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Sunday, December 20, 2009


I am running low on blog creativity right now. Seriously, I think that epic Vlog I made killed me...and used up a weeks worth of my awkward self. So I decided I would just share with you all some of the reasons of why I am I do not become a blog slacker and then just not post. So, here are some of the reasons I am currently happy...

Reason I am happy #1:
I am happy that my mom rules. She does. True story. She just purchased a Cricut (a scrap booking tool of awesomeness for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about). She was going to gift it to me for Christmas but then decided we would share it and it wasn't going to count as one of my gifts. Epic. Thanks Mom!

Reason I am happy #2:I was super bummed that I was going to miss the Christmas pageant that my niece was singing in with her preschool. I had to miss it due to a lame final. However, my mom and my brother came through for me and photographed and recorded her super star performance. Yes, the dress her mother picked out is heinous...and she is holding a picture of a hippopotamus (Why? Because she wants a hippopotamus for Christmas. Also, because she is awesome. Obvi.)

Reason I am happy #3:

I am listening to the soundtracks from Glee! Does this even need explanation? It does? Okay. Mr. Schuster singing, 'Endless Love'. 'Nuff said...

Reason I am happy #4:

I spent a large amount of my weekend hanging out with bff Jil. We had some serious absence issues due to me having to live in a cave and study for finals. So we reunited...and it feels sooo good! We gabbed, I schooled her in the art of twss jokes, she schooled me in the ways of operating an electric hand sander. It was good times...(Jil...why are we orange in this picture? I believe we tanned far too much this summer. Also, why are our teeth so freaking white? I didn't even mess with this one on Picnik. Weird.) So we cranked out a few of these bad boys...oh 'Scrappy Blocks' you are the cuteness (I would show you all the ones we actually made but they are top secret until after Christmas)...

Reason I am happy #5:We made a gingerbread house! My mom, Bug, and myself made this little lovely. She had a blast. Bug and I have a date later in the week to make cookies for Santa...we are legit.

Reason I am happy #6:

Two words folks, Oreo Balls. That is correct...I have never even heard of these balls of awesomeness (twss) until one of my Internet bff's blogged about them. Lauren from 'That's What She Said' made the lovelies shown in the above picture. Because she loves me she sent me the recipe and I shall be busting balls out all day tomorrow...(twss). Word to the wise, go and read Lauren's blog. She is full of awesome and #dirrrtymagic.

Reason I am happy #7:This is my desk. It was in complete disarray because of finals. It no longer looks like this. I OCD'd out on it and it is now spic and span my friends. Why yes, that IS a lava lamp. I am old school. Represent...

Reason I am happy #8:

No words are necessary. Except for swoon...

So, what are all of YOU happy about right now?



Kristin Lee said...

You know what makes me happy? The fact that we have the same laptop.

Except mine is less legit because I don't have all of the 'extra' stuff like the webcam and number pad.

Lauren said...

I was also going to make a comment about your blinging white teeth when I first saw the picture off you and bff Jil. Then you cleared it up for me.

I want a Cricut! I almost bought one on Black Friday because it was on sale, but I had already spent more on me than I was planning and I decided to practice some self control which normally doesn't happen when I'm shopping. Maybe one day...

I LOVE that your niece wants a hippo for Christmas, she truly is awesome!

I will kick Santa in the face if the Glee soundtrack isn't under the tree Christmas morning. I was informed that I wasn't allowed to buy it, so it better be there!

Yay for Oreo Balls! I love them even more now because of the endless twss possibilities that come with them!

You rock girl and I totally love you!

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

Huzzah for being happy. And for schooling people in the art of the twss. Did you say you were going to school her and change her life completely? Twss

KatOfDiamonds said...

Dear Alexandria,

Please post a HOW TO blog about making your delicious balls... The Oreo ones that is. [dirty! ;o) ]

Love, Me

Ivy said...

I had Holiday Balls for Christmas the other day... I could eat two at a time if no one was watching... is that a twss?
Love you... more than Sam does!

Ivy said...

You have 51 followers.. I think that makes you famous!

