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Friday, July 30, 2010

fill in the blank friday {13.}...

It is Friday! Which actually means something to me now that I have a full time job. It means two blissful days of sleeping in, and floating in the pool. Praise-freaking-be! Now it is time to fill in some blanks...

{1.} The last thing I do before going to sleep is make a mental list of all of the things I have to do the next day. Yes, my brain is kind of crazy.

{2.}When I can't sleep I either read until I get REALLY tired, or I turn on the television for some background noise.

{3.} The first thing I do when I wake up is curse my alarm clock, check my texts, then pee.

{4.} When I'm tired I
get super bitchy. I am a girl who NEEDS eight hours of sleep, if I do not get it...I am NOT a happy camper. Or sometimes when I am deliriously tired I just laugh and have a giggle fit.

{5.} My dream bedroom would be totally funky and eclectic. I love light blues and greens, which would be the color scheme, maybe with some heather gray thrown in. I haven't really thought much about this. But I know the room I have now is my favorite place on the planet so...yeah.

{6.} If I could wake up anywhere tomorrow morning it would be Stars Hollow.

{7.} The longest sleep I've ever had was
around 48 hours. When I was in the hospital in 2004 with meningitis, my body was EXHAUSTED and needed sleep. A LOT. My body needed to chill and try to heal itself.

{8.} I sleep on my
stomach. Which is another reason I never want kids. If I wasn't able to sleep on my tummy, I would freak out. For real.

{9.} When I sleep, I like to wear nothing. Sorry for the tmi my friends, but I like to sleep totally naked. It is SO comfortable. I love it. Try it sometime, if you haven't already done so. I am pretty sure it will change your life.

{10.} My bedtime is usually around midnight. Although, now that I am working full time I am trying to get into the habit of being in bed by 10, so I can get my full 8 hours of sleep. Thus far, the earliest I have been able to get to bed by is 11. It's a work in progress!

Have a fabulous weekend friends! If you fill in some blanks of your own, make sure to head over to Lauren's blog and link up!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

wise words wednesday {7.}...

I am kind of in love with these posts. So, sorry if you are not in love with them, because I am thinking that they are here to stay! I have so much fun looking for inspirational/wise/funny words to share with all of you. Without further ado...

{7.} Wise Words...


I don't know about y'all, but when I wake up tomorrow I am going to pretend I am Lady Gaga and walk the walk. Who is with me?!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

just love...

No jokes today. No funny stories. No picture explosions. No explanations. Just love...and a whole lot of it...


Monday, July 26, 2010

lessons i learned from gilmore girls {3.}...

Happy Monday blog pals! I am SO excited to present to you the third post in a blog collaboration called, 'Lessons I Learned from Gilmore Girls'. This has quickly become one of my favorite blog features. Like I have already said, I love 'Gilmore Girls' and it has introduced me to some new blog friends that want to guest post! This next post is from the ever lovely Jaymie! Make sure you check out her blog when you are done reading her fabulous post! Enjoy...

*Post Written By Jaymie*

So after reading Shelby’s amazing Gilmore Girls post, I realized that I have a pretty good follow-up. Remember a couple of episodes after Lorelai’s long rambling movie reference phone call to Luke about coming over to her house? Yeah, Luke and Lorelai get back together. Luke knocks on Lorelai's door and after she answers, Luke just grabs her in his arms and they kiss in the doorway just like their first kiss. However, to break some hearts, my lesson comes from the episode where Lorelai actually ends the relationship and engagement. (Season 6, Episode 22: Partings)

Lorelai gives Luke an ultimatum:

