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Friday, January 28, 2011

shoe fetish...

I blogged about shoes a few posts ago. I went shopping for shoes a few days ago. The point? I am developing a shoe fetish. Thank goodness it isn't for designer shoes, or else my bank account and I would be having some serious problems. Designer sunglasses? Absolutely. Designer purses? Of course. Designer shoes? Meh. Not quite there yet. When I was a full time student my biggest getting ready in the morning dilemma was, 'Which Vans slip-ons match this hoodie?' Now that I am a working girl (no hooker reference intended) my biggest getting ready in the morning dilemma is, 'Which shoes will make me feel fierce today?'.

I would really like to say that I don't play favorites when it comes to fashion. I am a liar. My favorite sunglasses are my Jimmy Choos, my favorite purse is my black patent leather Coach bag, my favorite shoes? about my top five?

*Disclaimer: These favorites are subject to change at any point in time*

These are the most comfortable of my favorites. They are great for work, for a day out shopping, or for dancing the night away. Yes, they really are that comfy. They make me super tall...and I love them for it. They look perfect with a good pair of skinny jeans.

These lovelies are a new favorite of mine. They are not so comfortable. When I wear them to work my feet basically scream for me to remove them right when the clock strikes five. That, my friends, is a small price to pay for fashion.

Do not judge me for my blinged out semi-cowboy boots. They are fierce and I love them. I wore them to work the other day and I felt so bad ass it was ridiculous. Love them with me folks.

These shoes equal permanent nerve damage in my feet. They hurt so damn bad. I love them so much that I hate them. I got them to wear to Lauren's wedding and my toes were numb for three days after dancing all night long in them. Yikes. Cute but vicious.

While I am embracing wedges and heels as of late. I am still all about my feet being happy. So I embrace flats often as well. I really love these. The zipper rosette is my all time favorite. Cute, comfy, and cheap!



Ashley said...

Your shoe collection is lovely. I have a pair of black heels like that. I haven't figured out where I can where them for short periods of time so my feet don't die. They just sit in my closet and I admire them daily.

Kell said...

I love them. Especially the first pair, and the black pumps. There's something about neutral colored pumps that I LOVE!

KatOfDiamonds said...

Beware of 'the case of the missing boots' if I ever come visit you.
Just sayin'

Jayde said...

Ooooooh, these are all so lovely! I love heels but sadly when I wear them I walk like I have a broom up my butt. Sad but true. So, I embrace flats. I wear them everywhere. I've already decided that when I get married I'll be wearing flats.