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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

interview with ms. jacki...

Since I pretty much live on Twitter...I have made some pretty amazing pals via the interwebs. One of those pals happens to be the most legit seventeen year old on the planet. Yes, my friends I am talking about Ms. Jacki C (no I will not tell you her last name because she is a minor and does NOT need stalkers...don't worry Jacki I got your back). While talking to Jacki I asked why she doesn't have a blog, because she should, I told her she could guest post on mine...she then proceeded to tell me to interview her. Um...okay. So I busted out my Christiane Amanpour interview skills and did so. I must give credit to Internet Bff's Lauren, Ashton, and Sam for their help with the questions.

I now present to you my interview with everyones favorite jail bait Jacki C...
Um yes...she is totally gorgeous.

Lesson #1: Spanish is hard...

Alexandria: Whats up Jail Bait?
Jacki: holaaa como esta?
Alexandria: Muy bien, y tu?
Jacki: i dont know any more spanish
Alexandria: Um...good me either.

Lesson #2: All of the cool kids are Team Edward...

Alexandria: Alright, so we better make this thing good! Did you bring your thinking cap?
Jacki: it's pretty much permanent
Alexandria: Of course it is...Alright let's do this...Face Punch style!
Jacki: hiiiya
Alexandria: What movie is that reference to?
Jacki: i don't know? probably a movie from before my time. circa 1992
Alexandria: Already getting smart with me, huh? Um.. it's New are 12 you should know that!
Jacki: seen it once. i just haven't had the time to go back
Alexandria: Ok...first question have you read The Twilight Sage? If so Team Edward or Jacob? And by Sage I mean Saga. Obvi.
Jacki: i am embarrassed to say that i have read all the books nine times
Alexandria: For serious?
Jacki: and totes team edward
Alexandria: I have read them seven. We are legit.
Jacki: fo shizzle
Alexandria: Why Team Edward? I need reasons..
Jacki: one, because he SPARKLES, and he totally sounds like an awesome kisser. and he smells amazing. mmmm edward
Alexandria: He totes sparkles like a princesses!

Lesson #3: Boys, boys, boys...

Alexandria: Amazing kisser? That brings me to a Lauren many boys have you locked lips with?
Jacki: ahhh i counted this the other day in physics class! good thing i am prepared..... 18. it makes me sound slutty but i am so not
Jacki: well i am kind of a party animal
Alexandria: Obviously.
Jacki: i am not ashamed. not at all
Alexandria: So is there a future Mr. Jacki C in the picture? (aka do you have a boyfriend?)
Jacki: NO! i actually have never had a serious boyfriend. i like to just keep things casual (aka i hate talking on the phone.)

Lesson #4: Jacki is young...and I am old...

Alexandria: Ashton wants to know what your favorite YouTube video is?
Jacki: is it sad that the first one that popped into my head was one with my dance team? haha
Alexandria: Um no. It just means you are a narcissist which is cool.
Jacki: but really, i love me some 'Jackie and Debra'. me and my friend Jarid must have acted that video out everyday sophomore year
Alexandria: I have no idea what that means.
Jacki: you have never seen Jackie and Debra?
Alexandria: Uh no. I am old remember.
Alexandria: Lauren wanted to know if you had your Mommy's permission to watch 'True Blood' being that it IS for mature audiences.
Jacki: i didn't get her permission as much as say that my older sister watches it and so therefore i should be able to. and she was the one that dragged me to see that sicknast movie Bruno. i was scarred for life. my mom, that is
Alexandria: Speaking of your parents um..what can we say to make them allow you to accompany us to the DL?
Jacki: my mom was like, 'oh, Disney? i love Florida, go ahead.' i was like 'LAND mom LAND'. automatic no.
Alexandria: Your mom is sort of lamespice then. We are all legit good influences.
Jacki: but yes, you can most def say that i have to teach you dance or something they let me do anything for dance.
Alexandria: Oh! Win! Tell them I need you to teach me how to shuffle ball change asap!
Jacki: i have an aunt in Portland. maybe i can go there and travel my way down
Alexandria: Epic. Ashton, Lauren, and myself were planning a get together where we could meet you. We decided you could be the DD how do you feel about that young one?
Jacki: lovely. i would be filled with joy!

Lesson #5: twss jokes and hash tags rule...

Alexandria: Okay so...everyone wanted to know your favorite twss ever.
Jacki: so i thought long and hard about this one. (TWSS god i am good) and i love in the office during Jan's suing when they say "so she was on top of you the entire time" and Michael mutters twss and then then say 'come again" and it is just great
Alexandria: That is all kinds of amazing. Your favorite hash tag too, while we are at it?
Jacki: not even a question #DIRRRTYMAGIC

Lesson #6: Siblings, stripping, college, and mathletes CAN all be mentioned in one conversation...

