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Thursday, December 17, 2009

i am awkward...

I have no idea why I did this. Too much time on my hands perhaps? I do know I am totally embarrassed but this thing is far too gifted by 'The Gods of Awkwardness' and I just have to share it with you all.

Yes...I am weird. I will give $2 bucks to the first person who counts the number of times that I say, "Um..." Sorry I cannot help it. It is the valley girl in me. Yes, I do know I mumble...a lot. It is nerve-racking to sit and stare at some weird light (which is why I watched myself on the screen the entire time; NO I wasn't reading anything!) while talking to I am not super self-conscious but doing this I was.

All I can please don't make fun of me to my face...and just love me through it y'all.
Also, I cannot figure out how to get the stupid video off of just click here for some epically embarrassing good times...
*All jokes told are in good fun! They are not meant to offend! I love me some LDS people...and these are inside chill anonymous commenter!


Alexa Mae said...

66 times.

are you really moving to utah? we could meet up sometime. ya know between here and there.

love nemo in the background.

i just bought a black blazer in which i love.

and you remind me of a celebrity and it is bugging me so bad that i can't think of who it is. so tomorrow when im in public and i randomly yell out someones name...its all your fault.

love you. an p.s. im going to reply to your reply from my reply asap.

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

You forget when it is? You forget? How could you? My whole family is notified, they are all excited that I am not going to be a Mormon menace to society, and you forget! Shame... ;)

Lauren Elizabeth said...

I just loved this! You are so adorable!

I hope finals went well!

Alexandria said...

No way was it 66! Although probably close! I didn't realize Nemo made an appearance until you pointed it out. Awesome!

We keep switching the plan! One month and then six years...let's nail it down, ok? (twss)

Katie said...

I actually found this truly and completely adorable. If that's you being awkward...oh friend, we should never meet. I am 10X more awkward in my daily life. Yikes.

Love this! Love you! Thanks for sharing with the world. :)

lynninlove said...

Alexandria, I love you a thousand times for posting this! I love how you were totally checking your hot little self out the ENTIRE time! haha... too funny. Mormon 3some? Too much! Promise that you'll break your promise and do another one of these!

KatOfDiamonds said...

fyi, when ever I curl my hair and tweet about it I am curling my hair in my webcam! =D truth.

love the boyfriend blazer!

promise you'll livetweet again if you are ever stuck on another lame-o date!!! I never got a heart. lame. but #ijustgotawhiffofsexymormonboys

love the edward candy with PRIDE gurl!

you spend too much time on twitter!?! how many times have i referenced twitter in this comment!? lol

love how casually talk about your Momo marriage!

Lauren said...

Dirrrtymagic will never get old. Never.

We are destined... mostly because I also drink sodas in a can with a straw. And because we both hate math. You know, all of the important things in life.

You are my hero for doing a vlog! I will do one someday, but I assure you my awkwardness trumps your awkwardness by a whole lot.

You are amazing and I love you for it!

Ps- I want a bib necklace. I will be your first order when you start selling them :)

Marissa said...

very funny!

Connie said...

K, you better be sending me an invite your your baptism or I will cry. :D

This video was super funny- you are hilar!

Alexa Mae said...

dude. i was reading a magazine, listening to your vlog and counting in my head. im good at multitasking. count it. it is def in the 60s hahaha

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

You are gorgeous and hilarious and I am still totally following your blog.

Love you real big!

Christina said...

LOL nice.

Ashton Dene' said...

You were so awesome in your vlog! I loved it, especially that dirrrtymagic made an appearance. It will srsly never get old.

I also love drinking from straws, I have a box of them at home and at the office!

When you start making the bib necklaces I will so order one, I can't wait!!

x, ash

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

I love you so much because of this.

Jacki said...

i drink out of cans and bottles with a straw!
think about how many times a dirty factory worker/shop owner/delivery man has touched that can. and now you are putting it to your mouth?
maybe i will do a video.

Lisa (aka LadyWanderlust) said...

#1: You are about as cute as they come. You are cute as a button. ADORABLE and bee-yoo-tee-fool!

#2: Ummm, I, ummm, don't really say ummmm, but Okay, well okay, I always say okay, Okay?

#3: I am JEALOUS of your gorgeous hair.

:) Lisa

Shelby Lou said...

i drink out of cans with straws too. for realllss that is classy.

also... burning in the pit fires. HILAR.

your hair is gorgeous.

and you aren't wearing make up? DAYM girl you are HAWT!

amanda leeann said...

"it's like texting on a date, who does that?"

lol-you, miss, when you dates are lame-to-the-max!

i heart you! & i want to do a vlog soon...i must follow the legions of vlogging bloggers! haha

Alice said...

I am cracking up. At your hilar self... And anon. Poor them.

Lula! said...


Your comment section is all Jerry Springer. Awesome.

1. Who is Sam? Is he hot? Good for you, if he is.

2. Anon is annoying. And clearly wants people to dig her cheese. Whatevs. My pet peeve is misspelled words..."this is none of youre business." Hi, are we 8? Cause that's lame.

3. I loved the vlog. Except the Pepsi part. I'll forgive you.