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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

happy egg day...

Do you all remember when the Easter Bunny came a couple of Sundays ago? Yeah. I do too. However, I am just now getting around to posting all of The H* Family's Egg Day pictures. Enjoy...

{1.} Bug on her way to find all those eggs. The ones you can eat? Meh. The ones with money? She was all about!

{2.} My mama and myself. I love that woman.
{3.} Bastina and myself...and my ghetto fabulous earrings. I mean COME ON, those bad boys deserve an honorable mention at the very least!
{4.} She is such a ham. Ask her to smile, and you receive this...

{5.} Mama and Brother Jon-than. I am so excited I actually got a picture of him. He is a picture dodging ninja, in my opinion.

{6.} Bug and her loot!
{7.} Our signature peace signs. We are awesome.

{8.} Brother Jason and his baby girl.

{9.} This has to be the cutest, and my most favorite, picture ever. I love it...

{10.} The brotherly one, Bug, and myself...
{11.} Bastina and I, giving Bug kisses. <3

{12.} Bug and I throwing up peace throwing up a peace sign?
{13.} Egg-actly...sorry. I had to pun.
{14.} Money!!!

{15.} She is so my niece. Girl, loves her some dolla' bills y'all...

Well, there you have it folks. I blogged about Easter...and only a little over a week late. Go me.



Lauren said...

Yay for a Happy Easter! John and I hid eggs for my nephew and at one point he pointed at an egg and told my sister "You get it" twas hilarious.

Mama needs a peace sign lesson, which is weird since she made it through the hippie years.

Love you!

Shelby Lou said...

So cute! You look awesome in these pictures and your neice is adorable! Seriously. Glad you had a good time with your family!

Ivy said...

That little bug is A-dorable!

I miss your face and I don't visit often enough. You were one of or maybe the one.. I am not sure, anyway, you are one of my first blog friends. Did you know that?
Yeppers... it was you, my first love.