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Sunday, August 30, 2009

attention all book slaves!

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Are you a book slave? No I do not mean do you live your life around reading great books, I mean do you go to college and spend ridiculous amounts of cash on textbooks that in all actuality cost about $10 bones to produce! Yeah, I do too. It is insane. It pisses me off every single semester...I spend anywhere from $400-$700 bucks on my books alone (not mentioning the outrageous price of tuition) anyways...*climbs off soapbox*

My mom pretty much is awesome. She hipped me to some online textbook rental sites she heard about through the grapevine, and let me tell you, these sites have pretty much saved my life this semester! I feel like being nice and sharing this info with my like ten readers (all of which who never comment...and yes that was a guilt-trip)...

This semester alone my books would have bled me dry, they would have been between $600-$650 bones if I purchased them at the campus bookstore or on Amazon (don't get me wrong I worship Amazon...but their textbooks are way overpriced as well). I went to and I rented all of my books and they came to a heavenly total of $200 dollars!!! Including shipping!!! I am over-excited and using WAY too many exclamation points!!!!!
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So far I am satisfied with them. I have the books for the full semester and then they give you pre-paid return shipping (which is SO much better than standing in line to sell my books back to the school and getting like a piddly $50 dollars back). Check it out folks...check it out...