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Thursday, September 10, 2009

furlough days...

Furlough Days are making me lose my mind. No brain is slowly trickling out of my ears (and just a side note it looks remarkably similar to the memory stuff from Harry Potter...if only I had a pensieve...okay back on track) sorry about that!

Oh are you wondering what a furlough day is? Do you think it sounds fun, sorta like a vacation? it isn't. Due to the awesome handling of budget matters out here in good ol' California our tuition was raised 30%!!! After they raised our tuition they then decided that every professor was required to take nine furlough days off. A furlough day off means they cannot step foot on campus; no classes; no time in their offices; no answering students e-mails; and no returning phone calls. Yeah they can't even check their e-mail (if they do they get a $675 dollar fine) how crazy is THAT?

Okay so nine days doesn't seem like that big of a deal....and really it isn't. The thing that is making me lose my mind is that only 3 days are campus-wide. Which means on those three days every teacher/school employee is gone and the school is totes shut down. The rest of the six days are teachers each teacher picks six random days that they will cancel all their classes.

Doesn't sound too bad...the bad part is trying to figure out which of my six teachers cancelled class for which day...and they keep changing it. I got an e-mail from a teacher last night saying that they switched all their days to accomodate a vacation so to 'disregard' her previous schedule?!?!

WHAT?! I already inked all that business into my planner (theloveo'mylife planner; that I cannot function without).

Grrr...okay sorry this was a bit of a rant...which I do sometimes...sorry you all had to read it!

So tell me what is making you crazy today?!?!


amanda leeann said...

that sounds absolutely ridiculous. jeez.

i'm so sorry you had a class with your mom! at least that hasn't [and if i have my way, WONT] happened to me yet.

good luck figuring out when to go to class!

Nancy Face said...

That would make me crazy too, if I had to deal with such garbage! Except I'm already kinda sorta crazy, so it would just make me CRAZIER, in not such a happy way! ;)

Thanks for commenting on my foolish blog! :D