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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

i am late...

Okay before you start yelling "Congrats" it is SO not that kind of late. Do you get what I am saying? Are you picking up what I am putting down? Yes? Awesome.

I am late for this entire day. I woke up at 5:oo this morning. Why? I have no clue...but it is only 3:00 and I am officially exhausted.

I had to venture out and brave the crowds at the grocery store AND was. not. pretty. It was especially not pretty because I promised myself I would be at the store by 9:00 and did not arrive until noon. Would you like to know why? I was busy swooning and freaking out over the epicness of a new blog that I am lucky enough to contribute too! Yes, that is correct the twitterverse was alive and well today with hashtags involving the #banginhotbookboysclub...c'mon admit it you saw it. If you didn't please venture over and take a is going to rock your universe. Promise!

Oh how I love my Twitter/blog pals. A.Maz.Ing.

So I know this post was completely lame and pointless but this is all I have to give today because I have to go unload all my darn groceries and then make myself pretty for my date tonight. It is a date that has been a year in the making...and I am beyond excited. Would you like to know who the lucky fella is? Sure no problem...Yep. That is right. I have a date with Edward-freaking-Cullen...well with Edward Cullen and the six other ladies I will be seeing 'New Moon' with...oh and I suppose all the other people in the theater as well. But as we all know he only has eyes for me...ain't no thing!


Nat said...

that picture makes me swoon!

Lauren said...

Foxiest date ever!! He is smoldering hot. Have fun girlie!

Alice said...

That picture almost makes me forget about Jacob's abs. Almost.

Alice said...

p.s. you are a winner. Check out my sidebar. Hope yous don't mind. :D

Kellie said...

We were all going kinda crazy this morning! I didn't get my day started until noon either. But I must say..definitely worth it!!

And your date.. um, that's probably the only picture of him that can make me swoon! Oh dear :)

KatOfDiamonds said...


I've seen it twice so far
(possible another go at it tonight?)

and I can't wait to read what you have to say!!!

ps. Great photo choice!

Allison said...

Pure. BEautifulness.

Haha- I'm seeing it tonight! Wish me luck! And that I wont die of hyperventilation! :D

SJ said...

I sincerely hope you love New Moon with all your heart, Alexandria! It's amazing.

Alexa Mae said...

You crack me up. Seriously. Love your post. I hate days like that...and it would be extra worse if you were 'late' in the other kinda way. Hehe

xoxoxo a.l.e.x.a.n.d.r.i.a.

P.s. didn't it suck to learn a t 10 letter name in kindergarten when everyone else was learning like 4??

Karm said...

lol how fun, I have watched that movie twice, but am looking forward to more. im a nerd btw =]