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Monday, January 31, 2011

must have monday {8.}...

Since last weeks 'Must Have Monday' had a theme, I figured I would theme it up again this week. I love t-shirts. I mean who doesn't love a nice comfy tee? I basically spent all four years of college living in band shirts and jeans, and I live my weekends in them now. So, I decided to go check out the mecca of hilarious shirts, also known as Snorg Tees. Enjoy...

{1.} 'Mexican Standoff T-Shirt'-Snorg TeesThis shirt is so freaking cute. I got to play 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' at work the other day. Are you jealous? Well, go get a degree in psychology and you too can play games with little kids at work. It was pretty legit. And I will admit that when I lost to an 8 year old, I was a little bitter. Super cute shirt that is only $19.95. That is what I like to call a steal my friends.

This shirt makes me think of my bffs Lauren and Ashton. They have a love for all things moustache related, which I share. Basically if you don't agree that if you add a moustache to something it gets 100 times better...well then I just don't know what to tell you. This shirt is also a steal at $19.95.

{3.} 'Stay Classy San Diego T-Shirt'-Snorg Tees I love this shirt. It makes me think of 'Weatherman' which is a completely stupid, but hilarious, movie. Stay classy and buy this shirt. I mean what is better than a yellow tee, with the BEST state in the United States, and a martini with an olive on it? Yeah. That is correct. Not a thing. Once again, this shirt is only $19.95. Hmm...Snorg I am sensing a trend in your pricing.

{4.} 'It's a Satchel T-Shirt'-Snorg TeesIf you are wondering if I bought this shirt...I did. This shirt also reminds me of my bffs Lauren and Ashton. We have a shared love for 'The Hangover'. That movie is the most hilarious thing I have ever seen, and Lauren, Ashton, and myself quote it in emails daily. We are a wolf-pack. Amen. It was only $19.95!

{5.} 'That's What She Said T-Shirt'-Snorg Tees If I have to explain why I love this shirt, then you are obviously new to this blog. We all know that I have a deep love for all things twss related. Seriously. If you go to the top left corner of my blog and type 'that's what she said' in the search box all will be revealed *ahem*. Once again...only $19.95 for this lovely. I must admit that if this shirt came in a not so fug blue I would have purchased it.

Just a little side note, I am wearing my new favorite 'Cupcakes Make Everything Better' shirt that Lauren and Ashton gifted me. So basically this post is about how much I love shirts and Lar and Ash. The end.

Oh wait! Not quite the end, more along the lines of almost the end. If you all have any places YOU go to find cute tees please share in the comments section! I am always looking for my next fix. Now it is really the end.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

whoa...i talk really fast...

I now present you with another installment of 'Alex is bored and doesn't feel like typing and decided to make another vlog where she acts cray-cray'. Please love that I talk SO freaking fast! You would think I was on speed...but no! That is really how I am. Also love that I am pimping out some headbands. Enjoy my random ramblings...


Friday, January 28, 2011

shoe fetish...

I blogged about shoes a few posts ago. I went shopping for shoes a few days ago. The point? I am developing a shoe fetish. Thank goodness it isn't for designer shoes, or else my bank account and I would be having some serious problems. Designer sunglasses? Absolutely. Designer purses? Of course. Designer shoes? Meh. Not quite there yet. When I was a full time student my biggest getting ready in the morning dilemma was, 'Which Vans slip-ons match this hoodie?' Now that I am a working girl (no hooker reference intended) my biggest getting ready in the morning dilemma is, 'Which shoes will make me feel fierce today?'.

I would really like to say that I don't play favorites when it comes to fashion. I am a liar. My favorite sunglasses are my Jimmy Choos, my favorite purse is my black patent leather Coach bag, my favorite shoes? about my top five?

*Disclaimer: These favorites are subject to change at any point in time*

These are the most comfortable of my favorites. They are great for work, for a day out shopping, or for dancing the night away. Yes, they really are that comfy. They make me super tall...and I love them for it. They look perfect with a good pair of skinny jeans.

