair dyed. Ever.

6. I judge anyone who wears a hair scrunchie. For real. If I see you rocking one I will automatically assume you have zero fashion sense.

7. I am watching 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' as I type this post.

8. I am a hypochondriac. If you even suggest an illness within a minute I will have convinced myself that I have it. True story.

9. I would never date someone who was younger than me. Or shorter than me.

10. I have an obsession with designer sunglasses. I also examine peoples eye wear to see what brand it is.

There you have it. 10 completely honest facts all about yours truly. Hopefully you all still like me after some of my admissions!

Now it is time for me to invite 7 bloggy pals to receive The Honest Scrap Award. I choose...

Amy from 'My LaLa Land'

Kimberly from 'William & Kimberly'

Allison from 'A Bite of Allison'

Amanda from 'Amanda's Musings'

Ivy from 'Inspirations by Ivy'

Lauren from 'Thats What She Said...'

Vanessa from 'Caramel Covered Photographs'

Ok ladies now it is YOUR turn! All of the 7 I picked will hopefully post their own 10 things on their blog and pass the award along to others! Also, I could only choose 7 people...but I wish I could have picked ALL of you. So, please feel free to comment with at least ONE honest thing about yourself!

Friday, November 6, 2009

always alexandria's official hottness monster list...

Last evening on Twitter was super fun times (yes, I did swear I would never have a Twitter...obviously I lied. and now I am addicted). Some of my favy Twitter/blog pals and I were bored out of our I enlisted their assistance of compiling the first ever, 'Always Alexandria's Official Hottness Monster List'. Thanks ladies for all of your fabulous input.

And now...for the monsters of hottness...
(these are in no specific order)...

Hottness Monster #1:
Puck from 'Glee'. I have yet to watch 'Glee' (I am working on it people!) however Kristin and Amy believed he should be on my list. I also believe my real-life bff Jil believes he is foxy as well...and in this picture he looks yummy...

Hottness Monster #2-for-the-price-of-one:

Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder are two of the sexiest men on television these days. Personally, I think Damon is hotter than Stefan but...I would be happy with either/or...

Hottness Monster #3:

David Beckham was a suggestion from AshtonDene...and if you really need an explanation as to why he is on this list...well ask me and then I will give you an explanation...

Hottness Monster #4:Michael C. Hall is the sexiest serial killer I have ever seen. I love him bad. Although, a lot of his hottness is his voice...his face is not too shabby either...

Hottness Monster #5:
Angelina Jolie is the only female to make my list...why? Um...because I have a giant girl-crush on her. She is the definition of gorgeous...and if you call her a homewrecker I will climb through the computer and kick you...for real...(yes, Jil I am talking to YOU)...

Hottness Monster #6:Jim Sturgess was a giant hit with most of the ladies. Lauren and ViennalsWaiting were especially enthusiastic over this choice, and real-life pal Jil is in love with him also. Jim is a super-fox and I love him. He can sing. He has a British accent. He has hot sex hair. As stated last night Jim can cross my anything anytime he wants to. Watch 'Across the Universe' and you will love him...

Hottness Monster #7:Anderson Cooper. The Silver Fox. My Future Gay Husband. He makes watching the news a whole 'lotta fun. Um. Hi...those baby blues are swoon-worthy...

Hottness Monster #8:Robert-freaking-Pattinson. So, I know I said these hottness monsters were in no specific order...but if you have been paying attention to my blog at all you will know the love I have for Rob. It is borderline creepy stalker obsession...I mean seriously?! It should be criminal to look like he does...mirror mirror on the wall HE is the foxiest of them all...

There it is. It is official. Once more thanks to all my fabulous blog pals for your help and input! Alright, do you agree with the list? Did I leave someone out? Let me know!!

Oh, and in case you didn't notice I now have a button. It is super cute so grab one if you would like! Thanks to the Always Amazing Amy (boo-yah! check out that insane alliteration!)!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


So a few posts ago I mentioned some super, secrety, plans of awesome-ness that I had been working on...does anyone want to know what they are?
Okay...prepare yourselves....are you prepared? Okay now I feel like I have built it up to much and you will be disappointed so please adjust your expectations....adjusted? Good. Now clickity click right here!
Look around...check it can comment here or on the new blog if you have any questions/comments/or super helpful feedback!
One thing I want to many of you are offended by the name? We think it is funny...but that is just our sense of humor! If you think it is ridiculous...don't be tell!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

observations and a confession...

Can I just say how much I love all my blog friends. I especially love that you are all just as odd as I am. Thanks everyone who commented and shared their weirdness...all of you get to come to Disneyland with Rob and myself!

This is round #2 of my observations. For round #1 check this out. Let's begin shall we?
Observation #1:

so who knows what these are? prize to whoever gets it first! no one? really? hmm...okay they are 'jeggings'. go ahead and take a few minutes to think on that. 'jeggings' in JEAN leggings. as in people wear these as pants. as in the most heinous thing I have ever seen in my life. truth.

Observation #2:

I am sure all of you have witnessed the 'man bangs' that are running around on the heads of hottness as of late. By as of late, I mean for like the last two years. It has always annoyed me...but I figured it would go away in time...two years later the phenomenon is bigger than ever. Today alone, in a ten minute walk across campus...I counted 15 sets of man bangs. 15!?! I just want to run up to them and brush the hair out of their faces and scream, "Get your hair OUT of your eyes!" But if I did I would probably get arrested. That would not be awesome.

*I am not hating on Chace Crawford...this was just funny...please do not attack. thank you!*

Observation #3:

smoking is gross. like beyond gross. there is only one instance where it is not gross...witness

when he smokes it is hottness. other than that sicknast to the extreme. okay before you all tell me that it is a free country and you have a right to smoke...I realize that...BUT please do not be so lassez faire and inconsiderate about it. I do not want to inhale a lungful of toxic chemicals when I am walking down the street behind you...or when I am walking past you...or when you are standing 5 feet away from the door of the restaurant/store/class that I just walked out of. thankyouverymuch!

Observation #4:

This one is an observation about myself. I am so not stealth when it comes to checking out the fellas...I don't have a sneaky code to hip my gal pals to the fact that there is a hottness monster at 2 o'clock. Nope. Would you like to know what I do? I say...loudly..."OMG did you see him?! He is a stone cold fox." After I say this Jil runs and hides because she is mortified by my volume level and obvious staring. It. Is. Awesome.
The-not-really-a-confession-confession...actually it is more of a statement:

This statement is for the always adorable Connie (Seriously, have you all been to her blog? She is an absolute doll!) and I guess technically it is more of a statement for Connie's hubby-man Tony. Hi, I have been thinking about this for a long time and have finally come to a decision.

This right here is the best 'My Little Pony'...

and this right the best 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle'. Michelangelo lovers represent. That is all.

Okay now its YOUR turn. Comment with your own observations. Or comment and fight with me if you think mine are crazy...c'mon it will be a parrrr-tay! xoxo