Lorelai: I don’t want to talk. All we’ve done for months is talk. I want to do, I want to go.
Luke: You can’t just take off and get married.
Lorelai: Why not, Luke? Don’t you love me?
Luke: You know I do.
Lorelai: But I love you, Luke. I love you, but I have waited and I have stayed away, and I have let you run this thing, and no more. I asked you to marry me and you said yes.
Luke: I’m just trying to think.
Lorelai: We fixed up the house, right? And we have a bigger closet and I didn’t get the purple wallpaper because you didn’t want the purple wallpaper and if it’s between you and the purple wallpaper, I pick you. I pick you.
Luke: I didn’t tell you not to get the purple wallpaper.
Lorelai: Oh my god, you didn't like it.
Luke:I don’t care about wallpaper.
Lorelai: Do you care about me?
Luke: Yes.
Lorelai: Because I’m going crazy here. I made a commitment to you and I need to make it happen.
Luke: It will. It will happen. Okay? I just have April to consider.

Lorelai: For months, I’ve been sulking around, not saying anything, not having an opinion on anything like I’m Clarence Thomas or something, and’m done with that. I’ve been waiting for a long time and I don’t want to wait anymore.
Luke: I have to think this through.

Lorelai: No!

Luke: I have April to consider.

Lorelai: You’re going to have to figure out how April fits into our lives, not the other way around.

Luke: I’m trying.

Lorelai: Well, try married.

Luke: Just wait.
Lorelai: No, I’m not waiting. It’s now or never.
Luke: I don’t like ultimatums.
Lorelai: I don’t like Mondays, but unfortunately, they come around eventually.
Luke: I can’t just jump like this.
Lorelai: Well, I’m sorry to hear that. And I have to go.

Lorelai eventually decides to leave someone she loves. She gave Luke a choice and he could not tell Lorelai that he wanted to marry her right then. I honestly believe that this is one of Lauren Graham’s best scenes. You can just feel the emotion running through her at the moment she has to do something that she really doesn’t want to do – walk away.Although every single Gilmore Girls lover adores Lorelai and Luke together and although we all hate to see them part, we all know Lorelai’s decision is the right one.

Then, the follow-up episode (Season 7, Episode 1: “The Long Morrow”), Lorelai basically explains to Sookie why she made the decision she did.

Lorelai: Luke and I are over.
Sookie: Over?
Lorelai: Yeah.
Sookie: No…
Lorelai: Yeah.
Sookie: You guys had a fight.
Lorelai: We had THE fight.
Sookie: People have fights. It’s okay. It’s good, actually. You know,it’s healthy. You don’t have fights, all these chemicals build up and you get ulcers and bad skin, and you’ve got such pretty skin.
Lorelai: This was different. This was bad.
Sookie: People have bad fights. Every bad fight can seem like THE fight. Lorelai: It wasn’t just the fight, Sookie, it was him not fighting for me. I gave him an ultimatum, and he let me walk away.
Sookie: But no, he’ll come back, he’ll be back. He’ll come back. Luke wants to marry you. You know he does. I mean, he’ll come around. He’ll get it together.
Lorelai: I’m done. I don’t want to see him anymore. It’s over.
Sookie: I get that you’re mad. You deserve to be mad. Luke’s been a real jerk, frankly. Being mad at him makes all the sense in the world. And if you’re so mad, you need to believe you guys are over, I get that.

Lorelai: No, you don't get it. I need it to be over because I can't take this anymore. Yes, I love Luke and yes, I wanted to marry Luke, but I didn't want a life separate from Luke and that's all he can give me. I don't want that. If I'm going to be with Luke, I want to be with Luke.And he didn't get it. And I waited. It's like Luke is driving a car,okay? And I just want to be in the passenger's seat, but he's locked the door and so I have to hold onto the bumper. I'm not even asking him to open the door for me, just leave it unlocked and say come in. But no, he didn’t do that. So I’m hanging onto the bumper and life goes on and the car goes on and I get really badly bruised hitting potholes and it hurts, I mean it hurts. So, yesterday I had to let go of the bumper because it hurts too much."

We all love Lorelai and Luke together, but if Luke let Lorelai walk away, then we all know that she made the right decision. One of the best relationships in the history of Gilmore Girls and television in general comes to an end, but it’s for all the right reasons.