These lovelies are a new favorite of mine. They are not so comfortable. When I wear them to work my feet basically scream for me to remove them right when the clock strikes five. That, my friends, is a small price to pay for fashion.

Do not judge me for my blinged out semi-cowboy boots. They are fierce and I love them. I wore them to work the other day and I felt so bad ass it was ridiculous. Love them with me folks.

These shoes equal permanent nerve damage in my feet. They hurt so damn bad. I love them so much that I hate them. I got them to wear to Lauren's wedding and my toes were numb for three days after dancing all night long in them. Yikes. Cute but vicious.

While I am embracing wedges and heels as of late. I am still all about my feet being happy. So I embrace flats often as well. I really love these. The zipper rosette is my all time favorite. Cute, comfy, and cheap!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

you know you are awesome when...

You know you are awesome when....

{1.} You know you are awesome when you spend your weekend watching an entire season of a show that started in 2004. I have always been an avid watcher of anything that was on The WB/The CW (minus 7th Heaven...that show makes me gag). So how in the freaking-freak did I miss the most amazeballs show ever, also known as 'Veronica Mars'?! Seriously, if you have not seen this show you better get right with God and start watching. I thank two people for my new found love of this show; Bff Ashton who told me to pull my life together and watch, and Netflix which allows me to insta-watch 22 episodes of awesome via the interwebs. One season down, two more to go. Side note: I want to be Veronica Mars when I grow up. She is a total bad ass.

{2.} You know you are awesome when you spend your weekend being deathly ill and this is what your surroundings look like. I hate being sick and I pretty much almost died. I even documented by almost-death in a vlog. If you haven't watched click here.

{3.} You know you are awesome when while playing with your hair in order to not look totally heinous while making a vlog you come up with a hairstyle that in the moment is meh...but after closer examination looks pretty darn cute. I ended up really liking the beachy waves that I then side braided, only leaving out a view wavy curls. Not the best picture of it...but I kinda dig it.

{4.} You know you are awesome when you spend the weekend hanging out with the most legit humidifier ever. Yes, I actually used this all weekend long to help me breathe. Yes, I did jack him from Bug's room. Don't be jealous folks.

{5.} You know you are awesome when you spend some of your weekend making headbands for your Mama's Etsy store. I really love these and I hope you all do too. I sense a giveaway coming along!Even though I was deathly ill with my pneumonia/bronchitis/double ear infection/sinus infection loveliness...the weekend actually turned out to be pretty relaxing. Thanks Ashton for sharing the amazingness of 'Veronica Mars' with me. You made my weekend!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

wise words wednesday {20.}...

I have been a total Debbie Downer when it comes to my life as of late. I am not so happy at my new job. I am missing my old coworkers a lot. I hate the new office building I am in, because it is SO uptight and full of the big bosses. I have an assistant who is extremely annoying. My supervisor is a big BIG boss and is hard to work for/with. I haven't had very much client contact since I started at Mental Health. I am having to present a huge presentation about what I have been working on thus far with the grant money. It is basically a job that is stressing me out, and making me semi-miserable. It makes me feel inadequate...and like, 'What the hell am I, of all people, doing in a room full of super important people?'

Plus, I have missed a few days of work last week because I have been so sick. You know? The whole pneumonia/bronchitis/double ear infection/sinus infection thing. Basically, I feel like I am in over my head and that they think I am so much more awesome and skilled then I really am. This feeling of inadequacy is helped along by the fact that I have some very bitter new coworkers who have been with the department for years longer than I have, and who would have killed for this opportunity. They are not so thrilled with me. But all I have to say to those people, and to myself is this...

{20.} Wise Words...
What now biatches?!

So I may not be 100% happy at my new job, but I will learn to love it. Even though I miss my old coworkers I still get to see them at least a couple of times a week. So I work in the office with the BIG is just more time for me to do some networking and get to know those people well. Sure my assistant is annoying, but I am only 25 years old and I actually have MY own assistant. That is pretty badass. I may not be seeing clients all day long anymore, but I am getting a program together that will enable me to do so. I am not inadequate. If I am in a room full of these big important people, then there is a reason I am there. Maybe I do deserve it. Yes, I have been super sick (a lot probably due to stress) but I am on heavy duty steroids and antibiotics so I will get better. Lastly, to those coworkers who are not happy for this great opportunity I have, well they can basically suck it. Hopefully, they will climb down from their high horses and deal with this like adults.

