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Friday, February 4, 2011

urban hilarity {3.}...

Do y'all remember that time when I was slightly obsessed with spending time learning new words over at Urban Dictionary, and then I blogged about them? No? Well, that would be because it has been forever and a day since I actually did it. For a refresher class click here and then here and you will be all caught up. Now it is time for another installment of, 'Awesome words/phrases that I learned on Urban Dictionary that I will now start to use in real life.'

{1.} Soap Grafting: The act of attaching an almost completely used piece of soap to a new, unused piece because it is too small to be conveniently used but you also don't want to waste it.
My commentary: Oh em gee! This made me laugh so hard. You would think in the year 2011 most people would have made the switch to shower gel right? I mean do that many of y'all still use bar soap? All I know is my mother still uses it, and she refuses to use shower gel. Why? No clue. But I cannot tell you how many times I have climbed into the shower to see that my mother had previously morphed the very laaaast little chip of a soap bar onto a fresh one. She is crazy...or eco-friendly. I am going with crazy. Love you mama!

{2.} Urban Farmer: A person who constantly plays 'Farmville' and acts like they know everything about a real farm--but all they do is live in the city, sit at a computer, and at a certain time, need to stop what they are doing to farm their imaginary crops.
My commentary: This is possibly one of the MOST annoying things Facebook has done to the world. I mean really? REALLY? Can someone please explain to me why those games are fun? I mean...when a coworker has to take a break at work to take care of their faux makes me want to punch a baby. Hard.

{3.} Sinlaws: The parents of your live in girl/boyfriend.
My commentary: Dude. I don't care who you are, but that is straight up hilarious. If you don't all start using that word immediately we will no longer be friends. Christina, I am talking to you! My mama is so your 'Sinlaw'. Looooove it with me folks!

{4.} Sea-Kittens: An attempt by PETA to convince the general public to call fish by a name too cute to eat.
My commentary: Ummmm. Is this for real? I mean I could probably Google this and fact check it, but I am being lazy. I think this is hilarious, no offense to those who keep their meal plates animal friendly (more power to you), but sea-kittens? Fish as sea-kittens? I don't know about you, but I could go for a lovely grilled piece of sea-kitten at the moment. Just sayin'...

{5.} Drunken Immunity: Complete disregard on the part of a friend, girl/boyfriend or ex-girl/boyfriend for any minor stupid thing you said or did while drunk (i.e. drunk texting, drunk calling, drunken Facebook status updates, drunken confessions, etc).
My commentary: Why on earth was this phrase not around during my college days? Oh well, I now pass it on for all of you to use and enjoy. When in doubt, just straight up plead drunken immunity. Holler.

I love Urban Dictionary. It basically makes me laugh my booty off. I hope to keep these posts up, because I have a list of over 50 words that I want to share with y'all. I mean these are super important lessons friends. Well, I am off to help my mom with her soap grafting project...

Which of these are YOUR favorites? Are you going to throw some of this epic language into your everyday conversations? Please share in the comments section! And yes I do realize I may be the only person who finds these words funny, but that is a-okay with me



Elysie Piecie said...

So I'm totally guilty of soap grafting...I use body wash, but I use bar the bar soap form of my face wash. It's $4 cheaper when you buy it in bar soap. I've always hated some of the definitions for my name. Number 2 can be true sometimes (haha part 2 of definition part 2 unfortunately) and number three I like a lot.

KimCandis said...

um. I use bar soap. The. End.

Jayde said...

Urban Dictionary is AWESOME!!! I love it. Ewwwww, I hate bar soap! It seems really dirty to me for some reason. *shudder*

Sinlaws? Brills!

KatOfDiamonds said...

I totally thought of Christina with 'Sinlaws' Epic

Ivy said...

I was once an Urban Farmer but I've been cured.
Les me esplain:
I just had the twins and I started playing this game and I liked it because I could earn money and buy pretty things to decorate my farm.
Then my life snapped back into reality and I let the crops die. I finally closed my game and I haven't been back since.
Would you go and water my flowers for me? I would love for the flowers to still be pretty ;-)

Love ya!