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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

things i am bitter about...

I know I like to keep things happy/uplifting/funny on this blog. Normally every Wednesday I find some wise words to share with all of you. Well, not today. Today I am tired, grouchy, and pretty darn bitter. So, this post is a total bitchfest. Love me through it folks...

Things I am Bitter About...

{1.} I am still bitter about my flight from Salt Lake City to Sacramento being seriously delayed on Sunday evening. This resulted in me not getting home until the next morning instead of at 10:35pm as was originally scheduled. This also resulted in me missing work on Monday...and having to cancel three appointments with new clients. This made me look unprofessional and like a slacker. It also caused me to have some SERIOUSLY intense dark circles under my eyes. Way to suck Delta Airlines....way to suck.

{2.} I am completely bitter about being denied time off from work on the 29th. This is the story my friends: I bust my booty at work. My department head always tells me I do the work of about three employees (yes, I am patting myself on the back. deal.) I work really we all should when we are at our jobs...the 'work' part is implied. Or so I would think. Some of my coworkers have the crappiest work ethics I have ever seen in my life. They come late, leave early, call in sick ALL THE TIME, do personal stuff at work, and are sometimes completely unprofessional (yes this is coming from the chick who threw someones briefcase into the hallway, moving on). Point being, I totally should have been able to leave early on this day. What was my direct supervisors response to my request? "Nope. That is the day court reports have to be faxed to probation. You have to fax them since you are taking over the program when I retire." Um. What? I have to be the one who faxes the reports? Does no one else in this office know how to operate a fax machine? As long as MY clients reports are completed why do I have to press the 'send' button? Anyways...this means that the super-awesome-birthday-surprise-that was supposed to be a secret but I figured it out-from Bff Jil is cancelled. What was said surprise of awesome? Tickets to see Lady Antebellum LIVE. I am supremely bitter about this. Okay, I lied. I am effing pissed about it.

{3.} I am totally jealous and bitter that my eldest brother took his annual trip to Southern California to hit up Universal Studios/Warner Brothers Studio last week. He came over last night and told me he met, "That kid from the singing show." I said, "Glee?! You met someone from GLEEEE?!" He replied, "Yeah. The one who has glasses." Me, "ARTIE?! Shut up!" Him, "Seriously. Who even likes that show?" What a complete waste. I want to meet Artie. I love that kid. It so should have been me...or Amanda.

{4.} I am slightly bitter that I work with a bunch of reformed criminals (who i love, mind you) Since I work in a drug and alcohol program, most of the other counselors are former addicts/alcoholics/criminals. I am the only 'normal' one...they like to call me 'The Normi'. So, the only other employee who does NOT have a criminal record is the daycare worker. Since I do not have a criminal past I passed the Live Scan fingerprint thing when I began work there. This means I can help in the daycare and look after the children. This also means I got puked on yesterday by a 6 month old. Yep...all down the front of my blouse/jeans/arm. Sick.

{5.} I am bitter that Glee was not on this week. I mean REALLY? My week is incomplete without Glee. It needs to be next Tuesday to cheer my life up.

So, I started the bitchfest...feel free to join in! What are YOU bitter about at the moment? Am I justified in all of my pissed off glory? Let me know. Thanks for reading the rants of a crazy person!



amanda leeann said...

Holla! I <3 that I got a shoutout in your blog! & honestly...he is ours. Such a waste that your brother met him and not us, so he could fall in love with us and croon us to sleep. Jus' sayin'.

Kids are gross. & yet, I still work with them.

Delta completely sucks. I loathe them. Bad experiences every time I've flown with them.

What am I pissed about? The fact that my stupid college has LOST 3 of my credit hours towards my HONOR'S DIPLOMA. That I'm supposed to be getting in December. Hi, I did not do extra work EVERY SEMESTER for the title of Honor's Diploma so you could lose my shit.

Here's to a happier Tuesday!

Shelby Lou said...

Ohhhh man girl. I would be freaking LIVID about missing Lady-A. I love me some Lady-A.

Right now... I think that I have a lot to say... here it goes.

I think it is dumb that the girl who used to be my best friend all through high school and who I don't talk to anymore, by my own stupid choice. When I told her I was sorry about being rude and hurting her, that she ignored my efforts and tells people how much she hates me. Now she has her papers in to serve a mission and gets her call soon. It seems wrong, and ridiculous.. and I am going to hell for saying that.

I hate the feeling I get when I hang out with two friends that are girls. Like, I am being made fun of constantly.

I hate dirty looks, and people who give them.

I am so upset at the fact that my ex-boyfriend will go ahead and tell me he should have stopped me from moving because he liked me so much, but he didn't. Even though it was my choice it would have been awesome for him to fight for me. Now, he is ignoring me and being super short with me. I might as well delete his number from my phone, un-friend him on facebook and write a blog post about how dumb he is. I hate it when this happens. HATE IT.

I'm done now.

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

I am bitter at your work for taking away the happiness that you gained over the weekend by relaxing.

Though I am not bitter about being there for you through this all, as much as I can. Though your Delta flight was delayed, I am not bitter about the extra hours we got to spend with each other. I am not bitter about loving you through this. Not at all. Just the opposite.

Lauren said...

I would be super bitter over all of the above! Work can be lame, so sorry love.

Ashton Dene' said...

sorry work sucks.

sorry that my homeboys at delta screwed you over.

sorry your boss is a douche.

and people say babies are miracles, so good for you for holding them while they throw up on you. i wouldn't.

love you.


Bitten Usagi said...

Well I'm sure everyone one Twitter is already quite sick of listening to me bitch about this stupid Women's Studies class & how I'm sick all the damn time and the city I live in makes me miserable, so yeah.

Sorry things suck. *big huge internet huggles* Hope it gets better soon hun, cause that is a whole lot of suck but surely it'll go up from here. (oh yeah and I suck at good advice for the bitter when I'm bitter/pissed, sorry)

xo ^w^

Emily Sue said...

i'm bitter for two reasons:

1- i fell it was embarassing. and when i fell i totally ripped a hole in my seven jeans.. i was pissssed. haah. but, that was my own dang fault. too bad i wasn't blessed with grace.

2- i'm bitter i studied for 3.5 hours on a stupid science test, then drove to the testing center. only to find i forgot my freaking wallet at home. uggg.

sometimes i think about all the stupid things i do in a day and think to myself, "how the freak did i get into college?" better yet, "how am i succeeding in college?"

p.s sorry about you job that is R.U.D.E!

KatOfDiamonds said...

Duuude. Duuuuuuuude.
I am so sorry.

Mar said...

Sorry about all the bitterness going on right now :(

I am bitter about how I always have to visit everyone else when I'm in Holland. For some reason no one ever says - why don't I come over to your (which is my parents) place?
Which then results in A LOT of my money going to public transport. Meh.
But I do love seeing everyone again. Le sigh.

Dylana Suarez said...

This was such a funny post!

Just came across your blog! It is great!

Alice said...

I'm bitter that I NEVER get to be on-line anymore and I miss your hilarity!