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Monday, June 20, 2011

bachelorette weekend in tahoe {1.}...

I have quite a few picture explosion posts planned, being that I took an unofficial blog hiatus and failed to blog about some of the fun things that have been going on. All the way back in April I took a fabulous weekend vacation to Tahoe to celebrate work bff Tania's bachelorette party! We drove up in an insane amount of snow, all in flip flops, and sequestered ourselves in some seriously swanky hotel rooms. One of Tania's bridesmaids, and our fellow coworker, planned our first night. It was a total surprise, no one knew what we were doing. We all got dolled up and ready for a night out, we figured sicknast male strippers would happen. Thankfully, what Shannon planned was way less gross, and SO much fun. Here is the insanity that went down...

Our fabulous bride-to-be! We customized her bachelorette accessories with skulls. Yes, you did read that right. This is one heavy metal bride.

I look like a giant compared to Tania. This is what happens when I throw on some heels. Hell, I am way taller than her in flip flops too. Can we just say she is short?

Taysha, Tania, and Bridesmaid Shannon. These two were behind the shenanigans of this unforgettable night. They are such a blast to be around.

This is Heather, she is another gal that we work with. We were all smiles.

Tania was very upset that she couldn't figure out what the surprise was. This is one girl who hates surprises, but she was such a trooper that night.

Shannon had to basically force Tania through the hotel room door. She was enjoying torturing the bride wayyyy to much. Hey, what are friends for?

The music was pumping, and some stranger was rubbing her bum all over Tania's. that a pole that I see in the background?

Aaaannnddd the blindfold is off! Is it a female stripper, which is way less gross than a dude, or what? Tania was just relieved is wasn't a random sweaty dude swinging his junk in her face. I was relieved as well, especially when we found out we were all getting stripper lessons!

This is such a smokin' hot picture of Tania. I mean hello! Get. It. Girl.

There I am, getting ready to shimmy and do a peek-a-boo.

Ms. Taysha...she is mid peek-a-boo as well.

Shannon completes the peek-a-boo.

Lin worked that pole like she has been doing it for years! 'Atta girl!

Heather was mid shimmy.

Yup. That just happened.

Tania doing a step-kick slide down the pole. Yes these are all technical terms from our fabulous stripper teacher, Ms. Candy Cane.

Jess is also getting ready to slide down that pole.

After an entire twenty minute routine was learned by all, including straight up spinning around the pole, we were hot sweaty messes. But we still posed for some group shots with our boas.

Another group shot, showing our love to the bride.

Such an amazing group of ladies. Please, do not ask where those bunny ears came from. I honestly have zero clue...

What I loved most about this night, other than the fabulous company, was how this wasn't about being sexy for someone else. The instructor was super professional and awesome, she was all about empowering woman and making us feel hot. Which we did. I would suggest a pole party to anyone out there! Part two of our trip will be up soon!

Happy Monday folks...I want to be back in Tahoe, not back in the office. Le sigh...



Heidi said...

that looks like so much fun, and such a good idea!

you're all super cute!

Karm said...

Wow!! that is some awesome party. I love it!!

Ivy said...

I want pole dancing lessons. Just one more thing to add to my to-do list.

You were rockin' the pole, nice work!


Lauren said...

This looks like so much fun! I would sooo do this, but only after many, many cocktails hahaha

I know how Tania feels, I am also a midget standing next to you and Ash :(

KimCandis said...

Can we do this? Soon? Thanks.

Vanessa said...

Ow ow! Get it girl!

This is amazing! Like Lauren, I'd totally do it once I had a few drinks in me!