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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

wise words wednesday {14.}...

Big Girl World kind of sucks. Working in behavioral health kind of sucks. Having a few coworkers who are morons kind of sucks. Having way too much dumped on my plate because others are incompetent, kind of sucks. Having a client who you bond with, and you see doing really well staying clean and sober, who then relapses and ends up getting their children taken away and back in jail kind of sucks. Saying goodbye to clients who I have grown to love, but have finished treatment kind of sucks. Bouncing from office to office kind of sucks. Having too much to do, and not being able to catch up kind of sucks. Not being able to control every little detail of the day kind of sucks.

{14.} Wise Words...
In Big Girl World I am getting excellent work experience, and beginning my career. Working in behavioral health has given me patience and a love for people that I did not have before. Having a coworker who has become my mentor is pretty much amazing. Having a lot put on my place by the department supervisor means that she is trusting me to work outside of my experience and that is awesome. Watching a client that is staying clean and sober, has regained custody of her three children, and is graduating our program to start an amazing new life is a blessing. Saying goodbye to these women makes me tear up, but because I love them and their children and I am so proud of the work they have done to get control of their lives back, they are happy tears. Bouncing from every office means I can hide from people I don't want to talk to, which rules. I will catch up on all of the stuff I am behind on. I have to release my controlling nature. I have to enact a motto we use daily in treatment for our clients. It is quick and simple.

I am powerless.

In treatment this is not an 'Oh I am SO helpless and can't do anything about it' thing. It is a 'I am my own person. I am responsible for myself. I am powerless over what others do, and what the world throws at me. I will just take things as they come' thing. Thus, I leave you with the ever so cheesy AA/NA line:

One day at a time.

Big Girl World is an amazing suckfest. Yes, I am full of contradictions.



Elysie Piecie said...

I takes a lot of people a long time to realize that they are powerless. Way to be ahead of the learning curve. I unfortunately learned this lesson back in high school and the realization sucks. And I totally agree, big girl world is an amazing suckfest.

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

I know you know that I love you very much. You are so amazing. Big girl world sucks but you are doing great. The love you have for clients is amazing. You are the ideal person for this type of work. I'm sure I have said that before. We are powerless at times but your actions hold a different kind of power.

Shelby Lou said...

I love you. Times a million.

Big Girl World totally sucks.

<3 Shelby

Karm said...

wow Alex... YOU ARE AMAZING!! Big Girl World does suck... sometimes, but you came along way... great job woman!!

Sam said...

hi lovely friend! seriously, every time you post about your job, i can't believe how amazing you are! truly someone to look up to :) i tagged you in a fun, survey thingy on my blog!

KatOfDiamonds said...

You are strong.
You are smart.
You are an amazing friend.
You basically rock.

just sayin

Ivy said...

Wow, you are a big girl! So deep... I tend to hang at the shallow end because the deep stuff hurts *wink*
Actually.... that may not be too far from the truth.
I love you because you took all the suck and made it positive.
I love you because I felt like I typed what you said.
I love you because you are right!
I love you because you are not scared to care for someone even though you may get hurt in the end or have to let go.
Thanks for the inspiration....