Some of the best decisions in life are the hardest ones to make....and this is what I learned from Gilmore Girls.

-Thanks Jaymie! If any of YOU want to join in on the guest posts leave your email in the comments section!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

wise words wednesday {6.}...

So, to state the obvious it is Wednesday. Which means I am on day 3 of The Job. It also means Big Girl World kind of sucks and makes me long for the days of a college classroom. I mean it isn't that bad, it is just crazy hectic with all that I have to learn. I also can't go into too much detail about The Job, being that it is in the mental health field most of the information is pretty much confidential (no seriously. i spent like two hours this morning trying to find a key that would open one of the file cabinets so I could lock up some files. this box had over 60 keys...not one of which worked.)

Things of note that have happened so far:

-A woman in the office wrote, "My office has a infestation of aunts" on the 'Problems With Solutions' bulletin board. *facepalm*

-I got asked out in group last night. It went like this, "Hey, my wife is leaving me. Do you wanna go out sometime?" Um. No dice.

-I received my official county worker badge to wear around the office and I actually look decent in the picture! Holler.

-I said the 'F' word in front of my boss. Three times.

-I got my very own office. Which is good and bad. Good because I have my own space. Bad because it is a woman's office who is off on sick leave until September, and she will hate me when she comes back and sees some 'kid' has her office and she is left without one. Also bad because it is SUCH a cluttered over decorated space that it makes my OCD freak. Hopefully, I can slyly move and organize all of her crap without anyone getting pissed.

-I came home from a LONG day at work to find this cute little fella hanging out on my laptop...

Bastina made him for me, and left him as a surprise when she was over here doing laundry today. I knew at once that it was a cupcake, and that I must name him 'Sprinkle'. In my world no other cupcakes exist. Yes, I did say HIM. Sprinkle is a boy who likes pink. Don't judge him...

Now it is time for the wise words...

{6.} Wise Words...
I am 24 years old. I am just getting started with my life. I have no idea how it will go, or where I will end up. That is the fun of life, right? The one thing I do know? I want to be happy.

Where do YOU want to be in five years?


Monday, July 19, 2010

all grown up...

As many of you already know, today was the very first day of my very first out of college, real life, big girl job. It was a long day...that was pretty hectic and unorganized, but it was still a pretty darn good day! I am SUPER under qualified for the position but I have plans to fake it till I make it! I am sure there will plenty of posts about the job, as for now the day can be summed up by two photos...

This first picture is what my purse (why yes, it IS Coach, thanks for asking) looked like when I started my day this very morning. Please don't mind the tampons front and center. A girls gotta go what a girls gotta do...
This second picture is what my purse (yes, still the Coach one) looked like at the end of my day. Holy chaos Batman! Basically I had SO much paperwork shoved in the bag I feared for it's safety. If one of the straps would have ripped I would have shanked someone...

When I got home this evening I stopped by and picked up the mail, where there was this very bossy letter addressed to me. 'DO NOT FOLD'. Um. Hey packaging don't tell me what to do, aight? Anywho...

Said bossy ass package contained this lovely gem! Yep. Four years of higher education and I get a paper signed, sealed, delivered, it's mine!

So, what does this mean? It means that I have my first big girl job, and am now in possession of my diploma, documented by this very adult photograph. Brace yourself I come...(twss! sorry I had to do it)...

So, what was YOUR first big time job? If you haven't had one yet, what is your dream job? Share with me in the comments section! Work horror stories are ALWAYS welcome...obvi.


Friday, July 16, 2010

fill in the blank friday {12.}...

Happy Friday! I just came across a very sad fact...this is my last Friday of doing nothing productive at all. I mean yay for me finally getting a job, but sad for my relaxing no work/school vacation. Alright, let's fill some blanks...

{1.} A very nostalgic place that reminds me of being a kid is Disneyland of course! I grew up going to The Happiest Place on Earth every single summer with the fam. Every time I walk through those gates I feel like I am a little kid all over again. I love it there.

