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Monday, April 18, 2011

iphone photos {3.}...

I am having a fit of vanity today. I am also having a lack of creativity and time, which is why I am just throwing up some iPhone photos. Most of them are of me...because I get bored and like to take pictures of myself so I can play with my instagram app.

{1.} Sweet Baby Jayden. I am madly in love with him.

{2.} See. Madly...

{3.} love.
{4.} Off to work...and exhausted.

{5.} Peace and love.

{6.} Off to work again. Loving my new black and white paisley shirt.

{7.} This is the insanity that happens when I do NOT have time to flat iron my curly mop of hair. So horrible. So sad.

{8.} Feeling sassy.

{9.} Rockin' my custom made crochet headband from FSIL Bastina Balicious. Isn't is presh?! Psbtw, check out her store!

{10.} Peace earrings and scarf.

Ok. Sorry for the lame post. But, at least I have a Monday post! Goooooo me! Do y'all have instagram on your iPhones?! Are you as obsessed as I am?! Oooh how I love it!



Sam said...

love the photos :) i have instagram on my ipod touch and love it!

Lauren said...

Baby Jayden makes me smile, he is so cute! And I love the vanity, it means I get to see more of your pretty face!

FSIL? Did I miss something???

Ashton Dene' said...

Ummm, I love the headband Christina made for you! Those are my favorite.

& you are vain, so way to live it!

(annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I like the curly hair!)


Shelby Lou said...

Maybe you don't want to be a Mom. But, you are an Aunt, and probably the best Aunt I've ever seen.

I love your curly hair. It is adorable, and pretty.

Miss your face.

<3 Shelby

Vanessa said...

Awww baby! He is SO cute!

& I love your curly hair! It's gorgeous!

Instagram is the best.