Alexandria: So Sam wants to know how many siblings you have? AND what you plan on doing with your dance skills? I said stripper..
Jacki: i have one sister. she is 20
Alexandria: Is she cooler than you?
Jacki: NO WAY. and dance? i want to be on a college dance team, and eventually be a dancer in the NBA
Alexandria: So...not a stripper? Blast! I owe Sam five bucks!
Alexandria: Everyone wanted to know what college you want to attend!
Jacki: well, next year i am taking the year and attending a small college in VT, but i plan on transferring to a bigger college. i want to go to the university of Cincinnati and be on their dance team
Alexandria: Where your major will be? Dance?
Jacki: no way! i wanted to do aeronautical propulsion engineering, but now i think i want to major in business and minor in dance
Alexandria: Win! So what is the best mathlete pickup line you have ever heard?
Jacki: wow. i have to think about this one. i once had a guy say, 'hey babe do you want to keep it real with me like i squared?' pretty much awesome
Alexandria: Did you make out with him?
Jacki: no way. he had a severe case of acne. but i did let him help me with my homework.
Alexandria: How nice of you. Also, you are reminding me of my 17 year old self.
Jacki: a trip back to yesteryear....
Alexandria: .....

Lesson #7: Jacki is a punk and will never live down telling us 24 year old gals that we have 'old skin'...

Alexandria: So, how old does one have to be to qualify in the 'old skin' group?
Jacki: omg. i was just saying that your theory was correct, and that as we get older, our skin loses elasticity and circulation and heals slower! and i guess at least 7 years older than me
Alexandria: haha! Lauren wants to know if you ever feel intimidated by the awesomeness of your slightly older, but still rocking Twitter friends?
Jacki: i wouldn't say intimidated, as much as honored that they talk to me
Alexandria: Stellar answer! It is only because you are the most legit 17 year old to ever exist.
Jacki: snaps to that.

Lesson #8: Celeb crushes, sticker books, and dance are all kinds of awesome...

Alexandria: So Busy Bee Lauren wants to know if you love Zac Efron more than she does? I think both of you are nuts because he looks like a 12 year old girl...
Jacki: i don't want to say MORE but i love to stare at his sticker on my steering wheel at red lights. and his BOD mmhmmm. and he can dance. and kinda sing aka lip sync. BBL really loves him, i just think he is a nice boy with nice abs.
and i dug through the doctors office sticker bin to get that sticker
Alexandria: just got knocked down a few pegs on my ladder of awesome. Just sayin'.
Jacki: hey, i love to get stickers! i bet you had a sticker book when you were younger!
Alexandria: Yeah when I was 7. So what is your favorite song to dance to? Jacki: that's kind of a broad topic, dance to. do you mean around my house, performance, hip hop, jazz
Alexandria: Around your house AND performance
Jacki: around my house- will smith "miami". i love big willie style. TWSS
Alexandria: Dude that is from my era! Awesome.
Jacki: and then my favorite dance song is the old Fame
Alexandria: REPRESENT! I love you for loving the legit Fame. Amen. Jacki: there is no other in my book.

Lesson #9: Jacki is a gangsta'...

Alexandria: So tell us all about your first smooch!
Jacki: oh god.
Alexandria: Getting to the good stuff...
Jacki: i spent one camp-fiery night playing spin the bottle at camp when i was 12. i had no idea that you could be choked by a tongue! and no way are any of those counting on my list! ugh. disgusting. but i thought i was so cool because i had kissed a boy before all my friends.
Alexandria: That is SO scandalous.
Jacki: pretty much an episode of gossip girl haha
Alexandria: All in a day's work. So how did you get to be so gangster? Like you handled Anonymous with some fury!
Jacki: no idea! i guess i am just good at yelling at people. i have developed this technique over years of captain yelling at the girls of dance team to shut up. they fight so much. I wish i could say that i grew up in the ghetto, but i had an amazing childhood.
Alexandria: You can still say you grew up in the ghetto. Just shank someone as you say it...they will believe. Which brings me to the next question. What is your biggest act of mean girlness?
Jacki: i guess when there was this boy that i talked to online that was in my class, but never talked to in school. we were definitely friends, but all my friends were mean to him and i never told them to stop. i felt so bad bc i thought he was an amazing guy. and now he is super smokin and is like an expert guitar player. i am never really DIRECTLY mean to any girls. me and my friends were so mean. we got better.
Alexandria: Good. So you are a recovering mean girl?
Jacki: YES. and i wish that i could take back all my past meanness.

Lesson #10: We are all kinds of random...

