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Thursday, January 28, 2010

apparently psychology has a farm just like old mcdonald's...

Um. Hi, neglected, sad, lonely blog of mine. I have missed thee very much. Unfortunately, as of Monday my real life kicked back into gear (yes by 'real life' I mean school). So I am back to the grind *ahem*, which means less posts on this beloved blog o' mine. Hopefully, you all won't perish without me...yes I DO know I am not that legit. Just let me live in my fantasy world, kthanksbye!

Are you wondering what my week has consisted of thus far? You are? Awesome. You are in luck...I am going to mansplain some of the highlights...

Monday was a day of pure awesome glory. It was the first day of the semester...which is normally pretty much a fail. However, I had the coolest thing waiting for me in the hallowed halls of my Psychology Department. I was not looking forward to my 'Elements of Learning and Memory' is boring. All that is talked about is Pavlov. Lamespice. That is when I walked into the lab component of the course and met the avian love o' my life. Allow me to introduce y'all to Pesto (okay so this technically is not THE Pesto...but it might as well be his twin)...Yep. I get to spend the next four-ish months training this adorable little pigeon friend. I. Was. Stoked. I was not stoked when my professor informed us all that our little avian pals will be euthanized at the end of May. Um. Fuhthewah?! You are going to MURDER these cute little buggers just because we are done tormenting them? Sad times. Then we were told that if we wanted, we CAN adopt our pigeons at the end of the semester. It was a sweet victory.

So, hopefully I do not kill my pigeon in the next four months so then I can adopt him and be a pigeon mommy. Also, don't you worry your pretty little heads...I found a pigeon baby-daddy. Yep, Sam stepped up to the plate and even helped me rename the pigeon. I was told I was not allowed to give little '#J942' a REAL name...because if he dies I will be attached and then be sad. I said, "Eff that!" So, Sam suggested using the name of one of the Animaniac mafia pigeons...Squit, Pesto, or Bobby. I chose 'Pesto' because I liked the alliteration of 'Pesto the Pigeon'.

I can't take a real picture of little Pesto because apparently cell phones+pigeons=Armageddon...or something to that effect. I plan on sneaking a photo shoot in. If I don't? Well, that means I am a 'mommy blogger' failure.

Speaking of, my dear Internet Bff and #musictwin Shannon anointed me with the 'mommy blogger' title. She also happens to be one of my highlights of the week. See...Shannon is awesome. She is another Utah blog friend I plan on meeting SOON. She is pretty much my twin in all things music. I l-o-v-e music. It is my lifeblood. However, as of late I have been seriously lacking in new music. Shannon remedied that problem with the uber-quickness. How? She mailed me FOUR cds full of amazing swoon-worthy #musictwinness. She also threw in quite a few other little pressies that made me happy. I will fight any of you who try to say your blog friends beat mine. Seriously. I will shank you. Mine win!

One more highlight of this week (well actually of the past couple of months) is the amazing that is the 'that's what she said' jokes. I love them so bad. I have met my twss match in Sam (you know. my twitter husband. and my pigeon baby-daddy). We pretty much text each other all day long. I would say 97% are twss-texts. He can make ANYTHING a twss joke. Math, computer science, santa, pirates, is hilarious. I have decided to start compiling a list of our twss marathons for YOUR lovely viewing pleasure. Would you like a little taste (twss)?

Alex (aka ME): "It is stupid. I am so over it."

Sam (aka twss master): "Well, you are always over it. Assuming I am 'it'."

That is just the tip of the iceberg...*ahem* say it with me folks...

One last epic thing before I depart and do my homework. Bastina Balicious (future sister in law o' mine) has been sucked into the blog world. I couldn't be more pleased. Now I get to read her daily hilarity and benefit from her expertise button making skills. She is a button addict and I am almost certain I am going to have to ship her to rehab. Good thing I already scored some epic buttons from her. Holla! I didn't even have to ask her and she so kindly made me two new buttons. Look on over at the right side o' this blog and pick your favorite new 'Always Alexandria' button. I mean twss AND peace signs?! Yep. She knows me well. Thanks Bastina!

And that is my week in semi-review. Are you jealous of my life yet? Also, please know you are all aunties and uncles of Pesto. Love him like he was your own, okay? Oh, does it bother anyone that I abuse grammar and punctuation like a redheaded stepchild in the middle of Wal-Mart on my blog?! Anyone? Yeah sorry if it does...that is how I roll. This blog lets me pay grammar NO mind. Just love me through it, ok?



Allison said...

WHAT!? This post was epic. I'm already loving Pesto, and I haven't even met him yet! Bastina is AMAZING... and I don't even know why you call her that. :D Sam.. TWSS.

Kristin Lee said...

OH MY GOSH. I'm so jealous! Pesto is freaking awesome, but I did have a slight heart-attack when your professor said they were going to be euthanized after. Uh. Not cool buddy. When we're doing poking fun at your brain we'll have to put you down too. >:[

amanda leeann said...

"like a redheaded stepchild in the middle of Wal-Mart" <--- this right here? made me laugh out loud. & not one of those fake out loud laughs you can get away with on the interwebs since no one really KNOWS if you are laughing out loud or not. i really was. #trust

um, i want a pesto of my very own. i will be a good auntie for him. yes ma'am.

Christina said...

How lucky you were that someone had a picture of Pesto's TWIN on the internet. I mean, what are the chances of that?

I almost wish I could participate in this class of yours.. I want to train a bird! Do they peck at you?

"apparently cell phones+pigeons=Armageddon" <-- that made me lol.

I do need button rehab. Although, I haven't been doing it too much the last couple days. I need to get on Allison's button! (TWSS! WOO!) Dude.. I totally just said "WOO!" out loud as I typed that. On accident. wtf.

PS.. you need toooooo....quit school or something. Your blog definitely comes first!

Sam said...

pesto is cuuuutttte :)

Ashton Dene' said...

I love your life, it is so crazzzzzzzzy.

Pesto is presh. I'm proud to be an auntie.

And your new buttons, money indeed. I don't have anyone's buttons on my little blog yet, which is good b/c I wouldn't even know which to choose!

xoxo, ash

p.s. #dirrrtymagic.

Lauren said...

My blog has been seriously neglected... whoops. And I might perish without you, no lie. Because the past few weeks with less Alex time has made me oh so sad.

That makes me sad how they use animals for testing, but I am glad that you can rescue them at the end :) Birds kinda creep me out... I believe Pesto will be the exception to that!

I second Ashton... #dirrrtymagic. Nuff said.

Alexa Mae said...

oh pesto! i wish someone could warn him. you are hilarious. i love you!

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Yay! Pesto doesn't need to die! I feel so much better now! I'm so excited to be a aunt for the second time!

Katie said...

Pesto is adorable (I assume)! Don't let him die!

You do have the most amazing blog ibbfs. I say this in part because I share many of them. Amazing people all (including YOU!).


Emily Sue said...

this post is amazing on so many levels!! i love twss jokes so freaking much. i love twss battles too! poor pesto. :( good luck with school girl!

Mar said...

Pesto is so cute I want to knit him (her?) a little wooly sweater.

And ehm, jealous of your life? I would say so ;)