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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

question and answer...

So, as I previously mentioned I am going to use 'The Book of Questions' on days where my brain cannot think of anything else. Well you are in luck because today is most definitely one of those days. Being that my morning started with a sheep brain (more on that later) I just have no spare brain power today! On we go...whee!

Question #1: For a person you loved deeply, would you be willing to move to a distant country knowing there would be little chance of seeing your friends and family again?

Answer #1: Honestly, no. Everyone wants to eventually find someone to share their life with (whether married or just long term). However, there is no way that I would give up the amazing love that I receive from family and friends just for one other person. It would be hard to let go of a man that I deeply loved but, then I would just think that anyone who knows me well knows how much of a family person I am and would never ask that of me. I could not imagine being happy in a life that does not include the people who I am close to. Such as these folks...

Example #1:this amazing little person who is
basically the most awesome niece anyone has ever had.
this kid is my heart...

Example #2:
this woman is the reason that I am in existence.
the tough, opinionated, woman that I am is all a product of being her daughter.
(I also owe the fact that I have NO leg hair to her as well, yeah we never have to shave our legs, jealous?)

Example #3:
these two fools are my big brothers.
yes, they may have ripped off my Barbies' head.
but I still love them and can count on them for anything.

Example #4:

now this is me and my oldest pal.

we have been soul sisters since like 8th grade.

as you can see she makes AWESOME picture faces.

she is my bestest...end of story.

Example #5:

speaking of awesome picture faces...

this gal is my MUCH older and wiser confidant (love ya Jily)

I am pretty sure that sometimes we are the same person

ya know, great minds and all that jazz.

Anywho...she is an honorary member o' my family

Lucky her, right?

Now see...who in their right mind would up and take off without knowing if they were to see these people again? Yep, that is one!

*Not one single person gave me permision to post their pictures...suckers!

**And no I do not know why the spacing on the last two is all funky...but I do know that I spent like an hour trying to fix it!