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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

chicken wings, ikea, and inappropriate laughter with the girls...

Last post I mentioned my plans for margaritas with the girls...that was the got a teeny bit sidetracked.

Let me start off by saying there is a certain restaurant that I love. Not because of the insanely tacky orange leather booths,or the twenty TVs going at once, or the skank-tastic girls that work there. I love it purely because it serves THE best chicken wings and my favorite artery clogging dish of FRIED PICKLES!

Yes, my friends...I photographed this greasy food that this picture features: the amazingly yummy pickles (and their delish onion strings).

Anywho...back to the tale of the cancelled margaritas! My mother mentioned Saturday morning that she was thinking of heading down to Sacramento with a friend of hers...a light bulb went off in my head *ding*!! I immediately sent a text to my friend Jil and suggested cancelling our Saturday night drinks and replacing them with a trip to one of our favorite fine dining establishments (which happens to be in Sacramento where my mother was heading). She was in...obvi...I totally had her at 'fried pickles'.

So Sunday afternoon the four of us gals headed off to Sacramento...with our bellies a'grumbling to this LOVELY place..

hooters Pictures, Images and Photos read that right. I love is a haven of greasy deliciousness. It is also, unfortunately, the haven of waitresses in polyester orange shorts and tube socks...sicknast.

Needless to say the four of us gals ate until we felt sick, laughed our butts off, and then headed off to Ikea to do some shopping. Overall, a great day and SO much better than margaritas!

Yes that is right I LOVE Hooters (the restaurant! get your head outta the gutters!). Don't judge what you do not understand!

So, any of you have totally gross guilty pleasures like fried pickles?? Do share...