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Sunday, May 9, 2010

double whammy...

Today is a VERY special day around the H-Family Household. Not only is it the day where we celebrate this fabulous woman....
Yep...she is pretty much the best mama in the world.

But it is also the day we celebrate my little Bug turning the big FIVE.
Um...this is breaking my heart because, when on Earth did she turn five?! I was there when she was turning nothing and now you tell me she is five freaking years old?! I miss my cuddly little baby...but she is turning into quite the amazing young lady.

So while these two events deserve long posts in their honor (which you will get, later in the week) you will not be reading them today. Why? Because I get to spend this Sunday celebrating my two favorite people on the planet, and how much they both mean to me.



Lauren said...

Yay! Happy Mother's Day Mama H and a happy happy birthday to bug! Can't wait to hear all about the festivities!

Jilian said...

5!! It's soooo crazy to think more jibberish language all of her own, no more little girl clothes... What a sad/happy day! :o)

Uhm did you cook for your mother or did she cook her own Mother's Day meal? hahahah