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Monday, August 16, 2010

double trouble {2.}...

I promised in a post last week that I would relax and only do things I wanted to do over the weekend. I basically succeeded in that task (minus a few loads of laundry). I continued on in my re-reading of Harry Potter (finished book 4 and started book 5), I played Super Mario Bros. Wii, I tanned in the pool, and just relaxed. It was quite lovely.

On Sunday, Bff Jil brought her nephew Jacob (also known as Jake-n-Bake) over to play with my niece Jordan (also known as 'Bug'). These two are the CUTEST children on the planet. I refer to them as 'Double Trouble' even though they NEVER fight, whine, cry, or misbehave when they play together. I am 99.9% positive that two five year olds will always fight with one another if they spend an entire day playing. Not these two, they get along like gangbusters.

We have decided they will either get married to each other, or get arrested together...possibly both.

We spent ALL day in the pool. We made a fort out of rafts, did cannonballs, made an obstacle course for the kids, and got our tan on. Jacob was not a fan at first, but by the end of the day he was swimming solo and didn't want help from anybody. He also determined that my name is 'Zanderson'. Long story nickname is 'Zander', that is what Bff Jil calls me, Jacob for some reason liked 'Zanderson' better.

We called a break when a breeze picked up and we got a little chilly in the water. It was supposed to be 103 degrees, and I would guess it was maybe 90. Which is still hot, but not really when you add cold pool water, and a breeze. While Bff Jil and I lounged on our towels eating pretzel m&ms and drinking hard lemonade, the kids frolicked around with the beach ball sprinkler and had icees.

They were HILARIOUS when playing with this thing. They both used their cups to dunk water over each others heads. I have never heard two kids laugh so much! They are presh.

I do believe this is one of my all time favorite pictures. How cute do they look? This was the five seconds that they remained still all afternoon.

We finally ventured back into the shade of the house when the kids started to look a little red. They played the Wii and then watched Monsters, Inc. while Bff Jil and I watched a documentary ('8: The Mormon Proposition'; it was really interesting). I went to check on them in my room and they were sitting on the bed, watching the movie...and holding hands. True love at age 5...who would have thought?!

What did YOU all do over the weekend?



Sam said...

they are super cute together! awwww. and holding hands?! my heart just melted.

Jilian said...

Oh for real...true love it is!!! Not even out of the driveway, I was told he missed Jordan! How cute is that?

Always a good time watching them play..because we don't have to referee!!

Oh and ya...that documentary was definitely interesting.

Lauren said...

They are so stinking cute! Your weekend sounded fabulous!

I might have to see this documentary...

Vanessa said...

I love that they drank slushies while you both drank hard lemonade. Truly legit.

They are flippin adorable together! I love that they were holding hands! They need to get married one day!

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

This post is full of win and cuteness!!

Emily Sue said...

soo much fun!!! :)