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Monday, June 27, 2011

30 post photo challenge {7.}...

Post #7: A picture of your childhood crush...

My very first crush was the one and only Anthony Pachecco. He was so dreamy, and would chase me around the playground every recess. I don't have a picture of him, but he was the hotness. So, I am going with my first celebrity crush, and like many of you, my very first celeb swoon happened during an episode of 'Home Improvement'. Oh Jonathan Taylor I loved thee.

Alright folks, spill! Who was your numero uno crush?


Friday, June 24, 2011

30 post photo challenge {6.}...

I am very proud of the fact that I have been semi-consistent with my blogging over the last two weeks! I missed this blog of mine, and I missed reading all of your blogs as well. Now onto post 6 of the photo challenge! Are you attempting the challenge too? If so leave me a link, I would love to check it out.

Post #6: A picture of a person you'd love to trade places with for a day...

Do I even really need to explain this choice? Probably not, but I will anyways. I adore Oprah. Say what you will, but this is one amazing human being. I have watched her show since I was born, literally. There is a picture of my mom and I watching Lady O when I was about 5 months old. She is strong, honest, spiritual, and has a huge heart. I am sure she can also be one of the biggest bitchfaced divas on the planet, hence why I would love to be her. Not only would I throw a party the day I was Oprah, I would call every celeb in her address book and invite them. Then I would go on a shopping spree. I would conclude my day by bathing in a jacuzzi tub full of all of Oprah's money.

Who would YOU all trade places with for a day? Please, share in the comments section!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

wise words wednesday {29.}...

I don't know about everyone else, but I realized something pretty darn important a little while ago. Life is hard. It isn't easy. It can be a straight up bitch sometimes. But, life is worth it. It is beautiful. It can be amazing if we allow it to be.

{29.} Wise Words...

The point? We are all going to make it. We may be a little damaged by the time we do, but we will be there. I for one, will be there with bells on.


Monday, June 20, 2011

bachelorette weekend in tahoe {1.}...

I have quite a few picture explosion posts planned, being that I took an unofficial blog hiatus and failed to blog about some of the fun things that have been going on. All the way back in April I took a fabulous weekend vacation to Tahoe to celebrate work bff Tania's bachelorette party! We drove up in an insane amount of snow, all in flip flops, and sequestered ourselves in some seriously swanky hotel rooms. One of Tania's bridesmaids, and our fellow coworker, planned our first night. It was a total surprise, no one knew what we were doing. We all got dolled up and ready for a night out, we figured sicknast male strippers would happen. Thankfully, what Shannon planned was way less gross, and SO much fun. Here is the insanity that went down...

Our fabulous bride-to-be! We customized her bachelorette accessories with skulls. Yes, you did read that right. This is one heavy metal bride.

I look like a giant compared to Tania. This is what happens when I throw on some heels. Hell, I am way taller than her in flip flops too. Can we just say she is short?

Taysha, Tania, and Bridesmaid Shannon. These two were behind the shenanigans of this unforgettable night. They are such a blast to be around.

This is Heather, she is another gal that we work with. We were all smiles.

Tania was very upset that she couldn't figure out what the surprise was. This is one girl who hates surprises, but she was such a trooper that night.

Shannon had to basically force Tania through the hotel room door. She was enjoying torturing the bride wayyyy to much. Hey, what are friends for?

The music was pumping, and some stranger was rubbing her bum all over Tania's. that a pole that I see in the background?

Aaaannnddd the blindfold is off! Is it a female stripper, which is way less gross than a dude, or what? Tania was just relieved is wasn't a random sweaty dude swinging his junk in her face. I was relieved as well, especially when we found out we were all getting stripper lessons!

This is such a smokin' hot picture of Tania. I mean hello! Get. It. Girl.

There I am, getting ready to shimmy and do a peek-a-boo.

Ms. Taysha...she is mid peek-a-boo as well.

Shannon completes the peek-a-boo.

Lin worked that pole like she has been doing it for years! 'Atta girl!

Heather was mid shimmy.

Yup. That just happened.

Tania doing a step-kick slide down the pole. Yes these are all technical terms from our fabulous stripper teacher, Ms. Candy Cane.

Jess is also getting ready to slide down that pole.

After an entire twenty minute routine was learned by all, including straight up spinning around the pole, we were hot sweaty messes. But we still posed for some group shots with our boas.

Another group shot, showing our love to the bride.

Such an amazing group of ladies. Please, do not ask where those bunny ears came from. I honestly have zero clue...

What I loved most about this night, other than the fabulous company, was how this wasn't about being sexy for someone else. The instructor was super professional and awesome, she was all about empowering woman and making us feel hot. Which we did. I would suggest a pole party to anyone out there! Part two of our trip will be up soon!

Happy Monday folks...I want to be back in Tahoe, not back in the office. Le sigh...


Sunday, June 19, 2011

it's pretty much a sad day...