Alexandria: Who is your biggest inspiration?
Jacki: Sam Cohn. he was a really close friend of mine that died in November 2006. he was one of the most talented people ever and had the biggest and best smile. he really lived his life to the fullest, and i know everyone says that about dead people, but he really did
Alexandria: Aw I am sorry you lost someone so close to you.
Jacki: he has made me a better person!
Alexandria: As all who enter your life should! Ready for the final question?
Jacki: final? omg
Alexandria: Why omg?
Jacki: i still have so many random things about me
Alexandria: Anything you would like to share with the class?
Jacki: like the fact that i suffer from globophobia
Alexandria: What the hell is that?
Jacki: fear of balloons
Alexandria: you are odd.
Jacki: i will seriously vomit if one touches me. i have no idea why Alexandria: Really? You are a freak. That is hilarious.
Jacki: haha... have you ever been to a bday party? they make me sweat bullets. i just stare at all the balloons the entire time
Alexandria: Dude The DL would freak you out then!
Jacki: yeah but i can like walk by them and stuff, but the actual latex balloon rubbing against me creeps me out
Alexandria: So will you come to my wedding when I marry Sam?
Jacki: uuhhh duhhhh! of course! i will freakin walk there if i have to!
Alexandria: Awesome! You rule...maid of honor style.
Jacki: chicka yeah!
Alexandria: Okay final question...why the freak do you not have a blog?!?!
Jacki: i really have nothing to talk about! i feel like no one would read it! except maybe you, lauren and ashton haha. and what the eff would i name it? i feel like all blog titles use alliteration and J is the worst letter to use Alexandria:Jacki and all that Jazz. Just Jacki. Jacki Jail bait.
Jacki: haha that would be a definite no to that last one. i am sure i would draw in SO MANY CREEPERS
Alexandria: You should start a blog and give Ashton, Lauren and myself some youngness in our lives. So are you considering starting a blog?
Jacki:maybe. after i read this post. feel free to just take a pic from my facebook. an attractive one. NOT A NASTY TAGGED PIC OF ME
Alexandria: Oh I was planning on it. I was going to get the one of you doing the splits but I didn't want to be fined for child porn on my blog...
Jacki: haha that would not be good
Alexandria: Uh no. So any final words to anyone? Did you have fun? Do I rule? Am I your favorite?
Jacki: yes. yes. and yes. you can adopt me if you so wish
Alexandria: I totally do wish. I will send your parents the papers from my lawyers office.
Jacki: wonderful. i am sure they would love that
Alexandria: They would. Sweet. You are still the most legit 17 year old ever.
Jacki: sick
Alexandria: Awesome.
Jacki: adequate
Alexandria: are you harshing on my interview skills?
Jacki: i hope your anon commenter talks to me. no i just couldn't think of any other a words at the moment!
Alexandria: Me too. I love seeing you rail on anonymous.
Jacki: i will be like biiitch please. I'm a vermonta and i do what i want ta.
Alexandria: You my friend, are hilarious. True freaking story.
Jacki: True.
And that my friends, was Jacki. Tell her how much you love her in the comments section, also tell homegirl to start a blog!
Thanks Jacki! It was fun!


Marissa said...

Jacki C may have a new follower on Twitter!

Shannon said...

Interview of Awesomeness!!!

*I love the turquoise ruffled shirt Jacki is wearing

Kellie said...

Uh she seems pretty awesome! I love the interview!

Shelby Lou said...

Jacki... I know you are reading this.. YOU NEED A BLOG. For shizzle my nizzle. I loved the last part "I'd be like biitch please." hahaha

I just laughed my pants off. Seriously they are in a ball on the floor.

Not really.


Kristin Lee said...

I don't know this Jacki but she seems legit.

Alice said...

I just requested Jacki on twitter. She is freakin' are you doll! Great questions!

Ashton Dene' said...


Please don't let your head get too big from all this praise. And remember the old people that got you there. But seriously, laughed my butt off at this, you are legit, for sure.

I can't wait for our get together where you our are DD. Amazingness. Although Lauren, Alex and I have already been planning a trip where you can go and party with us.

Until then, we will have to figure out how to get you to the DL.

Great post Alex, lovvvvvved it!

x, ash

Allison said...

Umm what? Am I not everyone's favorite jail bait?... :D

JUST KIDDING. HAha, I love this interview- Jacki seems like an AWESOME girl- definitely more experienced than I am ;) and DEFINITELY cool. :D

Lauren said...

Jacki- please remember what Ashton said, we oldies totally got you where you are today.

And you both are hilarious!

You will have to put your party animal ways aside when you are our DD.

I'm glad you recognize the greatness of #dirrrtymagic.

WIN for loving the legit Fame!

LOVE you both big time!

Anonymous said...

Great interview! Except now I feel really old. And if Jacki does start a blog, my vote is totally for Jacki and all that Jazz (or something to that effect). So fitting!

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Hilarious interview! Loved it!


amanda leeann said...

girl & i could be bff's fo' real!


shoot. i'm only 19. can i be legit as well?!

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

Que pachuka por toluka! Que...

Ok, I'll stop speaking Spanish/Mexican slang...

Nice interview. Two thumbs up!

KatOfDiamonds said...

Homegirl is about to get a new Twitter follower!

Anonymous said...

i make myself laugh.
big time.

Ivy said...

I love Alexandria (still need a nickname for her) and she loves you and I see why. You totes nailed the interview.
Waiting for the JUST JACKi blog... until then, see you on twitter.


Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

Jacki needs a blog. It's official!

Hilarious interview!