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Sunday, February 28, 2010

words from wise women...

I don't have a lot of time for a blog post right now because life is crazy busy. As I know it is for all of YOU lovey dolls. So, instead of trying to come up with my own words of wisdom, I decided to let some of the 'greats' do the talking for me.

"I'm selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."
~Marilyn Monroe

“Good is towing the line, being behaved, being quiet, being passive, fitting in, being liked, and great is being messy, having a belly, speaking your mind, standing up for what you believe in, fighting for another paradigm, not letting people talk you out of what you know to be true."
~Eve Ensler

"My philosophy is that not only are you responsible for your life, but doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment."
~Oprah Winfrey

"The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off."
~Gloria Steinem

"To show your true ability is always, in a sense, to surpass the limits of your ability, to go a little beyond them: to dare, to seek, to invent; it is at such a moment that new talents are revealed, discovered, and realized."
~Simone de Beauvoir

I love these women. I love the paths that they have cleared for OUR generation. I love that they make me realize how powerful we as women truly are...
Thoughts? Comments? Want to share a favorite quote? Please do so in the comment section.


Friday, February 26, 2010

fill in the blank friday {4.}...

Here is another slacker post from me to you. Okay, really it isn't REALLY slacking...I actually love these posts. So it is a post full of love from me to you...okay? Okay...

{1.} When I'm nervous I talk 90,000 WPM (words per minute. Holla, Gilmore Girls).

{2.} My favorite item in my closet is my charcoal gray peacoat. I l-o-v-e it so bad.

{3.} Hanging out on my bed, reading a good book, with a mocha in hand, is my favorite thing to do when I need to relax.

{4.} My favorite childhood memory is playing 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' with my big brother Jon-than. He was Raphael, I was Michelangelo.

{5.} Something you may not know about me is I am not nearly as strong or brave as I pretend to be. Some think I am heartless, when in reality I am scared.

{6.} A true friend is someone who accepts you for who you are. Someone who may not 'get' you, but tries. Someone who can make you laugh and cry. Someone who is as good as family. Someone who tells you like it is, even if it isn't what you want to hear!

{7.} Something I hope people think of when they think of me is, Man! She has a killer rack...(yes, that WAS a joke).
Have a fabulous weekend loves!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

sometimes i am a moron...

Yes friends it is true. Sometimes I do/say really stupid things (okay it happens often...don't hate). Today I was having a text conversation in the class I hate the most, astronomy. Yep. It is wicked boring and I despise every second of it. I really dislike it when math terms are thrown around. I consider myself a fairly intelligent person. I get kick ass grades and I work hard and overall I am a smart cookie. When math gets involved something happens to my brain. Sort of like when you pour water on sugar and it melts...yeah that is what happens to my brain when any math term is used. So here is a perfect transcription of a text discussion I had with Sam this afternoon...

Me: is math time in astronomy. NO!!

Sam: Sad times, trig?

Me: Maybe. I am lost.

Sam: What exactly is being said about math?

Me: Um...magnitude, log rhythms, quantum mechanics. I really have no clue...

Sam: is logarithm...but log rhythms sound fantastic. Sounds of the forest!

Me: Thanks for making me feel like an even bigger moron. Splendid.

Sam: But you came up with log rhythms! We just need a hollow log and we are good to go!

Me: You are a punk. End of story.


Yep. I am brilliant. No lies. College educated no less...

my name twin is having a giveaway...

I love giveaways. In fact I am about 6 posts away from doing my very first giveaway! Woo! But today is not about is about the lovely giveaway over at my name twins blog. Alexa Mae from It's A Love Story is all kinds of amazing and I adore her AND her blog. She is hosting a giveaway from The Vintage Pearl. Yep. Awesome. So make sure to venture over to her blog and enter to win!Good luck folks!


Monday, February 22, 2010

i am just a tad odd...

I love blogging about all of my oddities or quirks if you will. It is fun. Why? Because it makes me step back and reexamine my life and wonder if I should try a smidge harder to not be such an obsessive compulsive control freak. Then it makes me realize that I am who I am...and that hopefully everyone will just love me through it. Plus, you all seem to have fun discussing/making fun of me and my crazy in the comments section so it is fun for all (which is what SHE said)...

Weird Thing #1:

So I am pretty much a note taking fool. Like you should see the epic amounts of paper I go through with my super freak note taking abilities. It is pure insanity. I also take notes on random things...such as a book I am reading just for fun. I used to make notes in the margins (it was burned into my brain to do so by my high school English teacher), I have however stopped doing so...because other people borrow my books and they would think I was a whack job. Anywho...I have this thing where if I am taking notes for a class and I write something that I end up needing to cross out for some reason...I absolutely MUST go back and re-write ALL of the notes. Yeah...the entire page. It is a problem to say the least...