I love reading everyone's posts about their fathers. Then I want to write my own Father's Day post, but it makes me feel weird, and I get a little emotional because I have to use past tense when I talk about my dad. I can't say, "He is such an amazing man." I have to say, "He WAS such an amazing man." But then I think, at least I get to say that. At least I can say I had a great dad, he was always there, he was funny, he pissed me off, he loved me. He really WAS an amazing man.

Happy Father's Day to all of the amazing dads out there, but especially to my own. I miss you pops.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

wise words wednesday {28.}...

I have being feeling super overwhelmed by life lately. I have gone from having a job that I love, to being really unhappy with my position as of now. I miss being a drug and alcohol counselor, plain and simple. I think that my new position at mental health is amazing and I am lucky to be on the ground floor of a great program, but I spend more time organizing and handling paperwork than getting to know my clients. The new program, The Health Care Collaborative, is starting tomorrow. It has been hectic, stressful, and has created an amazing amount of anxiety in my life. It has just been hard, and we are sort of playing it by ear. I am hoping everything runs as smoothly as possible...I shall be repeating this as my mantra all day long.

{28.} Wise Words...

Wish me luck my friends.


Monday, June 13, 2011

must have monday (12.}...

It has been over two months since I have done a 'Must Have Monday' post. What is wrong with me? I suppose I have just been super busy, but I miss my blog and reading your blogs, so I am bringing 'Always Alexandria' back! My last 'Must Have' post was about tops to wear to a bachelorette weekend in Tahoe...yeah that trip happened forever ago. I will be posting about it later this week.

This weeks post is dedicated to dresses. I have been such a dress whore lately, which if you know me, you know that is highly strange. I am a jeans gal all the way, but there is just something about the comfort of work/summer/lounge/fancy dresses that has me addicted to them! So, here are some dresses I am currently swooning over...enjoy!

{1.} 'Alternative Apparel Diego Strapless Navy Blue Dress'-LuLu*s I have a love for dresses that can be worn for many different occasions. This dress would rock a fun night out to dinner with the girls, it could be made a little fancy with some funky jewelry, it could be worn on the beach with a bathing suit underneath, or it could be belted and made a little casual for a Friday at the office. Basically I love this dress...I could probably even sleep in it. It looks comfy like whoa. Also, it has pockets. If something has pockets it automatically sells me on it. I love me some pockets. This cuteness retails at $71.00 bucks over at LuLu*s.

{2.} 'Ease of Elegance Dress'-ModCloth

This little number is super casual. It would be perfect for a day out and about shopping, or grabbing a coffee with some friends. I would definitely not wear this out to dinner, or to work, but it would be perfect for day to day running about and errands. I would totally accessorize it up with a black belt and some funky black wedges! This cuteness is over at ModCloth for $59.99.

{3.} 'City of Lights Dress'-ModCloth

I cannot even begin to express how freakin' cute I find this dress. I want it like right now, in fact I think as soon as I am done with this post I may place an order for it. I am so wishing I would have found this before work bff Tania's wedding last weekend. It is totes adorable, and I have THE perfect shoes for it. It shall be mine, and will be in my closet within the next week. End of story. You can find this gem for $312.99 over at ModCloth.

{4.} 'Farmer's Market Navy Blue Dress'-LuLu*sI apparently have a huge thing for navy blue at the moment. This dress is a little on the short side for me, so I would probably wear some leggings or jean capris underneath it. Unless it was a beachy fun kind of day. Or just tan my legs and then rock out the shortness. Anywho, this is over at LuLu*s for only $41.00!

{5.} 'Languid Paisley Maxi Dress'-Anthropologie

I l-o-v-e this dress so much! It is the perfect comfy casual summer dress. One could easily dress this maxi up or down. It is beyond fabulous, I would of course belt it, because...well...I belt everything I wear! This lovely can be found over at Anthropoloie for $148.00. Why does Anthro have to be so pricey? And why does everything there have to be so effin' cute? Le sigh...

So, ladies...and fellas, what do you think? Which is your favorite? What is YOUR summer fashion obsession? Please share!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

30 post photo challenge {5.}...

I started this "30 day challenge" months ago. I knew I would never get it done in 30 days, so I switched the wording so it was a 30 post challenge. That I can do. Slowly but surely, I am getting there! On we go...

Post #5: A picture of your favorite memory...

I don't have a lot of older photographs on my computer. But this picture will suffice for now. I must say some of my best memories have been from our family trips to Disneyland. We have been MANY times, it has been an H* Family tradition since before I was even born. I honestly think it is physically impossible for one to ever get tired of The DL. Impossible I say! This picture is from the first time we all went as a family and were able to take Bug with us. It was amazing to see the excitement through the eyes of a child. Her excitement made all of us feel carefree and childlike. It was an awesome experience.

Here is to many, many more family trips to Disneyland! I hope this is a tradition that can happen again in the near future! It has been far too long since I have been!

What are some of YOUR vacation traditions? Please share in the comments section!