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Friday, September 18, 2009

i love california, but...

I am a California gal. I was born here and will live here probably my entire life...and I heart it. We have the best beaches, we have a plethora of Sprinkles Cupcakes (although none close enough to where I live). We have Napa...which hello is bee-you-ti-ful! We have San Francisco which is a mecca of shopping and awesomeness. We totes have is awesomespice. We are home of fresh avocados, even though I hate them they are still around if I want the option. Also, it is a blue I know that I won't be asked to leave anytime soon due to my bleeding heart liberal politics!
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However, as of late I have been hating on California. Why, you may ask? IT IS TOO HOT, AND I AM O-V-E-R It. So I know it isn't the hottest state in the world but I hate the 90 degrees and I am so tapping out. But I buck up and deal with it knowing that when winter comes it will be lovely and cold and rainy and I can bust out my cute hats, scarves, and hoodies. However, fall is starting in like a week and we have NO sign of a cool 105 all next week. Sick. Ew. Die.

So...don't be concerned if my blog is suddenly lights out next week. You know in case I melt into a puddle or cook myself to death in my oven-um-I-mean-my-car. And yes Jil for the millionth time you can have my sunglasses as soon as I kick!

On this happy note...have a good weekend bloggity bloggers!

xoxo....Gossip Girl...(I know, I know, that is like too many cheesy jokes in one week! I will try to tone them down a bit, scouts honor!!)


Connie said...

I'm melting here in AZ too. DOn't die on us though, that's an order.

*sigh... I miss California though.

northstatemortgage said...

I'm with ya!!! I am waaaay over this heat...Fall starts tomorrow and it's so not fall like!! Sucky! Oh ya, thanks for the sunglasses! kids will be jealous but whatever they'd get over it! (although it's totally not happening anytime'll be sportin' those well into your 80's)

Lauren said...

I want to live in Cali so bad! That and Seattle. So maybe I should pick Seattle since it is cooler.

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Uhm, I'd give anything to live in Cali just so I'd never have to see snow again (I live on the east coast, yuck.). So consider me jealous because even though I hate the heat, I despise coldness even more.

Christina said...

But in California's defense its not as hot in other parts (say, the Bay Area) as it is over here in the Chico area.. not by a long shot