This job is an amazing learning experience. I am making excellent contacts and getting killer letter of recommendations from a lot of people. I am in charge of a huge project we are undertaking and this will look amazing on any and all future resumes. I will start being more positive. I will kill it at this new job.

Just watch me.


Monday, January 24, 2011

must have monday {7.}...

This post will be the second time that I have dedicated an entire 'Must Have Monday' to my new obsession with shoes. I have always been a strictly comfort gal when it comes to footwear. If it hurt my feet, it was not going to happen. I lived in Vans slip ons (which I still red puffy heart), flip-flops, and occasionally Uggs. Does life get much more comfy? I think not. However, lately I have been going through a fashion transformation. I don't know what it is all about, but I am way stepping out of my comfort zone. I am continuing to embrace my height and not really caring that a lot of my shoes these days put me close to 6 feet tall. As I was perusing the interwebs for some new wedges (i love heels...but wedges are more comfortable when I am running around like crazy at work) I was SO excited to see some old styles that are becoming trendy again! Enjoy the retro shoe porn ladies....(and fellas)...

{1.} 'Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Navy Canvas Platform Heels'-Lulu'sI have a picture of my lovely Mama wearing shoes almost exactly like these. This was back in the 70's...the time of some of the most killer shoes around. Why o' why did my mother NOT save any of her old shoes? Why o' why do I have gigantic feet, compared to her itty bitty size 6 feet. Le sigh. Anywho I want these so bad. The platform toe is 1.75" tall, and the heel is a ginormous 5" tall. I would be a giant, but a fierce giant at that. These retail for $118 over at Lulu's.

{2.} 'Pros and Contrast Heel'-ModclothWhy does ModCloth have the most adorable shoes ever? Why are they always sold out whenever I find some that I really, really want to buy? I mean they are probably saving me from myself, but come on ModCloth! Pull your life together and stock your inventory! These shoes are perfect for a day at the office. I would feel so chic walking the halls in these lovelies. Plus, they come in my all time favorite color combo, black and white. They are classic. These beauties are ONLY $54.99 at ModCloth! Hurry up and buy them!

{3.} 'Honey Pie Wedge'-ModCloth
I die. I freaking die. I really need these shoes in my life. They are so fun, so cute, so retro, so foxy. These shoes are so far out of my normal style, but that is what this post is all about! I am branching out. I really want to branch out with these shoes. I am trying really hard to be (and stay) on a budget, but these shoes might make me break the rules. They are $115.99 over at ModCloth. I am going to try to fight the urge to order them. I will keep you updated with how I do with that little goal. Stay tuned...

These shoes I would never have gone for, because one has to be pretty damn fierce to rock these. A few months ago Ashton emailed me a picture of these and I fell in loooove. I told her it was her fashionista duty to purchase them. She did. She also brought them with her on our trip to Flo-rida and I tried them on (it is awesome we wear the same size shoe) I have been dreaming of them ever since. They fit like a glove and are SO edgy and fun. I want them in my closet...actually on my feet. These are only $42.99 at ModCloth. That my friends, is what I call a steal!

{5.} 'Almond & Indigo Heels'-AnthropologieRemember how I mentioned a few shoes ago that I am trying to stay on a budget? Well, when one is on a budget they MUST stay away from Anthropologie. I have been doing so...until today. That is when I happened upon these retro gems of shoe glory! I am normally not a fan of wearing a lot of brown, but these shoes make me want to wear nothing but clothing that matches these heels. I would wear them every single day for the rest of my life (why yes I do tend to exaggerate). I will NOT be buying these shoes. Why? Because they are $388 over at Anthro. One day...

Now that I have shared my current shoe loves, share yours! What shoe trends are you feeling? Where do YOU shop for shoes? I am always open to new sites/stores to look at! Share away in the comments section my fellow fashionistas. Also, Ashton can I just have your leopard shoes? The end.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

that one time i won a giveaway...