Oh, and to clarify the Holiday Balls were the Oreo balls only they were the ones with the red frosting on the inside of the cookie and the balls were not white they were brown chocolate. A few of them were peanut balls...I didn't complain, just kept eating balls. Now I know that was a twss.

Lauren Elizabeth said...

i am happy that i will be baking away the day tomorrow!

those oreo balls look deeeelish... :)

i want a cricut so much. it will happen one day! i know you and your mom will enjoy it! have fun!

Connie said...

I'm happy at that lava lamp! I became obsessed in 6th grade and still own mine... I should display it...

Shelby Lou said...

mmmm rob.

ok i'm done now.

i think you are cool. i loved your video, now i feel like we have talked to each other for reals. oh and i love that ugly dress your niece is wearing, because it reminds me of the good times in life. when the hardest decision was grape or strawberry jelly on your sandwich.

Ashton Dene' said...

love this post!!

oreo balls are soooooo will love them. they are messy to make, but amazing. now i feel as if i need to make them. thanks internet bffs.

x, ash

Just Jil said...

Ok, a few things...

1. We are some serious orange/tan that's why our teeth look so sparlking it!

2. WTF do you mean you're making cookies this week AND busting balls today? I told you somethings wrong with you...I'm getting concerned! Really.

3. Oreo balls are the BEST...came across those little gems last year at the cookie party you refused to come to!

4. Dude everything is a TWSS...and yes I totally had a few that I wanted to add in this comment, but I stopped myself so I didn't look like a wannabe!!!

And really...reunited and it feels so good. BAhahahahaha! Good stuff.

Alexandria said...


1.No kidding. What summer is that picture? Do you remember? We look crazy orange!

2. I know right? Maybe I am becoming domestic? Uh oh...

3.Sorry if you would have told me Oreo Balls were at your lamespice cookie exchange you know I would have attended...or at least asked you to stash me a few!

4. No you are not a wannabe. You are legit. Twss away my friend.

Mari said...

Glee is amazing in shape and from! and moms that are awesome are just about the best thing in the world- I thank God for mine all the time (she's not nagging me about laundry...)

Marissa said...

This is the perfect time of year to be happy!

Lula! said...

We LOVE us some Oreo balls. Last Friday, at Caroline's library school party, a mother made them the regular way, and then with peppermint Oreos--and rolled the finished balls (heh!) into crushed peppermint. Um...yeah...heavenly!

Are you a scrapper? Girl, I have a scrapbooking ROOM in this house of mine. Sadly, I quit scrapping when I started blogging. Caroline is 4--I still have not finished her 1st year album. Bad mom, bad mom. Oh well.

I must have those blocks. My mom is a Stampin' Up person ("demo," whatever they call it) and she would LOVE those. Hardcore.

Your niece is delicious.

The 1st part of season 1 of Glee comes out on DVD next Tuesday. (Big fail, FOX--not getting it out before Christmas. Lame.) Of course I've preordered it. I mean, I have 'em all on my DVR, but seriously...I need to own the official set. Puck would expect nothing less of me. Actually, Puck wouldn't care. But Kurt would.

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

I'm happy it is almost Christmas!

Wow your mom is awesome. Seriously, a Cricut? Totes jealous.

Your nice is too cute and I love that she is holding a hippo.

I made ginger bread houses this past weekend. I will post pictures soon but my nieces has cones sticking out from the sides. Yup, it's that awesome.

Oh how I love Glee and your scrappy blocks and Rob. Mmmmmmm.

You have never had oreo balls?! Oh Lord you, my dear, are in for some awesomeness.

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

I am so glad you have so many wonderful things to be happy about!

Oreo balls are the best opportunity for TWSS jokes. All the time.

Kellie said...

I love it! And if you think that desk was messy... yeah. Nothing compared to mine during finals.

S and O said...

8 great reason's to be happy especially the last one *wink, wink* save the best for last, eh?
I also like those Oreo balls, I meant to make some way back in November I just never manage to remember that while shopping.

Happy Holiday's