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Thursday, December 31, 2009

the end of an era...

Do you all remember when your parents would ask you the most annoying question on the face of the planet? Yes, I am speaking of the despised "If your friends all jumped off a cliff would you do it too?" question. Whenever, I was asked that I typically said yes. Which is why I am going to join everyone in blogging about this past year. Also, I am sick and had to cancel plans to stay home so I have nothing better to do with my time.

My 2009 in review:
{1.} Even though the presidential election was won in November, Barack Obama's inauguration was in January. I supported Obama politically and was so amazed and touched on the day of his win and his inauguration. It was the beginning of something new. It was an end of what I considered to be eight years of bad choices. I sat in front of my television and sobbed because I was given hope that maybe someday we will live in a world where racism no longer exists.

{2.} I made real friends with my brother Jon-than's girlfriend Bastina Balicious (real name Christina). They have been dating for over two years I believe but, it took us a bit to warm up to each other. However, I adore her. She has helped my brother become a more responsible man and a better person. She is most definitely good enough for him, maybe even too good! Bastina, I am glad that we are friends. Thank you for all you do for our family, whether it be playing with Bug endlessly, talking books for hours with me, or forcing Jon-than to spend time with his family! I especially appreciated your kindness during us all trying to deal with my Dad's passing. If you had not come up to hug me and rub my back at the burial I would have lost it. Thank you. I am glad we are real friends now and hopefully you will be a part of my family sometime soon. Love ya lady!

{3.} I took a semester to venture out into other majors because I began to doubt that I wanted to be a therapist. Yes, it put me back a semester but it also showed me that my passion lies in the field of psychology.

{4.} I discovered my own personal crack. Yes, I am speaking of the love affair that I have developed for Sprinkles Cupcakes. Yes, they may cost over $40 bones for a dozen...but they are worth every freaking penny!

{5.} Bff Jil's younger sister passed away. It was and is heartbreaking to watch her and her family go through that kind of pain. It showed me how lucky I am to call her a friend and an honorary member of The 'H' Family. It also made me realize how much I admire her for being the strong willed spitfire that she is. She says I am the tough one...but she is equally if not more stoic than I. Jily I love you big time and think of you as family. Jacob is lucky to be able to call you Aunt Honey. Let's both just be glad that 2009 is finally over. Here is to another year of laughs, tears, and love in our fake-lesbian relationship. You are the best!
{6.} I joined a gym! Even though I have sucked it up lately due to school being crazy but, I will go back to being more diligent about attending. Yoga, The Challenge, and the elliptical prepare to be conquered. Bff Jil, please hold me accountable on this one! We were SO good about always going! Let's do this!

{7.} I developed a hardcore fangirl worship of 'The Twilight Saga'. Yes, I was late to that game. I am now in love with Edward freaking Cullen and the hotness that is Robert Pattinson...le swoon.

{8.} I stood up for what I believed in many, many, MANY, times this past year. I have strong opinions. If one does not agree that is fine and I will respect it as long as that same respect is reciprocated. I protested a few times and it was amazing. It made me feel powerful, united, and proud that I stood my ground and made sure my voice was heard. I live by the philosophy, "You have the right NOT to remain silent." Amen to that.

{9.} I lost my Dad in 2009. It has been almost two months since he passed away. I miss him. I miss arguing over politics with him. I miss arguing about religion with him. I miss him driving me crazy 99% of the time. However, I am happy he had a good long life and that we are all there with him the night he passed. Even though he was basically in a coma, I still like to think that when my brothers and myself told him it was okay to go, that he heard us. I think the loss of him has made me appreciate my family even more. I love them all and am so happy they are in my life.

{10.} This one is for you guys! In August of 2009 is when this here blog began. It started as a joke...something to fill my time over Summer break. It has turned into one of my favorite things to do. Srsly. I write or contribute to about four blogs now! It is taking over my life. I have met AMAZING people through this little blog universe. Many who I actually consider my friends. Someday I promise I will meet ALL of you! Cross country road trip? Holla!

So thank you lovely readers and friends of my blog! Here's to another year full of blog land fun!
Peace out 2009!


Lula! said...

I miss your dad, too. How do I know this? Because I just do. AND...he is adorable to boot. Bless him. Bless you.

Happy new year!!!!

Lauren said...

So 2009 ruled because I met your lovely face! We will just continue the awesomeness into 2010. Love you big time!

Ivy said...

You are one of the reasons my 2009 was enriched! Love you!!
Love Edward, Love Rob, Love standing up for what is right including our new President, Love the thought of devouring cupcakes with you, and I love to see what you will come up with next.

I saw you just tweeted about your blog design.... This one is great, it looks like one of your crafty blocks.
You seem to like polka dots (my bff Julie loves polka dots too and the color purple and chocolate cake)
Maybe you should find a polka dot cupcake smeared on Rob's naked abs while you lick it off for your background. Your blog would then become my home page for sure!!!

ok... long comment
Love you Long Time!

Allison said...

It HAS been an amazing year, hasn't it? I feel like we've been friends for a long time.. :D Maybe that's just me. I started my blog too this year, and it's just been AMAZING with everyone that we've met!


Christina said...

I'm so happy that we've become real friends too and it was/is a pleasure to be there for the H family.. you guys are practically my family now anyway! Sorry I was such a weirdo when we first met.. I just felt really uncomfortable setting up shop in your house!

and you definitely don't have to thank me for book talk.. You make me actually enjoy laundry days! Its nice having a friend out here!


(That picture of you with Jil and her sister is really pretty!)

KatOfDiamonds said...

Amazing list darlin!


Kellie said...

I'm so glad everyone had a chance to meet in blogland because I know I'm so glad I met you this year!
Seems like 2009 was an up and down year for everyone.. I hope 2010 is muh better.

Lauren Elizabeth said...

i am so glad you started your blog this year! i hope 2010 brings you all sorts of happiness!

Lisa (aka LadyWanderlust) said...

You are one of the happiest and cutest people ever. I love to read your blog. You would think with me being a 40 y.o. Team Jacob Freak that we could never be friends. I disagree. You inspire me and make me laugh. I LOVE THIS POST.

My prayer for you is to find adventure, healing, and love this new year! Hugs,Lisa

lynninlove said...

2009 will never be forgotten that's for sure :) blog love to you Alexandria! Here's to amazing 2010 and decade!! :)

Mar said...

Love the list :)

Happy New Year to you and your amazingness!

Connie said...

your blog is great! I found it in 09 so it was a good year (: I still have to review my year in a post.. I did it last year so I have to. Plus I would jump off a cliff too if others did, obviously.

Anna said...

what a crazy year! I finally caved and just started reading Twilight last night...

Bitten Usagi said...

"You have the right NOT to remain silent." I LOVE it.

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

The picture of you and your Dad puts a serious lump in my throat. As does the the one of you and your friend holding those signs. I am admire your courage...I hope to have a bit more of that in 2010! Happy New Year, Alex!

Katie said...

Yay for joining a gym! I bet that it offsets those cupcakes. Happy New Year!