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Monday, November 8, 2010

this week...

I miss blogging. I guess when you grow up, get a job, and are a part of Big Girl World blogging goes by the wayside. I think I am going to try to start using Sunday afternoon to backlog some posts so that my blog will be alive throughout my busy days.

So, in honor of this decision I am sharing with you all what my week looks like, thus far.

{Monday}: I share an office with my favorite coworker, Susan. She is hilarious and I love her to pieces. She runs the women's day treatment program, that I also work in. The only conflict with this plan is that we both are counselors, so we both have individual appointments. So, we have to get together to schedule who gets the office when. Since she is in our out of town office on Monday's, this means I schedule all of my individuals on Monday. That way I have the office to myself. This Monday I have 6 new clients to meet with. That is 6 hours of people who are either in serious withdrawal, or who are totally still high and using. Awesome.

{Tuesday}: Tuesdays are DH days (DH is what we call the women's day treatment program). I love these days. I get to learn and co-facilitate group all day long. Watching Susan work with the women is SO amazing, I hope one day I am as skilled as she is. While I love these days, they are completely emotionally exhausting. I have bonded so much with these clients, I spend 18 hours a week with them, and they all have some seriously heavy stuff going on right now. Between helping run group, I also help the daycare worker with the women's kids. I love these kids, but sometimes they make me want to rip my hair out. Insanity.

{Wednesday}: This is THE big day. My supervisor is retiring in December, he is the only one who has ever ran the program that I work in. This means when he leaves I am in charge of the program, so I have been learning the logistics over the past five months. The second Wednesday of every month my clients have court, my supervisor and I have been going together every month. This month he is not going. I am doing the entire thing solo. This means I am responsible for meeting with the judge in chambers, I am responsible for speaking for the clients in court, basically my ass is on the line if anything does not go right. Am I intimidated? Yeah, pretty much.

{Thursday}: This day is pretty legit. Why? It is Veteran's Day. This means I get the day off. Why hello, sleeping in. I love you. Also, one of my coworkers made signs to hang on the door that our office is closed that day. I happened upon a stack of them last week, they said, "Our offices are closed on 11/11/10 in observance of Vetrens Day." Has anyone ever heard of spellcheck? C'mon people. Come-freaking-on.

{Friday}: This day is always my favorite day. Why? We get to kick back and have a relaxing fun day in DH. We hang on the couches and we just talk and process at a comfortable group level. We laugh, we talk about life, love, and loss. It is a great day. Then Susan and I grab lunch and talk crap in our office for the remainder of the day. I love it.

So, it is a pretty busy week. I adore my job though so it is all good. Plus, I get a day off, who doesn't love that? What is on your to-do list this week? Please share!


Sam said...

Wow! You are one busy girl. That is so cool that you will be taking over for your supervisor! And it seems crazy stressful! But you can do it :) I would be so terrified to go to court and speak on behalf of those people. Gah! Good luck!

I don't have a busy week. I have to return a phone call this morning to schedule a lunch interview with a company I've been in contact with and already had an over the phone interview with. I'm nervous! But it seems like a piece of cake compared to what you're doing lol.

I hope Thursday comes quickly for you! :)

Ash Att said...

thats so great alex! have a great week!! :)

Elysie Piecie said...

Big Girl World is busy. My blog's been a little neglected too. I think it's so awesome what you're doing. I admire you for that and I know the strength that goes into your job is astounding. You'll do great when you get to take over...hey, maybe it's the first step in world domination or something ;)

Lauren said...

I love holidays!! I am second hand embarassed for whoever made the typo on those signs, that is a big fear for me, mispelling something that a lot of people will see.

Big girl world has it's ups and downs, unfortunately not as much time for the blog is one of the downs.

Love you!

Ashton Dene' said...

I'm so jealous you have off Thursday. You better email me while I'm busy in the dungeon with no windows doing something dramatically ridiculous. like giving myself paper cuts.

xx, i love you!