Weird Thing #2:

I am a very particular know in case y'all didn't pick that fact up on your own. I am way crazy about the way I sleep. I already discussed some of my odd sleeping habits here. So along with having to sleep in a bed that has been made, I must have COMPLETE darkness whilst sleeping. Yeah...sort of like a bat-cave of my very own. So, I have a pull down shade that blocks out the sun, I also have been known to shove a pillow in the gap under my door, and then I cover up my alarm clock because the gleam of that light makes me want to gouge my eyeballs out. I also cannot sleep in no matter how freezing it may be I sleep with a fan going full speed. However, that one I think is normal. Right folks?...Right?!

Weird Thing #3:

Okay so this thing may be linked with the above weird thing...but I want a list of 5 things (because I have OCD with numbers). So, while I can't stand light when sleeping...and I need noise when sleeping sometimes I leave the television on to fall asleep to. Which sounds dumb because a TV emits light...yeah I know...I am weird. However, I am specific about what I watch while falling asleep to the glow of my television screen. I own seasons of ALL of my favorite shows. Why? Because I love them...duh. I also watch them over and over. So, when trying to fall asleep I cannot have something on TV that I have not seen has to be a DVD of one of the shows that I have watched a bazillion times (preferably 'Gilmore Girls'). Amen.

Weird Thing #4:

This one is short but sweet. So toothpaste is glorious. It is pretty much one of the loves o' my life. I brush my teeth like four times a day. No lies. In my world when one squeezes the toothpaste from the center of the tube it is pretty much a shanking offense. Why on earth do people do that? Hi...squeeze it from the bottom to the top (baha...he totes told her that). I am happy to report that when Sam was visiting last week he got his toothpaste taken away at the airport and used mine...he squeezed the tube from the bottom. Yeah...I checked. Virtual high-five Sam!

Weird Thing #5:

The fact that this list had to be composed of five things. I could not stop at four even though I really wanted to. In my head I could do five or ten. Not four or seven. Yeah...welcome to the crazy that is my brain.

There you have it. More of my quirks. I hope these make me endearing and not psychotic. At least I embrace the fact that I am a touch of crazy with a pinch of neurotic. As I always say...just love me through it.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

we are rockstars...

So...I am pretty much a party animal in case you folks were not already aware. My rockin' Saturday night has consisted of homework, hanging out in yoga pants and a hoodie, making tacos for dinner, giving my four year old niece a pedicure, and singing along with Taylor Swift. Do y'all remember the time Bug and I made a vlog? Yep it was the cutest thing of my life. She came up with the brilliant idea to make a video of us singing. Since I am a stellar aunt I agreed. So even though the end result is quite humiliating for this American Idol reject...she is just too darn precious for me NOT to share it with you guys. All I ask is that you love me through it, ok?

Yep...I am moving up in the world of blogging as well. I finally know how to post a video directly on my blog! Holla! I learned all by myself (and yes by 'all by myself' I totes mean that Sam showed me how when he was visiting). Also, don't point out that I am tone deaf...I am already aware of that fact! Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.


Friday, February 19, 2010

fill in the blank friday {3.}...

Am I aware I have been a super slacker blogger as of late? Yep, I pretty much am. But hey life has been busy and I am going to be a slacker for another day. I love this fun feature over at Lauren's blog. Now for the filling of the blanks...

{1.} If I could medal in an Olympic event it would be the hardcore event of 'avoiding watching the Olympics'. Yep that is correct my friends, I despise the Olympics. Love me through it ok?

{2.} If I was stranded on a deserted island I'd take sunblock, Robert Pattinson & a cell phone. So that when I was done having Rob apply my sunblock I could call for someone to pick us up and drop us off at his hotel. Holla!
{3.} Mice are my most irrational fear.

{4.} I'd rather drive my 45 minute commute to campus everyday, than live in the crazy party town where campus is located.

{5.} I am excited about going to look at an ADORABLE house Bff Jil is considering buying!

{6.} I should really be doing my homework. I have been a slacker pretty much all week long.
{7.} One of my favorite things in all the world is singing and dancing to Taylor Swift with my niece. We scream, dance, and laugh. It is the definition of joy.

Happy Friday loves!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

story of my life...

Anyone who reads this little blog o' mine regularly OR follows me on Twitter knows how much I adore threatening to shank people. It makes me laugh like no ones business. I was reading The Bloggess this morning (if you do not read her yourself a favor and do so) and I saw this lovely picture that is pretty much the story of my life...

I totally realize this may not be funny to anyone else...but it certainly made me freaking chuckle...


Sunday, February 14, 2010

surprise guest...

Well, I said I had a vlog surprise of epicness for you all. So it may not be super epic but at least it was kept a surprise! Enjoy...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

mail time...

My favorite posts to do are the ones where I write random letters to people/places/things. Why? I dunno. I just like them...get off my back about it 'aight? On we go...

Dear Pesto,
I am sorry for calling you an idiotic crackhead pigeon child. That was not very nice or nurturing of me. Sometimes I am a bad pigeon mother. You were brilliant in lab on Monday...even though you still pulled a biatch move and scratched me. Although, I am thinking that a pigeon scratch is the equivalent of me shanking you must get that from your mother. Holla! I promise not to squeeze you anymore as long as you don't peck me. Deal? Deal!

Dear Hershey's Cookies and Cream Candy Bar,
I just ate you for dinner. Yeah. That is correct for DINNER. You were delicious...unfortunately I now feel like I am going to vomit. Yes, I do blame you for that. Why? Um...because I can. That is all.

Dear UPS,
So, I have used your lovely speedy delivery services many times (um...twss?). Overall, I have always been left fully satisfied (what she always hopes to say). However, as of today you have left me high and dry (we get the idea correct?). When I pay YOU to overnight should do just that. Get the delivery there...over-freaking-night. Because of YOU and your lame delivery people in their ugly brown uniforms a package of sheer awesome has been delayed. Is it the end of the world? No. Am I still pissed? Yep.

Dear Girl I Walked Behind This Afternoon,
Um. Just a friendly tip...tights do not qualify as pants. They just don't. If they ever do, one should at least have the decency to make sure their shirt covers their booty. You unfortunately didn't. I could see through your 'pants'...and when I say, "I could see through them." I literally mean I could see the pattern on your underwear. Sick-to-the-nast.

Dear Blog,
I am sorry I have been neglecting you as of late. It isn't that I don't is just that I have been a little busy. School and such has stolen me away from my own personal happy place. Unfortunately, I do not believe this time issue will be solved any time soon. Between commuting, classes, homework, and my internship I am a busy gal! I do solemnly swear to post at least once or twice a week (hopefully more). Honestly, it's me not you.

Dear Weekend,
Hi. Can you get here with the quickness? Thank you.

Dear Mom,
You know I love you as if you were family, right? Bahaha...just kidding you are my family. I accepted that many years ago. You know what I do NOT love? The sex jokes that you insist on making constantly. Just because I am an adult and we can have a good laugh about grownup business now does not mean that I want to hear the phrase 'Levi lovin' come out of your mouth. Ever. In my life. NEVER. Also, please stop referring to your electric blanket as your 'electric boyfriend'. It isn't funny. It is child abuse. That is all.

Dear Astronomy,

You are possibly the most dull class I have ever taken. I know it is my fault that I am taking you right at this moment. I should have completed my GE requirement of a physical universe science with a lab component in my first two years of college. Well, what can I say? I am a slacker and decided to wait until my last semester of college. So I brought it on myself. However, I take serious issue with the fact that I have to learn about the stars. Why? Because I want to be a shrink not Spock. Although, one of my favorite twss jokes of all time came from that class. The professor even gave my twss accomplice and myself 5 points for our epic joke. This was what went down, guy in my class leans over in the planetarium and says, "Hey, can I use my Big Dipper to shoot the Milky Way into your Heavenly G?" Me, "Holy hilarity! That is FOR SURE what he asked her!" Yep. Epic win right there.

So, does anyone want to send some mail with me? I know these were all kind of rants...but hey sometimes one just needs to rant! So join me, won't you?

Friday, February 5, 2010

fill in the blank friday {2.}...

I loved doing this last Friday! So, I am thinking that it will become a regular thing over here at 'Always Alexandria'. Thanks to Lauren for this fabulous idea! Make sure to go and check out her cutespice blog! Now for the filling of the blanks...twss...sorry I cannot help it. I am thinking I may have twss-tourettes. Moving on...

{1.} If I had two hours to myself today, I'd watch 'The Bad Girls Club' and then 'Teen Mom'. Those shows are my guilty pleasures.

{2.} If I could travel anywhere today, I would go to Italy. I want to experience it's beauty and meet my people. Aka...the crazy Italians.

{3.} The day that my niece was born is my happiest memory. I have never felt a love as powerful as the first time I held that little bundle of beauty.

{4.} Sometimes you're on top of the world other times you're at the bottom. I have realized both things are okay.

{5.} Beauty is being able to see the good in the bad.

{6.} I would be embarrassed if anyone knew that I go through kicks where I love playing The Sims. I cannot believe I just admitted that.

{7.} Love at first sight is something I do not believe exists romantically. I do however know that the minute I laid eyes on my niece that I loved her more than my own life.

These posts make my OCD spaz out. I hate the fact that there are only 7 of these fill-in-the-blanks! Why 7?! Why not 5? Or 10? Oh well. I hope all you lovey dolls have a fabulous weekend!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

pesto is a little biatch...

It is time for a Pesto the Pigeon update! Do you all remember little Pesto? You know my pigeon kid? If not then go on over here and meet him. So, I didn't feel like typing up a blog post today...instead I made a vlog. Enjoy...

Alright, I need some honesty from you lovelies. It is voting time! Who thinks I will kill Pesto, by squeezing him to death, before the end of semester? Anyone? Anyone?

Monday, February 1, 2010

so much love...

It has been far too long since I have picture exploded on my blog. Saturday evening I decided that little issue would be remedied. We had a lovely H-Family evening so I picture Nazi'd it up. Enjoy...

Since it had been forever AND a day since Bff Jil came to hang out over at Casa de H-Family...I decided to invite her on over. She came of course, and she brought along a date. See that little cuteness monster on the trampoline with Bug? Yep. Cutest four year old boy on the planet. That is Jil's nephew Jacob. I refer to him, 'Jacop' which makes Bff Jil want to strangle me...

Somehow, the two cuteness monsters convinced Jilian to get on the trampoline with them. How this happened, I know not. But the little monsters tag-teamed her...

And then my brother Jon-than decided to help those little twin terrors out. I am surprised that Jil survived. Between being bounced about 10 feet off of the trampoline, she also had to grab each of the monsters and hold them so that their little skulls did not collide. This left her with both hands occupied and poor Jily was defenseless. The kids found it hilarious...Jil was not quite as amused...

Bff Jil survived...thankfully. See, I have photographic evidence right here. Jil and Bastina Balicious smiling pretty for the camera! Please note that all three of us gals had on our chilly clothes and we were complaining that it was freezing...we all also had on flip-flops. Hmmm...I wonder WHY we were all freezing to death. Nothing like peacoats and flip-flops. But hey we are legit California girls and that is how we roll. Amen...

Jon-than and I played a little basketball like we did when we were kids. And yes, by 'playing basketball like we did when we were kids' I do mean he shot the baskets while I fed him the ball. I am a failure at b-ball my friends. I have been since I came out of the womb. But I am an excellent ball passer/handler/feeder (say it with me folks!). That is your 'Twss 101' lesson for today...

I took a little breather from my 'ball handling' to pose for a 'Signature Picture' with Jily. Since the dawn of our bff-ness almost every picture of us is the same. Like THE same. We take them ourselves, they are close ups, and we are always on the same side. No joke. This is the case for like 95% of our pictures together. We refer to them as the 'Signature Pose'...I bet you $1,000 bucks I know the first thing Jilian will say about this picture...prove me right Jily!

Jon-than is a lovely influence on the children. Which is why he literally kicked little Jacop off of Bug's princess bike and took it for a spin. Bastina, do you realize you are going to have to raise him AND your babies when you have them? Just sayin'...

So, you will all probably be seeing quite a few pictures like this on my blog...and on Bastina's as well. Why? Well, we have a mutual internet bff Vanessa. She lives ALL the way over on the east coast. Which is lame because she is a totally a Cali girl in her heart...which is why when she visited our glorious state she left her heart here. Bastina keeps it in her purse for safe keeping. We plan on taking Vanessa's heart along with us on our many adventures. That is until Vanessa makes her victorious return to our side of the country, then she will have her heart back. We love you V!

My mother made cupcakes for dessert. For some reason they were a total fail and turned into cupcake tops only. So naturally Bastina slapped two of the cupcake tops together with some frosting and made a cupcake sandwich. Yum. She also was sitting like a crazy person because she was scared to get chocolate cupcake on the newly upholstered chair, which in this house would equal a death sentence. Bastina enjoyed her cupcakes much to someone else's dismay...

Unless you have been to my house (which only includes two of you) you may not know that the chair Bastina was munching on cupcakey goodness on is right across from the couch where Jilian and Jacop are sitting. So that also means you cannot tell that Bff Jil is purposefully NOT looking in Bastina's direction. Why? Oh because she has control issues and cannot handle unkempt cupcake eating. Don't believe me? your way over here and then you will trust...

Brother Jon-than has a picture taking issue. So any chance that I see to snap his photo I take it...and then I post it because it is SO rare. Please, disregard the hideous that is my face in this picture...

After our lovely company evacuated I made my way to my room to do some homework. I came to a very, very tragic conclusion. No longer do I have fabulous Dolce & Gabbana reading glasses because they are cute...I have reached the old point where I actually need them to read. I. Was. Devastated. Oh, and please do not confuse this picture with me trying to look hottspice, I was biting my lip to keep myself from crying. Hi, my name is Alex and I am officially old...

Yay, for fabulous time with beloved family and friends (and by friends I mean honorary family). I have the best group of people in my life...srsly. I love them all so bad. Want to know what else I love wicked bad? The cross process photo edit option. It makes my pictures look awesome and makes me happy. It's the little things y'all...