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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

ya'll Paula Deen is a butter-loving goddess...

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So I am pretty sure that I love Paula Deen in a big way. Like it is getting serious between the two of might be time to take that next step. You know...buying a cookbook instead of thieving all of her recipes from! Last night I made the most delicious lime-Dijon chicken (only I nixed the Dijon because it smelled odd and threw in some scrumptious honey mustard) so technically it was lime-honey mustard chicken but whatever it is called it made my stomach very happy. Between the chicken and her double-chocolate-ooey-gooey-butter cake the woman is pretty much saint-like. Plus her accent is awesome and she is totally off her rocker in a 'crazy grandma' kind of way.

Maybe I will turn this blog into one where I buy up all of Saint Paula's cookbooks and cook my way through them in 365 days! Does that sound familiar? I have no clue as to why that may be. I totally did not steal that idea from any movie starring Meryl Streep with a crazy accent...