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Monday, January 4, 2010

got a package...

Have I mentioned how much I adore all of my bloggy friends? Yes? Well I am going to say it again! I freaking adore all of you! I got a fabulous gift from the lovely Ivy in the mail today. I promised when I got her gift I would open it via I kept my word and did so! Which leads to today's vlog of me in all my 'going to the gym' glory. Thank you Ivy! I cannot wait to put all of your fabulous gifts to good use! I heart you big time! Enjoy folks...

*Yep. Still cannot put the videos on my blog. Just love me through it ok?*


Allison said...

Hmm, can you just not put them on? Or you don't know? Because you take the embed code (HTML) and just stick it RIGHT onto your post, and it'll appear!

and I LOVE the video! Ivy is AWESOME.

Allison said...

Whoa- that is SOME present. Ivy is cool. I like the ornament. It's CUTE.

Christina said...

Duuuuuuuude. How exciting!
I want a blog homie to send me goodies! I'm totally jealous! I need to smell me some of that coffee. Make sure you don't consume it all before I come do laundry!

That cup has you written all over it!

btw talk louder in your vlogs! There are chunks of time where you can barely hear :(

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

What lovely mail! I love Ivy. I want her to send me some coffee!

Her Majesty Lisa (LadyWanderlust) said...

Ivy seems like a very giving person and what a FUN package. I think you should wear the 2010 glasses all year as a fashion statement and social commentary! I hope you enjoy the yummy coffee in the new cup of awesomeness!

Lisa :)

Ivy said...

*grin* I'm glad you liked it EVEN tho it was late... blasted 2 day shipping my ass! I wanted you to have 'retarded' glasses for New Year's Eve!
I do love my coffee.... it does smell amazing.
I almost forgot some of the tiny tidbits I had put in there. Watching you open it was such a gift to me!!!!
The 'lotion' is hand sanitizer or 'hanitizer' as my son says. It is a purse size for when you get stuck somewhere and there are nasties around... it.smells.great! (I love smells-obvi)
That little magnet is a bookmark.
The red single drip holds those filters. Did it work?
I'm glad you love the cup.... it screams Ivy and Alex!!! (both our names start with a vowel..that's sayin' something)
What else.... oh, I love dark chocolate and Burt's Bee's lip shimmer--it has a peppermint flavor and makes your lips feel kissable.
Was there gum in there? I can't remember. I put packs of gum everywhere.... I like fresh breath :)
I love to give and I knew you were one of my blogging friends that I had to share with.
Love you tons!

Mar said...

Aaah that's too cute! And watching you unpack it 'live' on youtube was awesome!
You are truly blessed with such great friends!

And like Allison said - just get the 'embed' code from youtube, copy it and paste it in the html tab of your blog post (rather than the 'compose' one, where blogger usually lets you write your posts). Let me know if it works out!

Sam said...

aw that's awesome! i love presents too :)

Anonymous said...

Shanking? Interesting. I like it!

And hurray for coffee maker loving?

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

I died when you called bubble wrap "poppy things"! I LOVE to pop it! You are so cute. Please share that yummy coffee? K? Thanks?

Love you big.

Connie said...

what the? I thought I commented. I watched it yesterday and you are awesome. These videos are great and you are super cute (: