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Monday, August 31, 2009

i want...

Some of these delicious things in my belly asap!
Sprinkles Pictures, Images and Photos

Like I want one so bad that I would consider actually driving the the three and a half hours to Palo Alto where the nearest Sprinkles is...if I could convince someone to come with me...(Jil...that means YOU!!)

Oh and FYI blog world it may sound ridiculous but the vanilla cupcakes are THE best...yeah I know vanilla doesn't sound that good...but they are swoon-worthy yummy...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

attention all book slaves!

Books Pictures, Images and Photos

Are you a book slave? No I do not mean do you live your life around reading great books, I mean do you go to college and spend ridiculous amounts of cash on textbooks that in all actuality cost about $10 bones to produce! Yeah, I do too. It is insane. It pisses me off every single semester...I spend anywhere from $400-$700 bucks on my books alone (not mentioning the outrageous price of tuition) anyways...*climbs off soapbox*

My mom pretty much is awesome. She hipped me to some online textbook rental sites she heard about through the grapevine, and let me tell you, these sites have pretty much saved my life this semester! I feel like being nice and sharing this info with my like ten readers (all of which who never comment...and yes that was a guilt-trip)...

This semester alone my books would have bled me dry, they would have been between $600-$650 bones if I purchased them at the campus bookstore or on Amazon (don't get me wrong I worship Amazon...but their textbooks are way overpriced as well). I went to and I rented all of my books and they came to a heavenly total of $200 dollars!!! Including shipping!!! I am over-excited and using WAY too many exclamation points!!!!!
Chegg logo Pictures, Images and Photos
So far I am satisfied with them. I have the books for the full semester and then they give you pre-paid return shipping (which is SO much better than standing in line to sell my books back to the school and getting like a piddly $50 dollars back). Check it out folks...check it out...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

project runway is the love of my life...

I am going to admit that I am a lover of 'reality' TV. The trashy, the stupid, and the fabulous. Speaking of the fabulous 'Project Runway' is in full fashionista force (like that alliteration, do you?). Oh and have I mentioned how much I heart this show...

Project Runway - Teresa Pictures, Images and Photos

oh Tim Gunn, how I love thee

let's make it work, mmkay?

this man is a fashion genius...word

Heidi I love thee too, just not as much as Tim

you are too darn cute for words

*double cheek kiss* auf weidersehen!

Since the show started two weeks ago...I am two weeks late for writing my thoughts about the winner and losers of the first challenge so let's keep that simple and sweet. I couldn't care less who won the first challenge but the right person went home for shizz...

Project Runway: Season 6: Episode One: Ari Fish Pictures, Images and Photos

to quote Christian Siriano from a few seasons back,

"This was a tranny hot mess!"

um. ya. just not good...not good at all...

Back to last Thursday's was a maternity challenge. SICKNAST, my friends, sicknast! I have an unnatural aversion to pregnant women and pregnancy in general. Yes, I know as a female that is not normal and no, I couldn't care less. Big pregnant belly's with the pop-out bellybutton thing make me a little queasy. So thankfully, they only had their models rock the strap-on baby bump *wipes sweat off brow* Pheww...

This week the right person totally won...and since I suck at life I cannot find a picture of her
**Any use of the word 'sicknast' the credit for that amazing word goes to Lauren over at the Busy Bee...her blog is THE best

Thursday, August 27, 2009

a sheep WHAT?!?!

I am a psychology major. Why did I pick that major? Well, it can't be because I love people, because I am not a people person. It is because I remember sitting one day and hearing that in psychology I only had to make it through a statistics class and then math and I could separate and start seeing other people. Sa-weet, right?

Yeah, no, WRONG! Well, I survived stats. Math and I have both moved on and are very happy apart. Well, math is anyhow. I was. I was tick tocking along fully satisfied in my major...until Tuesday morning at 11 o'clock.

This is when I waltzed into my (REQUIRED) biological psychology class. This is when I found out that I would be spending the next five months dissecting and studying a sheep brain. Yep, you heard me right! SHEEP BRAIN!

Suffice it to say I miss math and regret the entire break up...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

question and answer...

So, as I previously mentioned I am going to use 'The Book of Questions' on days where my brain cannot think of anything else. Well you are in luck because today is most definitely one of those days. Being that my morning started with a sheep brain (more on that later) I just have no spare brain power today! On we go...whee!

Question #1: For a person you loved deeply, would you be willing to move to a distant country knowing there would be little chance of seeing your friends and family again?

Answer #1: Honestly, no. Everyone wants to eventually find someone to share their life with (whether married or just long term). However, there is no way that I would give up the amazing love that I receive from family and friends just for one other person. It would be hard to let go of a man that I deeply loved but, then I would just think that anyone who knows me well knows how much of a family person I am and would never ask that of me. I could not imagine being happy in a life that does not include the people who I am close to. Such as these folks...

Example #1:this amazing little person who is
basically the most awesome niece anyone has ever had.
this kid is my heart...

