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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

am i odd? just a tad...

First, I have some blogging logistics to mention before I dig into my post. Holla! to all of my new 'Followers' or as I like to refer to you all 'people who win at life'! I am so jazzed that I have 20 whole followers (don't judge...20 is a big deal to me). Thanks for taking the time to read me! Love you all. the juicy stuff! The other day I was sitting and thinking about how odd I am. Like if I were to rate myself on an oddity 1 being totally normal and 10 being a member of the Gosselin would I rate myself? I think I am mid-range strange (yep...poet and didn't even know it). So, I would say I am a 5-6 on my made up scale...with just a touch of neuroticism and OCD. After I scientifically calculated my scale (ya know...wrote my weird things down on a post-it) I decided it would make a good post.

Weird Thing #1:

Apparently I eat pizza like a freak. Or at least that is how everyone I know sees it. I see it as perfectly normal AND delicious. What do I do with said pizza? I take my fork scrape off all of the cheese and whatever toping happens to be there and then shove the pizza into my mouth (you know..very delicate and girly like). Yep...I just eat the crust and the sauce. It is A.Maz.Ing. No matter how many times my family & friends witness this they ALL feel the need to comment on it and criticize my pizza eating ways (except for Jil, she embraces it because it means she has 100% access to all of my toppings). Don't judge.

Weird Thing #2:

I have a tattoo. Yes, it's true. I had it done a few years ago and I would say I liked it for probably about a month or two...and then I got sick of looking at it. Since, it is on my foot and I wear flip-flops 95% of the time...I look at it quite a bit. I bet you are thinking, "Lots of people have tattoos...what is so weird about that?" The weird thing is, I refuse to get my tattooed colored in. It was always meant to be just a black outline however people comment all the time that I should color it. Nope. No way. Never going to happen. Why? Because if I do I know it will drive me mental when it doesn't color-coordinate with whatever I happen to be wearing.
Weird Thing #3:
The first thing I do in the morning is make my bed. If for some reason I am rushed and don't have the time to make it before I have to leave I think about it ALL day long. "Man...I wish I would have made my bed." "Ugh! My room is so unkempt right now...if only my bed were made!" "When I get home, no matter how late, I am going to have to make my bed." is a little obsessive but it drives me mad! I absolutely cannot get back into an un-made bed. I will sometimes make it and then two seconds later turn the bed down again. Told you I was odd.

Weird Thing #4:

I do not shave my legs. Ever. Okay..hold onto your britches before you get all sicked out. I have zero leg hair. None. Zip. get the idea. For some strange reason the women in my family all lack leg hair...just another reason I love my mom...she made it possible for me to inherit this fabulous trait. Thanks mom, for my smooth as a babies behind gams! xoxo

Weird Thing #5:
I had a dream about Robert Pattinson. Alright, take a moment to remove your dirty minds from the really...remove them...I will wait. Are we focused now? Good. Yes, he is a hottness monster. Yes, he has the sexiest hair that has ever lived (or un-lived..because hair is dead). Yes, he is sex on fire. Am I the only one who has had a Rob dream? Definitely not! Am I the only one who had a dream where I went to Disneyland with Rob and my friend Jil? Probably. Yep, out of ALL of the fantastic dirty dreams I could have had involving Rob...mine was a freakin' Three's Company re-enactment including the three of us walking arm and arm and going on 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. Most lamespice Rob dream ever? For sure!
Just a quick fyi...if I ever get to fulfill my dream and hit up Disneyland with Rob...I would karate chop Jil right outta there (sorry Jil...I love you and all...but it would be a fight to the death) and drag him off to go and make babies on the 'It's a Small World' ride (and THAT is saying something...because I don't like babies.)

I think five is enough for one day. This will become a regular I have quite the list and it grows every day.
Alright...fess up! Give me at least ONE weird thing you do...more than one and you win a prize! What is the prize? You can come with Rob and myself the next time we hit up Disneyland!


Allison said...

You.. are weird. Just kidding! I am SOO jealous of your hairless legs. And your tat is hot. :D I TOTALLY need to make my bed, too... and I have no weird qualities. Haha. My weird quality is that I have nose putty on my eyebrows right now.

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

I love this post!! (I'm your 20th follower..not trying to get a prize. Just saying!) We are all a little weird...I personally think that weird is interesting. I have lots of weirdness myself and I like my somewhat weird friends! My mom and sister totally do the bed thing!

Kristin Lee said...

Okay I eat pizza weirdly like this, not exactly but people always make fun of the way I eat. :(

I like your dream. It freaking rocks.

Anonymous said...

