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Friday, September 11, 2009

a good book+mango margaritas+time with the girls=awesomespice mood...

Let's face has been a rough week. Why? Who knows...I just had one of those weeks were every little thing made me freak out and it was stressful. So, how am I blowing off steam at 10:30 on a Friday night you may ask? Well first...I am reading every ones blogs and as soon as I am done with this I am hopping into my nice cozy bed to finish up 'The Vampire Diaries'....yep I will spend tonight in bed with Stefan and Damon...and some ice cream!

Also in an effort to turn my pissyspice mood into an awesomespice mood...I will be meeting the girls out for a mango margarita (yes that is right only one) and some gossip. I mean really what on this earth is better than mango margaritas, girls night, and lots of chit chat? Nothing. That's what! Well...Robert Pattinson could join us and THAT would probably make it better...but I won't keep my hopes up!
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So have a fun, relaxing weekend all! Hopefully I will come back with a much better attitude for a Monday post! Cheers!


Jenn with Two N's said...

hey girl! thanks for the comment. those drinky-drinks look delish in that picture!

Nancy Face said...

Lauren let me borrow her Vampire Diaries books...LOVED them! :)