{2.} If someone really wants to show me how much they love me they will know me. Does that sound dumb? They will listen to me and understand all my kinds of crazy. They will know when to leave me alone, and when to be there for me.

{3.} Lately I've been wondering a lot about what the future holds. I feel like I am finally getting started and living my life. It is scary but awesome all at the same time.

{4.} When it comes to saving money I am still learning. I mean I don't do the whole debt thing. I keep myself out of any and all debt. So if I don't have money I don't spend it, but if I do have it...I tend to spend instead of save. I am actively working on it though!

{5.} I'd prefer winter over summer any day! I hate Northern California summers. When it gets over 100 degrees I am basically over life as we know it.

{6.}I wish I knew how to make honey chipotle chicken crisper tacos, like the ones at Chili's. They are seriously tacos made by angels in Heaven. No lie.

{7.} I'm just waiting for it to be this evening so I can have a night out of awesomeness with the one and only Bff Jil! Dinner, shopping, and fro you?! Yes, please!

Have a great weekend everyone! Make sure if you fill some blanks of your own to go over and link up at Lauren's blog!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

wise words wednesday {5.}...

It is official friends. I am a real life grown up. Nutso, right?! I am SO blessed to have found a job that is 1.) local, 2.) well paying, 3.) helping those who need it, and 4.) allowing me to utilize my BS in Psychology (if you are a psych major, you know what a accomplishment that is!)

It starts as part time, which is a-okay for now! I get my fingerprints (live scan) done tomorrow, and then hopefully I will start next week as a case manager for the drug & alcohol rehabilitation program in the county I live in. I will be doing intakes and assessments on their clients, and watching the head counselor run his groups in order to prepare me to take on groups of my own. HOLLA!

So, what are the wise words of today?

{5.} Wise Words...

Let's live it up. Let's enjoy our lives! The good and the bad! To quote someone I never thought I would quote (ash, this is for you) "Put my hands up, they're playing my song!" Hollllller Miley. Bahaha.

In other news...a momentous occasion has occurred. The one. The only. Bff Jil is NOW on Twitter. Follow her crazy self @bff_jil!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

lessons i learned from gilmore girls {2.}...

This is probably my favorite blog 'feature' of all time. Why? Gilmore Girls is my ALL time favorite show, and the lovely blog pals who have joined up to guest post are legit. This guest post is from Ms. Shelby Lou! Make sure to check out her blog when you are done! Enjoy...

*Post Written By Shelby Lou*

Lorelai: "Hey, Luke, it's me. I know I'm not supposed to be calling, but I am not doing really great right now, and… I was just wondering if, do you remember in 'The Way We Were', how Katie and Hubbell broke up because his friends were joking and laughing, and the president had just died, and she yelled at them and he was mad and he was going out to Hollywood, and, I mean, which she hated, and he broke up with her and she was really upset. And she called him and asked him if he would come over and sit with her because he was her best friend and she needed her best friend, and he did. And they talked all night, and they went out to Hollywood, which was a disaster, but it was good at first. With the boat, and uh, putting the books away. I've seen this movie a lot, so if you don't remember the putting the books away scene, don't feel stupid or anything. I was just sitting here thinking about it, because I, um, I'm in my house, and I was just, uh… Could - please come over. I - please. Really need to see you and talk to you, and please - come over. Please."

Have you ever felt like this? Have you ever felt so heartbroken that you just can’t do much besides the very desperate things? This is my favorite episode from Gilmore Girls. It’s in season 5 when Emily and Richard get back together and they have the wedding. Rory and Logan get caught making out by Lorelai, then Christopher, then Luke. All while Luke is finding out that Lorelai had drinks with Christopher and didn’t tell him. Luke breaks up with Lorelai even after she tries to explain things and tell him how she is “in, she is all in.” This is such a sad episode, but it teaches you so much about heartache, and recovery, and that desperate times call for desperate measures.