Okay...speaking of pizza...I don't like it. Never have. Probably never will. Pretty sure that makes me a bit odd...
Also, I cannot stand to have cupboards or drawers open...They must be closed or it drives me nuts.

Fun post! Can't wait to learn more about your 'weird' ways. :)

Mariaana said...

Ok, so totally jinx on the tattoo thing. I have one on the inside of my lower forearm (is that supposed to be written together? Cause it looks weird. Normally I'd google it, but... yeah, anyway), it's an outlined salamander in black (believe, it's waaaaay cooler than it sounds, lol) and ever since I got it, people ask me when I'll finish it. Like I'm a big girl who couldn't handle the pain and decided to leave it like this. Gah. Stupid people.
Aaaanyway, uhm, what (else) is weird about me... How about the fact that I don't like cheese, at all, except for melted cheese. Like in lasagna or on toast. Love it. But just plain old bread and a slice of cheese? Yuk!

amanda leeann said...

i dislike pumpkin pie. i have no idea why, but i do. i like just about everything else having to do with pumpkins-bread, candles, color, seeds...but i hate pumpkin pie.

and i would totally be the same way about having a visible colored tattoo that wouldn't always match.

Lauren said...

Not gonna lie... I'm totally jealous that you don't have to shave your legs. Seriously, I don't think that's weird at all, it actually might be the coolest thing ever. Just saying.

Just Jil said...

Hmmm, well yes you're odd..but it takes one to know one! That what I hear at least! So you know all my wierdness..and I even photographed one for your post.. yes for those of you who remember, I'm the cupcake eatin freak..Jil! I mean I don't think it's wierd by any means, but whatever.. another odd thing about me, doors. Yes the placement of doors as to where I'm sleeping..closet doors have to be closed, hallway doors have to be closed and locked and preferably facing me..NOT BEHIND ME! Why? I can't answer that..well I mean I could but not in a short comment. So I'll leave it at that...

Alexandria said...

I love all of you AND you freaky weird ways!

Everyone gets to come to Disneyland!!

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

I've never been more jealous in my life then of you for not ever having to shave your legs. UGH! I'm SO jealous!

Uhm, I can't believe you take off all the pizza toppings. I refuse to eat my crust. I have a thing about crusts or the outer parts of foods. I eat all the crusts from a sandwich before I eat the middle. I do it with cookies and poptarts too. I take off the outer layer of by sub from subway before I eat it. I'm odd, it happens.

Mmm Disneyland, with Rob, and you? Sounds fab.

maya said...

My weird thing is how much work I have to do to keep my legs hairless. very jealous.

SJ said...

I'll admit that when I first read that you didn't shave your legs I was PRETTY grossed out...but then I kept reading and I was REALLY jealous! Lucky you.

I agree, there is NOTHING better than getting into a made bed at night. But... sometimes I get behind.

I figure all of us are pretty weird. I really like looking up people's houses on Google Earth. That's pretty creepy. I can't believe I just admitted to it.

Anna said...

When I eat pizza I have to take a napkin and squish out all the sauce first. So it is basically cheesy bread :)

Amy said...

You're not wierd! Well, maybe you are a little weird..aren't we all?
Everybody is somebody's weirdo.
You're more funny and cute than you are me anyway. Ha!

Stacy Dean said...

being "normal" rather denotes a lack of courage. Therefore being odd is definitely in!

love it!

Eclipsed said...

Such a weirdo you are lol! I'm more of a Team Jacob girl myself put that pic of Rob made me drool a little bit. And I like the tattoo just outlined, but the pizza thing is super strange. Maybe you just aren't eating good pizza!

Stopping by from SITS. Very cute blog you've got here.

Anonymous said...

I'm the same way about making my bed! When my alarm goes off in the morning I shut it off and jump up, turn on the light, and make my bed. That's just the way it goes. And if I didn't make my bed? It would be as if I hadn't shut off the alarm or turned on the light, something would just be WRONG!

I also can't sleep with the bedroom or closet doors open. I could be right on the verge of sleep but if I opened my eyes and realized the door was open, even just a crack, I'd have to get up and close it or I'd never sleep. Same with the curtains - if I can see a crack of light from outside then they're not closed correctly and I have to get up and close them.

Also, I'm so jealous that you don't have to shave your legs. I want to have that weird thing too!

Christina said...

When I was in high school I walked into some girl's house that I had a group project with and I walked over to a huge picture in her wall and straightened it. She looked at me like I was crazy. I HATE when things hanging on a wall are crooked. I also wear socks at home constantly partly because I don't like the feeling of my feet touching the floor and party because my feet get cold really easily. Maybe I don't get enough blood circulation or something but my hands and feet are always like icicles.