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Saturday, August 29, 2009

project runway is the love of my life...

I am going to admit that I am a lover of 'reality' TV. The trashy, the stupid, and the fabulous. Speaking of the fabulous 'Project Runway' is in full fashionista force (like that alliteration, do you?). Oh and have I mentioned how much I heart this show...

Project Runway - Teresa Pictures, Images and Photos

oh Tim Gunn, how I love thee

let's make it work, mmkay?

this man is a fashion genius...word

Heidi I love thee too, just not as much as Tim

you are too darn cute for words

*double cheek kiss* auf weidersehen!

Since the show started two weeks ago...I am two weeks late for writing my thoughts about the winner and losers of the first challenge so let's keep that simple and sweet. I couldn't care less who won the first challenge but the right person went home for shizz...

Project Runway: Season 6: Episode One: Ari Fish Pictures, Images and Photos

to quote Christian Siriano from a few seasons back,

"This was a tranny hot mess!"

um. ya. just not good...not good at all...

Back to last Thursday's was a maternity challenge. SICKNAST, my friends, sicknast! I have an unnatural aversion to pregnant women and pregnancy in general. Yes, I know as a female that is not normal and no, I couldn't care less. Big pregnant belly's with the pop-out bellybutton thing make me a little queasy. So thankfully, they only had their models rock the strap-on baby bump *wipes sweat off brow* Pheww...

This week the right person totally won...and since I suck at life I cannot find a picture of her
**Any use of the word 'sicknast' the credit for that amazing word goes to Lauren over at the Busy Bee...her blog is THE best