Then, after she calls him, Lorelai runs to his house and takes his tape from his answering machine, by the time she gets home Luke is there. Oh, it just shows how strong she wishes she could have been, and how much they both really love each other even if their romance is completely crazy! I love it.

Lorelai: "I'm so sorry, Luke. I will never do this to you ever again. I am absolutely humiliated. I was hurting, and I knew if I called you you'd come. I never should have done that."
Luke: "It's okay."
Lorelai: "No, it's not okay. It's not okay. I am not that girl. I am not the one who cries and falls apart and calls her ex-boyfriend to come and save her. Thank you so much for coming, and for breaking my door. You're an
amazing guy for doing that." (hands him a tape)
Luke: "What's that?"
Lorelai: "It's the tape from your answering machine."
Luke: "From my answering machine?"
Lorelai: "The last crazy thing you will ever have to endure from me, I promise. -- I just want you to know that I heard you when you said that you're out. I did. I'm going to respect that from now on."

On top of everything with Lorelai, Rory tells Logan that she wants to commit, and that she can’t just be “whatever” with him anymore. On top of THIS Rory shows her amazingly strong love for her Mom, her best friend. When she finds out about her Mom’s status and takes Logan’s limo to Stars Hollow and finds out the whole town has split into teams with ribbons for Luke and Lorelai.. she runs into the market and her conversation with Taylor is the best..

Rory: "Where are they, Taylor?"
Taylor: "What?"
Rory: "Don't play dumb. The ribbons!"
(Rory grabs the box)
Rory: "Take piano lessons or something!"
(Rory leaves)
Taylor: "She was so sweet when she was little."

Oh it makes me laugh the entire time!! I think that is why I loved this episode so much, not only did it introduce me to one of my, now, favorite movies of all time “The Way We Were” but it also made me cry and laugh at the same time. It was so heartbreaking, but so hilarious. I will leave you with some of the other “best lines” from this episode.

Paris: "Don't forget the raisin bran. It's good for you. Keeps you moving."
Rory: "Whatever that means... eww, I just got what that means!"

Paris: "Well, no one called, left a note, smoke signaled, Morse coded,
semaphore flagged or came by. Male, female or hermaphrodite."
Rory: "Okay, thanks."
Paris: "(getting up) I'm wide awake. It's your fault. You owe me Boggle."
Rory: "Paris-"
Paris: "Boggle!"

Michel: (talking about the dolls) "You're feeding them? They have no opposable thumbs!"
Sookie: "The girls have no thumbs? Aww! It's a handicapped girls party?" Michel: "No, the dolls!"
Sookie: "Dolls can be handicapped?"

How can you not love Gilmore Girls???!!!

-Thanks Shelby! If any of YOU want to join in on the guest posts leave your email in the comments section!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

the fourth o' july...

In case you are wondering, I am aware that the 4th was a little over a week ago. I wish I could claim that I have been too busy to post...but that is SO not the case. I was just debating if I could bring myself to post some of these pictures of the H-Family's firework festivities. I mean a full day of running around in 100 degree temps, swimming, and stuffing ones face does NOT lead to attractive pictures for anyone.

After some debate (and some picniking, why hello 'cinemascope' feature, I love you) I decided to post just a few! I now present you with how my family spent the 4th o' July...

All in all it was a pretty low-key holiday weekend, but it was still a good time. Well, up until we all got eaten alive by mosquitos. Sick-to-the-nast. Also, if you don't have Picnik, get it. It rules. I love this cinemascope feature, it makes your pictures look like 1940's movie screens. Love it!

Friday, July 9, 2010

a guest post from 'delysia lefosse'{2.}...

Remember the first time Ms. Delysia Lefosse wrote a guest post for this blog? Yep. She needed some advice and wanted to vent anonymously and I told her she was welcome to take over my blog anytime. Well, that time has come again. Here is Round 2 with Ms. Lefosse.

"Scared shitless doesn’t even begin to explain the feelings I am going through right now. You know that feeling that you get when you know something is about to drop from a high distance onto someone, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. That is the kind of feeling I am having, just magnified by twelve. I don’t even know how it is like this. I mean, I beg and plead, and pray, that some awesome guy will come into my life and nothing happens for a long time. Then, out of nowhere comes this man who is amazing, and thinks I’m great too. Now, I feel like it’s just too much. I deserve this too! Not to be selfish or anything, but I literally deserve this relationship. Honest to heaven above. So why, oh why can I not let myself be happy. Okay, it’s not that I am not happy, I am happy, I am just having so many aches and pains and I feel like my heart is full to the brim. Not with love, but with confusion and heartache. Like some sort of spirit is floating above me at all times, and when it sees that I am getting comfortable it drops down a load of bricks into my heart and starts to build up this huge wall.

I am thinking to myself, I need to stick this out. I need to just run as fast as I can from this lingering spirit above me and show everyone that despite its greatest efforts, it cannot weigh me down!! I am WOMAN! I say to myself in my best Tarzan type voice, beating my chest with my fists. This is not going to happen again! I will open my heart, let someone in, and learn to show respect and care for them. Then, it catches up with me and I just feel like I am taking advantage of this whole situation. Why be in a relationship that you know isn’t going to go anywhere but to the movies, hiking, and maybe fishing. My logic is because I need to build my character and be someone who can take care of someone, and see the “type” of people I want to be with. Real life logic says, stop stringing around this guy if you aren’t going to commit seriously.

I have so much I want to do, but no idea how to do it. I want to travel abroad, move around, have a million different jobs. I want to be single when all my friends come home from their missions so I can hang out with them and learn from them, and date them. Selfish? Probably. True? Most assuredly.

I don’t want to be single when I’m single. I don’t want to be in a relationship when I’m in a relationship.

I feel like in this relationship, he is there just to make me feel better. I don’t ever do anything for him. Not that I don’t want to, just that, I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to be a lovey dovey or anything, and I don’t want people to think we are getting married because we aren’t. I plan on serving a mission, and even though it isn’t required of me... I feel like it should be. Maybe my idea will change on that eventually, but for now, it’s pretty solid. Okay not pretty, REALLY. Just what am I supposed to do? How do I go about making this better? Someone is going to get hurt and it’s going to be horrible. I hate it when people hurt, especially when I am the one doing the hurting. I’m freaking out inside right now, FREAKING OUT!

Love-Ms. Delysia Lefosse"

Okay, so who has advice to give? Wise words? Anything? Please, help out in the comments section!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

wise words wednesday {4.}...

I really love doing these posts. I hope you guys enjoy reading them as well. Every week I try to find something that touches me, but also something that I think many of you can relate to. This one fits the bill perfectly....

{4.} Wise Words...

I am super hard on myself sometimes, and I would really like to change that. I know it is something we all struggle with. Let's change that, shall we?

Also, make sure to click here and read the first guest post for 'Lessons I Learned from Gilmore Girls'. This is going to be an ongoing blog 'series' if you will. Leave me a comment with your email if you want to join in!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

lessons I learned from gilmore girls {1.}...

I am SO pleased to present you all with the very first 'Lessons I Learned From Gilmore Girls' guest post! It is brought to you by the one and only Marci. Enjoy...

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 10 years, you know that Gilmore Girls is the best show ever.

It's pretty much my reason for existence.

Ok, not really.

But it's pretty close.

Like right up there with eating, sleeping and breathing.

I'm pretty sure I could quote this show in my sleep.


Because there are so many valuable life lessons we can take away from it!

In honor of our "Lessons I Learned from Gilmore Girls" series, I chose a few of my favorite lessons to share with you guys:

The train is NOT going to leave the screen.

Swans are vicious birds.

God lives in London.

Every girl has to fall for a bad boy. It's the rule. It's the reason so many accountants eventually get married.

Only prostitutes have 2 glasses of wine at lunch.
When a woman gives birth to crack baby you do not buy her a puppy.

