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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

wise words wednesday {30.}...

Sometimes life gets really complicated. Sometimes being a female can be super frustrating. Even though we are at a time where men and women are 'equal', sometimes that isn't exactly true. Sometimes I get a little pat on the back, wink, and a "Thanks hun" from a male at work. It pisses me off. Do NOT call me any sort of pet name at work. Do not pat me on the back and wink at me. Do NOT treat me as if you are any more capable than I am. I may come to work rocking out some fierce outfits and ridiculous heels...but that is because I can. And yes, EVERY outfit that I wear to work is accessorized with confidence.

{30.} Wise Words...

Ladies let's all wear our best accessory this week, ok? Ok.



Jessica Marie said...


I know how you feel. I work in an office of basically all men. All of the attorneys are men. The other law clerks I work with are all men. But that extra dose of confidence is all I need.