I am an awful blogger sometimes. Ever since I joined the real world and got a big girl job my blog has fallen by the wayside. I am trying to fix that little problem, because I really do love this blog. Back to the point, forever ago (9-22-10, to be exact) I won a lovely giveaway from an overseas blog pal. She is darling and I adore her. Make sure to check out her blog here. Here are some pictures of what was in the secret package that Mar mailed to me. Thanks girl! I really did love it...and I am thinking I need to place an order for some of that spectacular candy you placed in the box!

1- Oooh I was so excited. I love that Mar wrapped every little treasure and wrote cute messages on the paper.
2- An adorable little Moose friend. I am pretty sure Bug jacked this from me right as I opened it.
3-Cute wrapping and a little message.
4- How precious are those little animal tea bags?!
5- Hootie owl earrings! I love them and I wear them all the time.
6- A hilarious sticker, and a moose magnet!
7- Mar must know all about the love affair I have with sunglasses.
8- More cute wrapping.
9- Precious Parisian themed pins.
10- Look at all the goodies!

Yay for giveaways! Thanks Mar, I loved the gifts so, so much. Sorry it took me SO long to blog about it! Now I am thinking it is about time I hosted a giveaway of my very own. What say ye blog pals?


Friday, January 21, 2011

I am sickly...and crazy...

So...I am whacked out on meds, bored out of my skull, and home sick on a Friday night. If that doesn't equal a rambling vlog then I don't know what does...

Psbtw...I apologize for the sicknast coughing. I have the plague. What can I say?


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

sales, new fabrics, and napkins. oh my...

This weekend was semi-hectic, semi-fun, and semi-crafty. I went shopping with my mom on Saturday, worked on Sunday, and got crafty on Monday. We will soon be introducing headbands to the 'Mama Made Shoppe' (yes, i am aware 9 million people sell headbands, but these are a little different and i love them).

Over the weekend I also helped my mom with her shoppe. We put some items on sale (hurry check 'em out)! I modeled some of her newer scarves (yes, i know i look pissed in all the pictures, but she was supposed to crop that part out). Mama has also added the most darling napkins to her store. Here are some of my favorite new items...

{1.} 'Cup o' Coffee Napkin Set'-$18.00 for six...
{2.} 'Black & White Infinity Scarf'-$15.00... {3.} 'Perfect Plaid Cotton Infinity Scarf'-$18.00...{4.} 'Spot On Cotton Knit Infinity Scarf'-$15.00...
{5.} 'Trippy Hippie Polyester Infinity Scarf'-$18.00...Like I said, I look super pissedspice in these photos...but I promise I wasn't. I just figured a smile wasn't necessary because the scarf was the focal point...not my pissy pouty face. haha.
Anywho, I hope you all had a lovely three day weekend! Go and check out the 'Mama Made Shoppe' asap! Why? Because my mom rocks, that's why. Psbtw-stay tuned for some super cute (affordable) headbands!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

wise words wednesday {19.}...

I finally feel like I am getting back in the regular blogging groove. This makes me happy, because I truly do love this little blog of mine. It is a good outlet, and it helps me keep in touch with the many ibffs I have made since I started blogging. You all are awesome by the way. Now it is time for a new 'Wise Words Wednesday' post. These can be some of my very favorite posts. I adore this quote...and I honestly don't think that it needs any explanation at all.

{19.} Wise Words...

I think in 2011 I am going to really try to remember this quote. My new motto? No regrets. I am just going to enjoy living! Here is to another amazing year.


Monday, January 10, 2011

the three best friends reunion {3.}...

It is now time for the final installment of 'The Three Best Friends Reunion'. I am sure you are all sick of hearing/reading about it, but like I said in Part 1, I am stretching this adventure out because my life has been extremely boring as of late. I present you with the last picture explosion of my trip to Flo-rida.

The Three Best Friends Reunion Part {3.}...