Example #2:
this woman is the reason that I am in existence.
the tough, opinionated, woman that I am is all a product of being her daughter.
(I also owe the fact that I have NO leg hair to her as well, yeah we never have to shave our legs, jealous?)

Example #3:
these two fools are my big brothers.
yes, they may have ripped off my Barbies' head.
but I still love them and can count on them for anything.

Example #4:

now this is me and my oldest pal.

we have been soul sisters since like 8th grade.

as you can see she makes AWESOME picture faces.

she is my bestest...end of story.

Example #5:

speaking of awesome picture faces...

this gal is my MUCH older and wiser confidant (love ya Jily)

I am pretty sure that sometimes we are the same person

ya know, great minds and all that jazz.

Anywho...she is an honorary member o' my family

Lucky her, right?

Now see...who in their right mind would up and take off without knowing if they were to see these people again? Yep, that is one!

*Not one single person gave me permision to post their pictures...suckers!

**And no I do not know why the spacing on the last two is all funky...but I do know that I spent like an hour trying to fix it!

Monday, August 24, 2009

i love...

Okay kids it's truth time. I have a problem. It isn't a little problem, or a medium problem, it is a full-blown ISSUE! I am an Etsy-aholic. You know what Etsy is right? It is crafting/vintage/homemade heaven! I click on that site and it is like the heavens open up and ethereal angels are singing 'Hallelujah'. After the angels stop their squawking I then proceed to spend hours searching for bags, headbands, jewelry, and anything and everything else one could possibly ever want. It rocks...

So head on over and check it out. You can thank me later...

Just be careful because it is like crack...not that I have ever tried crack...but I am assuming the two are pretty similar. Anyone know if angels sing 'Hallelujah' after a hit or two off the crack pipe? Anyone?...Anyone?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

what am I reading? Oh, I am so glad you asked...

So I know that my two readers are uber-interested in what page turner I am currently turning the pages of. Well have no fear I shall inform you. I have a thing for The Harry Potter so many out there. I have a ritual that every summer I re-read the entire series because, well, they just make me happy! It takes my mind off the year long crazy-fest at college and just allows my brain to take a breather. I thank J.K Rowling for her amazing series...really that woman is the!
harry potter and the order of the pheonix Pictures, Images and Photos
As of right now I am about ten pages from wrapping up book numero 5 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix; and will shortly be digging into book numero 6 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince'!
Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Book 6 Pictures, Images and Photos

So folks...what are YOU reading? Do you love the HP series? If not what are some favorites that you have? Peace, Love, and Harry Potter to all...

Friday, August 21, 2009

things to come...

I decided to start a blog because to be honest, I was bored and had nothing better to do. I am going to try to stick with it...but who knows next week once school is back in I may decide to be a gigantic quitter. But...the one thing I do know is that I am not clever enough to come up with interesting, witty topics to write about on a daily basis. So to help me out with this little problem I am going to turn to, "The Book of Questions" by Dr. Gregory Stock (no, I have no clue who he is either) I just happened across his book in the process of organizing my mama's new bookcase. It is as titled just a book of questions, 217 questions to be exact. It also has 200 'Further Questions' that every single human would have a different answer to! They cover a myriad of topics and hopefully will help me keep this blog a' movin! On days when I am lacking creativity I will answer a question...100% honestly and I promise to not skip ANY no matter how weird it is (and trust there are some ODD ones in there). So I will open the book to a random page and answer away.

Oh and you creepers who are lurking on this blog...come out and say hello in the comments section! Answer the questions too, or hell you could even criticize my answer and we can have a cyber-brawl...c'mon it's a party!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

ya'll Paula Deen is a butter-loving goddess...

Paula Deen Pictures, Images and Photos
So I am pretty sure that I love Paula Deen in a big way. Like it is getting serious between the two of might be time to take that next step. You know...buying a cookbook instead of thieving all of her recipes from! Last night I made the most delicious lime-Dijon chicken (only I nixed the Dijon because it smelled odd and threw in some scrumptious honey mustard) so technically it was lime-honey mustard chicken but whatever it is called it made my stomach very happy. Between the chicken and her double-chocolate-ooey-gooey-butter cake the woman is pretty much saint-like. Plus her accent is awesome and she is totally off her rocker in a 'crazy grandma' kind of way.

Maybe I will turn this blog into one where I buy up all of Saint Paula's cookbooks and cook my way through them in 365 days! Does that sound familiar? I have no clue as to why that may be. I totally did not steal that idea from any movie starring Meryl Streep with a crazy accent...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

to blog or not to blog, that is the question. I suppose this post is the answer...

Hello blog world *waves hi*. When I say 'blog-world' I mean my friend Jil who is probably the only person who will ever read this. All who know me know that I am a talker...I love to speak, but sometimes others do not love to listen to me. So I decided I would throw myself onto unsuspecting computer screens and type people to death. See my non-stop jibber-jabbering can get me into trouble so perhaps if I have an outlet to let out my opinions and frustrations I will learn to keep my trap shut. Hmm...probably not but it is worth a try. Should be fun...