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Friday, August 6, 2010

lessons i learned from gilmore girls {4.}...

It is FINALLY Friday, so I decided to gift you all with this glorious post from one of my lovely blog friends Kat! Make sure you check out her blog...and her twitter! I am so loving these Gilmore Girls posts. Keep them coming ladies! Enjoy...

*Post Written By Kat*

My name is Kat & like all the other lovely guest posters on Alex's blog....
(you know
Marci, Shelby Lou, Jaymie)
I am a Gilmore girl.

Of course I am not of the Stars Hollow world,
more the Colorado Springs world.

But I do love Gilmore Girls.
I was inspired from this idea to borrow A.J.'s Season 1
(yeah, not all Gilmore girls are, well, girls)
and so all of my lessons are going to be sprinkled in from mostly the first half!
So, here are my lessons gathered!

If you are going to throw your life away for a guy, at least let it be for a guy with a motorcycle.

Gnome kicking says a lot about a mans character.

If the insults are biblical, you go to an advanced school.

If Chad Micheal Murry goes to your school it probably isn't a horrible school. Oh, oops. Okay it could be.

Wordsmithing is the key to life, and pre-dating one's daughter's teacher needs a key.

'What defines a good aisle?' 'An aisle where you get kissed by the new kid is a good aisle.'

'This says: 'Hello Im hip and cute, but also relaxed. Since this is something I just threw on even though it looks fantastic on me. (years of fashion brain freeze, comback, laugh, smile right, flip v twirl, standing amazed- wallet!) The talking part, you just get used to. The hair twirl, I can teach you. And the leaving-him-amazed part... with your brain and killer blue eyes, I'm not worried. You'll do fine. Just give yourself a little time to get there.'

'Is half an hour enough?'

'Plenty. Come on. Dab on some lip gloss, clear but fruity. Maybe a little mascara. Wear your hair down, and your attitude high!'

Boys must answer the door to pick up a lady.

'This is not a drive-thru! She is not chicken!'

Never, never, ever, ever, never accept a date with a man named Rune.

Do not invite girls who are named 'Madeline' or 'Louise' to a Bangles Concert.

According to Taylor, there are 8 tells for shoplifters.

I will never be a slutty Thursday afternoon girl!

Lorelai loves snow. I love Lorelai.

& there you go!
Lessons I've learned from Season 1!
Well there are plenty more lessons, but I didn't want to steal them all!

[Oh! & shameless pimping of my Twitter but in really small font!]

-Thanks Kat! I loooooved this post so bad. If anyone wants to join in on the guest post action, leave your email in the comments section!



Marci Darling said...

All of these are genius!

Kat, I love it!

Alexandria, thank you for coming up with this idea!!!!

KatOfDiamonds said...

Thank you Marci!!!
& of course you, A!
xoxo K

Alexa Mae said...

I LOVE this. i love gilmore girls. and this is awesome. you gals rock!

Vanessa said...

Love love love this! Hilarious. Now if only Chad Michael Murray would show up on a motorcycle and meet me in a good aisle.