How freaking genius was this? I officially am a Marci fangirl. She speaks Gilmore like nobodies business! Make sure to go over and check out her blog if you haven't already. Also, if you want to contribute to the 'GG Lessons' guest posts leave me your email in the comments section!


Monday, July 5, 2010

the super fabulous road trip of pure awesomeness {4}...

Do you all remember that one time that Bff Jil and I went on a road trip? No. Well go here, here, and then here and you will be all caught up. So, I figured I would throw up a post with random pictures of our journey...why? Because it's my blog and I do what I want. Most of these are just pictures of the gorgeous scenery. Srsly. The green everywhere was A.Maz.Ing...

Oh heyyy Hooters sign that was located in Portland, Oregon. We embrace the trashy and Hooters is pretty much one of our favorite places to eat. It was too bad we had just eaten when we passed by you...

I think the drive from Port Angeles to Forks was the prettiest out of the whole trip. I cannot count how many times we gasped and/or said, "Oh em gee! It is SO pretty! I want to move here." I can however count how many times we listened to the Glee version of 'Bad Romance'. Let's just say it was over 30...

Just a waterfall that was RIGHT on the side of the big thing...

Seriously. This was what the drive consisted of. One side of the road looked like this...

The other side looked like this. This is Crescent Lake, and yes I am aware that it looks like the sky...but it was just the reflection. The water was SO clear and blue...

We had to snap a 'signature pose' when we stopped alongside the road to take pretty nature pictures. Hollller ginorm sunglasses. Dolce & Gabbana and Jimmy Choo, respectively...

We were going to venture into this little area and act like vampires and snap pictures, but it was cold, kinda looked like it was going to rain, and everything was SO mossy that we knew our flip flop rocking California girl selves would slip and fall. So we just snapped a quick photo and bounced outta that piece...

I think this is my favorite picture of the entire trip, and that is really saying something because I have a picture of me groping Cardboard Edward's junk. I am pretty sure if Bff Jil and I could have dug this tree up, we would have strapped it to the roof of her Tahoe and brought it back to Cali with us. It is freaking gorgeous...

In one of the 45,000 'Twi-Shoppes' they had this map where people had stuck pins in, ya know to show how dedicated they are to the world of Twilight. Let me tell you...people are freaking ded.i.cated. I mean going to forks from New Zealand? Um...that is an intense breed of fangirl...

Last but not least a final picture of Bff Jil and myself...and our sunglasses. What is the lesson learned from all of the road trip posts? Go on a road trip with your best friend, it will be a blast...


Friday, July 2, 2010

fill in the blank friday {11.}...

It is Friday...we all know what that means...time to fill some blanks...

{1.} This weekend for The 4th of July I'll be hanging out in the pool, trying not to die from the 105 degree weather, having dinner with the family, and then watching my pyromaniac brother do fireworks with our niece. Good times.

{2.} Fireworks are Meh. I hate the loud ones, and am afraid I am going to blow myself up with the sparklers. I pretty much should not be able to play with any fireworks other than those stupid black worm things.

{3.} Nothing says summer like floating in the pool, listening to summer hits, and drinking a slushee (with or without booze in it).

{4.} My favorite summer memory is the time my brother Jon-than and I decided it would be a genius idea to nail a sprinkler to the side of the barn, cover our trampoline in dish soap, and proceed to have a very bouncy slip (jump) and slide. It was awesome.

{5.} My favorite thing about summer is swimming with my niece Bug. I love the water, she loves the water, we pretend we are mermaids, I throw her, she jumps. We pretty much have a blast. In case you cannot already tell...I am REALLY in love with swimming.

{6.} Summer in a word is hot.

{7.} If I could choose to have summer or winter year round I'd pick winter. But only Northern California winter, where it NEVER snows. I hate the snow. I also hate the 120 degree summers we are blessed with. Ick.

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Have a fun (and safe) fourth of July weekend!