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Monday, October 25, 2010

must have monday {4.}...

So, yesterday was my birthday. I am officially 25...which is super close to 30. Anywho, my wonderful mother gifted me with a Nook! At first I was super skeptical about e-readers. I wanted nothing to do with a Kindle or a Nook, but then I heard more and more about them and of course I had to have one.

I basically love it. Will I give up buying actual books? Never. Will I take The Nookster with me everywhere? You best believe I will. And yes, I did name it 'The Nookster'. This little contraption is A.Maz.Ing. It is for sure a must have item.
The front:I photographed The Nookster in my favorite reading corner. How cute and happy does he look in his new home? Please note the ADORABLE Jonathan Adler cover that I purchased to safely carry The Nookster in. It is presh.

The Inside:Once again I adore my happy little Nook case. It has pockets and a place to store my ID/debit card. Oh how I love thee.

The Back:I am in looooove. My mom is a excellent gift giver. Pat yourself on the back mother, you did good! My first e-book purchase was 'Bright Lights, Big Ass' by Jen Lancaster. If you haven't read her books...get right with God and run out to purchase them. They are laugh out loud hilarious.

Do yourself a favor and gift yourself with a Nook...or ask for one for Christmas/your birthday. You will NOT regret it.

Also, I moved my mom's shop from Big Cartel over to Etsy this weekend. It is a more user friendly site. Please, go and check out The Mama Made Shoppe!



Ashton Dene' said...

i want a nooooooook!

if i name my nook "hookster" can it be bffs with your nook? :)

way to get right with god on the jen lancaster thing.


KatOfDiamonds said...

You make me want a Nook!

Glad you had a happy birthday!

Elysie Piecie said...

I love my nook, but I still need a cover for it. Mine nook is slighty jealous of yours.

Karm said...

wow,I want one nook too! and I shall look for that book... hehe it rhymed (:

Lauren said...

My Nook is nameless...

Yay for the Nookster :)

If you ever need to feel better, just remember I will be 30 before you.

Christina said...

aw, it really does look lovely in that corner. That cover is really cute.

Shelby Lou said...

Why do YOU get all the cool-kid stuff? Huh?!!?! Just kiddin' it was your Birthday.. you could have anything you want.

That Nook is pretty sweet, I love the case with everything I have. NO JOKE.

-Shelby Lou

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

I love the cover...almost got that one! I choose the one with the page from Alice & Wonderland!