The day of Lauren's wedding Ashton and I knew she would be a super busy bee. We also knew Lar and her wedding party would need all the space of our joint hotel room to get all beautified. So, Ash and I decided to peace out and get out of everyone's hair while they were getting ready. We went to see 'Tangled' in was the cutest movie of my life. Then guess who we ran into at the movie theatre? Yep. You guessed correctly...we saw The Biebs. Holler.

After our lovely movie date, Ash and I booked it over to get Lar's wedding gift. Yes, it was last minute but only because we didn't want to have to check it on the flight, or ship it out there. It doesn't even matter, because we got her a killer present. lol However, the GPS is a big fat liar, and we ended up taking WAY longer than anticipated. We ended up having about 45 minutes to shower, do our hair, makeup, and get dressed. Basically if Ash wasn't there to help me pull my life together we would have never made it on time to see Lauren get hitched.

I think we pulled ourselves together quite nicely in the 45 minutes we had to get ready. Ashton looked fabulous. Her dress was all kinds of fierce.

This was our table, we once again sat with an amazing group of people. Aren't Lauren's flower arrangements beautiful?! I loved them so, so much.

If you think Lauren's flowers were awesome...check out the wedding favors. Um...who DOESN'T love a good coozie. I mean really? Best. Idea. Ever.

Not sure if you all got the memo yet, but I absolutely adore these girls. They have become two of my closet friends, and I am so happy that I met them through this little ol' blog of mine. Anyone who says that you cannot make 'real' friends online has zero clue what they are talking about. I am so happy that Lauren invited Ashton and I to be a part of her special day. I am even more happy that we were both able to be there. I cannot wait for the next adventure the three of us have. will be so very epic.


Friday, January 7, 2011

week in review {1.}...

I honestly do not think I have EVER been so excited to see it be Friday! This week was bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s. So, I am not sure if I have shared on my blog that I have a new job. Yep...another one. Let me break it down for y'all. In July I nabbed a super great job working for the county as a Substance Abuse Counselor. I loved that job. I mean I loved it with the passion of a thousand fiery suns. It was a field I never really considered entering, especially working in a treatment court program, but it was an amazing opportunity and I learned so much during the six months I worked for Drug & Alcohol Services. However, in December I was encouraged *cough* forced *cough* to apply for a position that was open in Mental Health Services. How it works with the county is we have the entire Health Services Agency, many departments fall under that category. Mental Health Services and Drug & Alcohol Services are combined under the umbrella of Behavioral Health (even though we share a building it is two totally different departments). Anywho, I was basically stolen from my happy D&A home and moved over to Mental Health. I was NOT happy about that little situation.

Basically because I have OCD organization skills and I work super hard at my job, they wanted me in Mental Health in order to be on the ground floor of developing a pilot project for how smaller counties in California will be handling health care reform when it comes into play in 2014. Hi. I am SO not qualified to be in charge of something this HUGE. I mean...I don't think I can stress how big of a deal this project, and the grant that is paying for it, is. I don't think I want to even try because just thinking about it makes me get gray hairs and frown lines. Yikes. Am I overwhelmed? Yuuup. Is is a stellar opportunity? Hells-to-the-yeah.

Okay, so moving on from complaining. It is a great job. I am going to learn so much. It is going to look killer on an all future resumes. I am trying really hard to be positive about the situation. I miss my old job, and coworkers, but I still see them when I am in the other office building and my new coworkers are pretty alright people. Plus, I really went to school to be in the mental health field anyhow.

So last week my new supervisor set me up with a shadow schedule. She wants me to see EVERYTHING that Mental Health does, so that I can have a full grasp of what the services are, how they are administered, how/if they need to be changed, and what else needs to be added.

Since I have already written a freaking novel (sorry guys, I understand if you don't read all of this) I will just give you the highlights of my first week as a employee at Mental Health Services.

{Monday}: I was bitter this entire day. My main beef was that I was moved to a different office building. We have two main buildings for Behavioral Health, the O-town building (my former home base) and the W-town building (which is so stressful and uptight and where the BIG time bosses work). Guess which is my new home base? Yep...the uptight one. Awesome. I spent the entire eight hours of my day talking to our department head, and reading a 168 page grant. Kill me now folks...

