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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

reach across the aisle...

It doesn't matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat...the man has a point.{via}

"If you're someone who only reads the editorial page of The New York Times, try glancing at the page of The Wall Street Journal once in awhile. If you're a fan of Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh, try reading a few columns on the Huffington Post website. It may make your blood boil; your mind may not often be changed. But the practice of listening to opposing views is essential for effective citizenship. So too is the practice of engaging in different experiences with different kinds of people.

For four years at Michigan, you have been exposed to diverse thinkers and scholars; professors and students. Do not narrow that broad intellectual exposure just because you're leaving here. Instead, seek to expand it. If you grew up in a big city, spend some time with some who grew up in a rural town. If you find yourself only hanging around with people of your race or your ethnicity or your religion, broaden your circle to include people who've had different backgrounds and life experiences. You'll learn what it's like to walk in someone else's shoes, and in the process, you'll help make this democracy work." - President Barack Obama

Thoughts? Discuss in the comments section, please. NO fighting allowed kids.



Ashton Dene' said...

You know how I feel about the President...diversity...religion...

These are wise words that could change the world if we all listened to them and put them into practice in our lives.

Between the Milk quote and this quote it has been reaffirmed that you are my other half political soul sister.

love you. xo

Anna said...

i am getting so sick of the bi-partisan bashing and ugliness that is happening these days. No matter what your views or opinions, you should always at least respect the opinions of others even if you disagree. if everyone would calm down and actually READ reputable news sources and get INFORMED opinions...well i think that would go a long way.

Sam said...

AWESOME quote from an awesome man. <3

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

I have written my comment 4 different times...I am so lame.

I am ALL about everyone having an opinion. I love to see someone else's point of view. I love learning and expanding. Narrow mindedness is so 50 years ago.
You can't really know your position (political, religious or whatever)until you have seen both sides of the coin...right? You aren't just a Dr. Pepper drinker. You are a Dr. Pepper drinker that tried Coke and preffers Dr. Pepper. We need comparison to make choices.

I am not exactly into Obama...but I like this and I like a lot of things that he says. I wish it were this simple. I wish we were all truly free to think, feel, and believe what we want and be respected for it. I will never talk politics on my blog...I tried it once and certain people ruined it for me by attacking me instead of just discussing. Its like we have to choose a side...

Ok. That is all.

Alexandria said...

I love you all. That is so true. I want everyone to know that while I am very firmly rooted in my beliefs, I still respect those who disagree with me.

I love to listen to people who have different opinions and I love that people come here and comment in such a respectful manner.

In sum: I heart you all.

Lauren said...

I'm not gonna lie, I am the odd man out of our threesome, when it comes to politics duh. I've always said that people need to make informed decisions. Whatever decision it might be, whether I agree with it or not, as long as you are making an informed choice or decision I have no issue.

This is good stuff though.

Allison said...

I don't agree with some of the decisions Obama has made- but he has definitely made good points in his speeches, and this is one of them. Seeing both sides of a "problem" is something that we were taught to do from when we were little kids, yet we seem to have forgotten it! I realize that everyone has a different political viewpoint, but that should not in any way change the way we treat others. Seriously.

Alexa Mae said...

Wow! I am impressed with his words. So true! I think most times, when taken out of your comfort zone you either find yourself extremely at home, or extremely uncomfortable. but it is nice to feel both ends once in a while. heart you name twinner!

Nancy Face said...

I have enjoyed being a hair stylist for 30 years, because I've learned so much from meeting people of different backgrounds, religions, and political preferences. I've learned to just listen and keep my big mouth shut when I disagree with their opinions, haha! :D

~Ivy~ said...

OK--Nancy Face, you are funny.
Alexandria, I heart you for always saying what I would say. We are beautiful blog sisters. Come to my house and see me! (Or Chicago or Minneapolis)

{And the only reason I have time to do any blog lovin' b/c I am up at the crack ass of dawn and I don't want to do my CEU's}

Love you!

Charles Calloway said...

Well... I thinks its important to be a provocative.

This is great rhetoric why not wheel out a barrel of this at a graduation - I had the same barrel at my graduation in 1985 - my barrel was wheeled in by Mario Cuomo. If you boiled this down a bit I think one can argue it is probably more difficult to listen to a Democrat if you are a Republican - or to listen to a Republican if you are a Democrat.

I have no idea how to really get democracy to work - I am not sure the two party system does - I mean we really only have two "opposing" points of view - what if we had three or four.

Sometimes I wish we had a third party - something to bring true diversity of thoughts really new and provocative ideas.

I think it would be great if we gave our presidents a six year term with the understand they would have to leave their party and become president of the people. I just feel like the President is sometimes the President of his party - though not a republican I am soooo greatful George completed both terms in good health - imagine if he did n't.

Vanessa said...

So true. <3

Lisa said...

Once upon a time, people could disagree in this country and still be friends. I see people within social circles, within families, all drawing lines in the sand. We have become such a polarized or white, right or way or the highway. We have quit listening to the other side. There are two sides to the story and somewhere in between usually the truth exists. This is why I moved back to Austin, a culturally diverse city with a variety of points of view, with people from all over the world who have have something to teach my children. I want my children to know that what they think is not the only way to think.

We live in a country of PLURALISM. Our Founding Fathers never intended to creat a country where only one point of view was the only point of view.

Okay, off my soap box. Damn, girl. This was a great post! Great food for thought.