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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

urban hilarity {2}...

By now you all should know how much I adore Urban Dictionary. It is seriously hilarious and can entertain me like no other. Now it is time for the second installation of, 'Awesome words/phrases that I learned on Urban Dictionary that I will now start to use in real life.' Click here for the first installment of Urban Hilarity...

{1.} Stealth-Call: When you have to call someone back but don't want to talk to them, so you wait until you know they can't talk and leave a voicemail.
My commentary: I am such a stealth-caller. I honestly hate quick voice on voice conversations...I will for sure wait until I know someone cannot answer and call them to leave a quick message. I then will 'forget' to answer my phone when they return my call. I am officially glad I now have a name for my ninja-like call skills. Holla.

{2.} Bitchcopter: When someone is being an extreme bitch.
My commentary: This word is SO much win. I mean honestly, sometimes just calling someone a 'bitch' just isn't enough. Now we all have the word to use to address someones uber-supreme-bitchy ways.

{3.} Redneck Teleprompter: Crib notes written on a public speaker's hand in order to remind him or HER what to say during a speech or interview.
My commentary: Really? Really?! I am sorry but I don't care what side of the political aisle YOU hang out on...this is straight up hilarious. I mean c'mon. We all know S-Palin totes utilized a redneck teleprompter about a month ago. It was caught on tape...and it was freaking epic.

{4.} Understandment: The combination of understanding and agreement. Used when talking about an informal commitment. For example: "We are not dating, but we have an understandment not to fool around with other people."
My commentary: I just think this is pure genius. I mean, I am always down with a mashup of wordage. Plus, it is a time saver. Ftmfw. Understandment?

{5.} Cratazy: When you get so crazy, you need a new word for it in order to show just how epic it was.
My commentary: Um. Story of my freaking life. Loves it.

Now do you all see why I spend so much time over at Urban Dictionary? Yeah. Because it is totes legit. So, let's all do our parts and make these words happen, aight? Leave a comment telling me which one was YOUR favorite.



Lauren said...

I love Urban Dictionary! Stealth-Call is my fave because I am totes guilty!

Love it!

amanda leeann said...

bitchcopther. closely followed by understandment. for sure.

love you!

Allison said...

Definitely understandment. Because that totally sounds like a word that I would THINK was an actual word... hilarious. I'll probably use it on my SATs and fail. Wonderful! Haha. :D

Shelby Lou said...

understandment is my favorite for realsies.

Connie said...


ok first..I've been a horrible blog friend sorry for my absence, teach! hehe jk

Anyway TOTALLY relate to numero uno. First of all, I'm not a phone person at all. Hate talking on the phone. So yeah, I delight in hearing a voicemail recording. hahaha

Vanessa said...

Confession: I'm a stealth-caller. I hate calling people. I thank God for the invention of text messaging. I have no idea how I use to spend hours on the phone. Oh those silly middle school years.

Bitchcopter is the shiz. LOVE it.

Understandment ftmfw indeed. Anything mashed up is a winner in my heart.

O how I love urban hilarity!!

Christina said...

These are all hilarious!

Stealth calling is the way to handle things in my life.

When you showed me that Palin interview I just about died. So bad.

I think Understandment is pretty genius. My kind of word!

KatOfDiamonds said...

One of my favorites "stealth bbs" Yeah I have them:

stealth abs
-when your ripped six pack is covered by a thick layer of fat.

ex. 'This isn't a beer belly, it's my stealth abs. I just needed to avoid attracting too many ladies with my well defined stomach.'

~Ivy~ said...

Totally is LEGIT!


Kats stealth-abs.... I have seen those :)!


Lisa said...

Alexandria, please don't judge me! I do in fact live in Texas, but I am far from being a red-neck! BUT, I DO use my palm as a place for updates--yes,I write on my palm. I affectionately refer to it as my PALM Pilot. It is the only way that my Adult ADHD head can remember to do all the caca I gotta do. If I don't have a pen, GET THIS, I walk around with my fingers crossed...reminds me to do X. I do this alot when driving!

The captcha word is gaphau--is that phonetics for GUFFAW, as in you BLOG is already mocking me.

FTW, Lisa