{Tuesday}: Tuesday was SUCH an improvement from Monday. I got to shadow one of our clinicians, who is amazing. She is about 28 and shares my love of all things designer...we were basically pals from the moment we started talking purses. I got to shadow Steph throughout her day. We went out in the field, and I went on some client home visits with her, I met some very interesting people. We had super delish turkey burgers for lunch, took some crisis calls, chilled at the hospital with a guy who was in crisis, then met with a 6 year old little boy whose mother called that he was in crisis. His mom brought him in and it was...whoa. I honestly don't think I have the words. He was a scary little kid. I am not going to go into too much detail, because of confidentiality laws, but holy crap I was scared this boy was going to hurt one of us in that room with him. It was very alarming.

{Wednesday}: Wednesday I had my appointment to sign up for health benefits, life insurance, union stuff, oh my! Then I scurried out of that appointment with the quickness so I could run off to the O-town office, and catch the end of our staff meeting. This meant I was in my old home base! I got to see my mentor Susan, and chat with her, she put my complaining ass in check, and then I was back to shadowing Steph again. We went to our drop in center, and I sat in on a 'Hope and Healing' group , it was a great group.

{Thursday}: Thursday was chill. I chatted with my boss, then headed to the O-town office to have group supervision with all the clinicians, case managers, and whatnot. It was great. Then I had one on one supervision with my direct supervisor...I love her so bad. She is awesome. I of course snuck over to see Susan and the DH Girls in my spare time. Susan and I grabbed lunch. Then I went to Juvenile Drug Court because I was shadowing was great. I really enjoyed seeing the juvenile treatment court program, because it is so different than what I did with adults in treatment court.

{Friday}: Basically I spent my morning doing more shadowing, and that's it. Then I left the W-town office to go to O-town because my supervisor is LEGIT! She allowed me to take 3 1/2 hours in order to be at the DH Girls graduation. I was SO happy she said yes. I know I don't work on that side of things anymore, but I love those women and their children. I wanted to be there to honor them, and they told me that if I wasn't there they would hate me forever. It was an amazing, tear filled ceremony, Susan gave a great speech to them, and both graduates gave speeches that warmed my heart. I made a teeny tiny speech, just to let them know that I respect them and that I honor them for all their hard work. Then Susan goes and busts out a certificate to me for my dedication to the women of Discovery House. It was a total surprise, and so very sweet. Yes. I did cry if you were wondering.

Holy crap. I am so sorry I wrote so freaking much. I guess I just needed to vent/share a bit of what week one was like. I am thinking I may do this on Friday's if exciting things happen during my work days. I promise they will be WAY shorter than this one.

Here is to everyone having a very happy weekend! My plans? Sleep...and a ton of it.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

wise words wednesday {18.}...

Over the New Year weekend, I was basically dying. By dying I mean I was curled up into a ball on the couch, under a blanket, in my pjs, dying of strep throat/sinus infection/migraine awfulness. So, I rented a bajillion movies...and watched them ALL. Seriously, I have to quit partying like this. I am SO hip and exciting, but whatever. One of the movies that just melted my heart was, 'Away We Go'. This movie stars Maya Rudolph and John Krasinski as a couple who are in their mid-thirties, who are looking for a place to call home for them and the baby they have on the way. So they travel all over the place, looking for that 'perfect' place. They meet a ton of zany characters, and these wise words may not make tons of sense unless you have seen the movie, but they are beautiful.

To sum it up, this couple, Verona and Burt, have been together for a VERY long time. They are looking for a home, she is pregnant, she also refuses to marry Burt. Burt and 'Rona travel to see his brother, who has just been left by his wife. The wife who left also left their lovely 8 year old daughter. Thus, this conversation happens...on a trampoline in the middle of night...

Verona: Burt, what are you doing?

Burt: I am calling everyone she knew. Her old company. Her friends.

Verona: At midnight?

Burt: Right. The element of surprise.

Verona: Well, can you stop, please?

Burt: I mean, what kind of god damned person leaves her daughter?

Verona: I don't know. Maybe not such a strong person. Please stop.

