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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

wise words wednesday {24.}...

This weekend I decided I was going to get stuff together to decorate my new office at work (Okay...I have had it since January 3rd, but I have been busy and haven't had time to decorate. For shame!) I have a pretty spacious has two desks in it, but no one uses the second desk. Basically it is a pretty blah space at the moment. I decided the best thing to start with is a picture collage. I mean what is better than pictures of those that we love to perk up a space? Nothing, in my humble opinion. So, I started to peruse my picture archives and I put together quite a lovely collage. As I looked at my finished product I examined it and felt so blessed. Why? Because of the crazy amount of love I have in my life. Here is just a little gander at the different kinds of love I am lucky enough to have...

{24.} Wise Words....

"All you need is love."-The Beatles

{1.} Grandpa and Step-Grandma.

{2.} Brother Jason and Niece Jordan

{3.} The whole H-Family clan

{4.} Future-Sister-In-Law-Bastina, Bff Ashton, and Bff Lauren

{5.} Dad

{6.} Bff-Sister-from-Another-Mister- Jil

{7.} Lifelong-Bff Fabi

{8.} Mama

{9.} Bug

{10.} Brother Jonathan and Bastina

You all made the office picture collage. Why? Just cause I love ya!



Lauren said...

I'm so glad you will get to see me hanging on the wall everyday!!! Love you :)

Christina said...

What an excellent collage!

KimCandis said...

please tell me that when we meet me my mug can be in the collage...
love you!!

Ashton Dene' said...

awwwww yay for making it on to your wall!