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Monday, June 13, 2011

must have monday (12.}...

It has been over two months since I have done a 'Must Have Monday' post. What is wrong with me? I suppose I have just been super busy, but I miss my blog and reading your blogs, so I am bringing 'Always Alexandria' back! My last 'Must Have' post was about tops to wear to a bachelorette weekend in Tahoe...yeah that trip happened forever ago. I will be posting about it later this week.

This weeks post is dedicated to dresses. I have been such a dress whore lately, which if you know me, you know that is highly strange. I am a jeans gal all the way, but there is just something about the comfort of work/summer/lounge/fancy dresses that has me addicted to them! So, here are some dresses I am currently swooning over...enjoy!

{1.} 'Alternative Apparel Diego Strapless Navy Blue Dress'-LuLu*s I have a love for dresses that can be worn for many different occasions. This dress would rock a fun night out to dinner with the girls, it could be made a little fancy with some funky jewelry, it could be worn on the beach with a bathing suit underneath, or it could be belted and made a little casual for a Friday at the office. Basically I love this dress...I could probably even sleep in it. It looks comfy like whoa. Also, it has pockets. If something has pockets it automatically sells me on it. I love me some pockets. This cuteness retails at $71.00 bucks over at LuLu*s.

{2.} 'Ease of Elegance Dress'-ModCloth

This little number is super casual. It would be perfect for a day out and about shopping, or grabbing a coffee with some friends. I would definitely not wear this out to dinner, or to work, but it would be perfect for day to day running about and errands. I would totally accessorize it up with a black belt and some funky black wedges! This cuteness is over at ModCloth for $59.99.

{3.} 'City of Lights Dress'-ModCloth

I cannot even begin to express how freakin' cute I find this dress. I want it like right now, in fact I think as soon as I am done with this post I may place an order for it. I am so wishing I would have found this before work bff Tania's wedding last weekend. It is totes adorable, and I have THE perfect shoes for it. It shall be mine, and will be in my closet within the next week. End of story. You can find this gem for $312.99 over at ModCloth.

{4.} 'Farmer's Market Navy Blue Dress'-LuLu*sI apparently have a huge thing for navy blue at the moment. This dress is a little on the short side for me, so I would probably wear some leggings or jean capris underneath it. Unless it was a beachy fun kind of day. Or just tan my legs and then rock out the shortness. Anywho, this is over at LuLu*s for only $41.00!

{5.} 'Languid Paisley Maxi Dress'-Anthropologie

I l-o-v-e this dress so much! It is the perfect comfy casual summer dress. One could easily dress this maxi up or down. It is beyond fabulous, I would of course belt it, because...well...I belt everything I wear! This lovely can be found over at Anthropoloie for $148.00. Why does Anthro have to be so pricey? And why does everything there have to be so effin' cute? Le sigh...

So, ladies...and fellas, what do you think? Which is your favorite? What is YOUR summer fashion obsession? Please share!



Karm said...

Ohh ohh! I love those dresses. So cute. I mos def like the first one more though. I like long length dresses, now if only I had toned arms to pull off a strapless gown ):
They'll look lovely on you.

Lauren said...

I'm so glad you are finally joining me in dress whore land!! I would wear dresses

I am seriously loving the grey Ease of Elegance ModCloth dress!

And of course I always love the maxi dresses. Always.

Elysie Piecie said...

Maxi dresses are amazing..they just don't look right on me though. I wish they did because I always swoon over them. I've missed your posts...and you! <3

Alexa Mae said...

I will take #2 please! I am obsessed with dresses and skirts for summer. I think it's the only way to survive.


Vanessa said...

Maxi's dresses are so darn cute but I just can't pull them off. & the City of Lights dress? Perfection. Please get it!

Heidi said...

oooh I love that Modcloth dress!! I must have it!