Burt: And you know what the worst of it is? There is nothing we can do about it. Because she is gone. And this family can't be fixed. And that is it. And what if one of use freaks out like that?

Verona: We won't. It can be fixed. And you know it. Look at me, please?
Burt: But really. I mean, what if something happens to one of us and just makes us go crazy? I mean, what if I'm walking by a construction site and something falls, and then my frontal lobe gets chopped off and my personality's altered and then I'm not a good dad? What happens then?

Verona: Well, be careful walking near construction sites.

Burt: What about Munch?

Verona: She'll be careful walking near construction sites, too.

Burt: No, really. Don't you just look at her and want to give her everything she has ever wanted? It's so incredibly unfair that she can't...

Verona: It's unfair that she won't ever be able to have a baby, and that bad parents still get to be parents and good parents die when their daughters are in college. So what?

Burt: I'm sorry 'rona.

Verona: Look all we can do is be good for this one baby. We don't have control over much else.

Burt: Will you marry me? At least.

Verona: Never.

*long pause*

Verona: I will never leave you.

Burt: Yeah.

Verona: I promise.

Burt: No, I know. promised never to marry me because you don't want to get married without your parents there. I get that. You promise never to leave me. Do you promise to never leave this baby that we are having?

Verona: I promise. I do. Do you promise to stop talking about your ability to find or not find my vagina after I give birth?

Burt: I do. Do your promise to let me cobble-

Verona: Carve.

Burt: ...carve in my spare time? And let me teach our daughter the lore of the great Mississippi?

Verona: I do. Do you promise never to develop a thing for seahorses?

Burt: I do.

Verona: Good.

Burt: Do you promise to let our daughter be fat or skinny or any weight at all? Because we want her to be happy, no matter what. Being obsessed with weight is just too cliche for our daughter.

Verona: Yes, I do. Do you promise when she talks, you'll listen? Like, really listen, especially when she's scared? And that her fights will be your fights?

Burt: I do. And do you promise that if I die some embarrassing and boring death that you're gonna tell our daughter that her father was killed by Russian soldiers in this intense hand-to-hand combat in an attempt to save the lives of 850 Chechnyan orphans?

Verona: I do. Chechnyan orphans. I do. I do.

Does this seem odd? Yeah, a little. Hence, why you need to watch this film to truly *get* it. This is the most perfect, specific, non-wedding, wedding vows. This to me is romance. Making promises to the one you love in your pajamas, on a trampoline in the middle of the night. Silly, sincere, loving promises. Odd...but true.

Now please do yourself a favor and watch this movie as soon as possible. Holler.


Monday, January 3, 2011

the three best friends reunion {2.}...

I am going to stretch out this reunion series of posts...because my life has been mega-boring and this is ALL I have to blog about. I apologize ahead of time, my friends.

The Three Best Friends Reunion Part {2.}...

After a day of shopping and getting our nails did, it was time for Lar's rehearsal dinner. It was so sweet of her to include Ash and myself in this small little gathering. She put us at THE BEST table...with super cute place cards and everything. Hmm...wonder what that says, oh yeah 'Alexandria'...which was weird because only my mother calls me that.

Here is a lovely photo of Ashton with her place card! Like I said...we were at the best table in that joint. We sat with two of Lar's bridesmaids, Amanda and Amber, Amber's mom and step dad, and her girlfriend Nichole. They were hilarious and we had a blast. Just a few words ladies..."I like to buy my food retail." The end.

Ashton, Lar's bridesmaid Amanda, and myself hanging at the rehearsal dinner. Ash and I look like giants. We both had fierce shoes on. Mine were SO fierce my toes were numb for like the next two days. That is the price we pay for fashion. Holler.

These are some of our awesome table-mates. From right to left: me, Ashton, Lar's bff and bridesmaid Amber, Amber's girlfriend Nichole. Basically I adore these two gals! They were so much fun, and absolutely hilarious. We ended the weekend being total besties with both of them.

And the piece de resistance, THE Three Best Friends. Has anyone else noticed that Lauren is always in the middle of our pictures? Yep, the world is LarCentric and we are all just living in it. I just love these ladies. Words cannot even sum it up.