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Sunday, January 23, 2011

that one time i won a giveaway...

I am an awful blogger sometimes. Ever since I joined the real world and got a big girl job my blog has fallen by the wayside. I am trying to fix that little problem, because I really do love this blog. Back to the point, forever ago (9-22-10, to be exact) I won a lovely giveaway from an overseas blog pal. She is darling and I adore her. Make sure to check out her blog here. Here are some pictures of what was in the secret package that Mar mailed to me. Thanks girl! I really did love it...and I am thinking I need to place an order for some of that spectacular candy you placed in the box!

1- Oooh I was so excited. I love that Mar wrapped every little treasure and wrote cute messages on the paper.
2- An adorable little Moose friend. I am pretty sure Bug jacked this from me right as I opened it.
3-Cute wrapping and a little message.
4- How precious are those little animal tea bags?!
5- Hootie owl earrings! I love them and I wear them all the time.
6- A hilarious sticker, and a moose magnet!
7- Mar must know all about the love affair I have with sunglasses.
8- More cute wrapping.
9- Precious Parisian themed pins.
10- Look at all the goodies!

Yay for giveaways! Thanks Mar, I loved the gifts so, so much. Sorry it took me SO long to blog about it! Now I am thinking it is about time I hosted a giveaway of my very own. What say ye blog pals?



KatOfDiamonds said...

That package rules!

Emily Sue said...

seriously? that is the sweetest cutest package ever!! i loove it!

Jayde said...

Duuuuuude. Dude. That is a seriously amazing giveaway to win! I am coveting those sunnies like WOAH. And I LOVE Accessorize! Sadly they got rid of the one they had here in the city years ago. Boo.