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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

it's twins...

I have an announcement for you all. It's twins! In late August I will be the proud mother of two bouncing little new additions! I am beyond excited and cannot wait to buy new clothes for them, and yes there is the whole ouch pain part...but I can survive that...I think. So I am taking name suggestions. I have been thinking Captain and Tenille, Peaches and Herb, Dolce and Gabbana...still not sure.
What I am sure of? That my mom is the best mother on the planet and is gifting me with twins of my very own, all because I graduated from college. Oh. Are you confused now? Yeah I am not pregnant. No babies will be had. By 'twins' I am referring to the new boobage I will be adding to the bod come late August.

Why am I sharing this with all of you? Well, I wasn't planning on it. I know some will try to talk me out of it, tell me I don't need surgery to feel better about myself, but my mind is made up. I hate my small rack, I honestly feel like doing this will up my confidence and I am completely at peace with the decision. However, as always honesty is the best policy on this blog so you can share your opinions in the comment section. Oh, and before anyone chimes in, I am SO not getting like freak show Heidi Montag boobs. They will be normal sized and in proportion with my body frame.

Here is my goal. I decided that since I want to do this to up my confidence a bit, that I am going to get healthy as well! Plastic surgery is an easy way out. So, while I am getting ready for the twins to arrive I have a goal to exercise my booty off and watch what I eat, the main goal of course is to lose some poundage but also to get healthy!

Wish me luck! Leave any name suggestions in the comment section! And even if you are TOTALLY judging me right now, just love me through it.


Kellie said...

I would try to talk you out of it.. but I know where you're coming from.
My insecurity is my nose. If I could fix it, I would. If I could afford it, I'd be going under as soon as I could. For some reason, the size of my boobs have never bothered me. They're small.. but I don't care. I don't know why.
Congrats on the boobage. I hope it gives you the confidence you need!

Christina said...

Bahaha I can't believe you blogged about this. Good luck with your getting healthy workout bonanza! You can do it!! I'll brainstorm some names for the new additions... I hope you'll consider me for godmother!

Alexandria said...

Bastina- Of course I blogged about it! Haha!

You can be Godmother to one; take your pick..the right or the left one?

Jil- You can be Godmother to the other one.

Shelby Lou said...

HAWT MAMA. Seriously? What a sweet deal this is.

What size are you thinking? If you don't mind me asking. I just don't want you having back issues because you get a HUGE rack and can't carry the wait. That is my only concern.

Dude. This is sweet.

If I could, I would get a butt job. Can they do those? I would totally get a bigger, but perky.. butt. I like my chest size.. I just want a butt not bones.

Ashley said...

I think platic sugery is a personal decision and though I think most people shouldn't get it because they're slightly off their rocker (*cough* heidi montag). I think if you are doing it for the right reasons and don't go crazy with changing yourself, why not?
I'm thinking about getting mine reduced so maybe we could just trade. Haha just kidding that would be sick.

Alexandria said...

Shelbster-I have missed YOU!

The doctor said double D. I said um...probs not. So he is thinking a D. Which I think is good for my body proportion.

They totally do butt jobs. For serious. Haha.

Ashton Dene' said...

ummm, you already know how I feel about all of this.

motor boating here I come!!!!!!!!!!!

Connie said...

Oh girl you are too funny. I think pretty much every girl asks themselves if they want it or not- you're lucky your getting them for free! Score.

Jilian said...

I don't know...I really think you should rethink this. I mean you are now a college grad and that money could be put to much better use instead of something as vain as fake boobs. I guess I just really didn't think you were this kind of person...

Tehehehehehehehehe...Really I think you should get 'big ole floppy fun bags', honestly. You know Z's for Zander! Bahahaha!

Can't wait to meet the twins, and my vote is for Dolce and Gabbana!

KatOfDiamonds said...

How about Cullen & Potter? ;o)

And as someone with a rack that is naturally TOO BIG for my frame, I am happy that you are going to stay 'natural'
Because as someone who has natural back pains, I wouldn't want to PAY for the back pain! heh

That being said,
Love you!

& you really should consider Cullen & Potter!

Sam said...

I'm so happy you blogged about this :) and I hope you'll post pics after cause I can't wait to see your boobs! Clothed of course... haha, you know what I mean!

Lauren said...

HOLLA! Yay for boobies! I'm not judging, and let's face it.... I'm a judger. You also already know how I feel and let's not ever talk about your tatas and Heidi Montag in the same sitting, k?

More importantly, I'm happy we are getting healthy together!

Vanessa said...

Girl, you do what makes you happy. I'm excited for you! & Love you big!

P.S. I'm thinking Cherrybomb and sparkplug are amazing names. Just sayin'...

The I's have it--Ivy said...

I have offered this upgrade to Mr. Ivy and he has always declined--so to make my ladies appear a little more ample, I invested in the VS Bombshell. My boobies are huge! And I'm just barely a 34B so.... now I am a D? IDK but I like the bra, no surgery for now but I am open to the idea.

UM>.... you gonna post before and afters? I haven't really looked at the befores. Better put one up. In like a suit or tight t-shirt so we can keep offering opinions!

Oh and with the bigger boobies, clothes fit different. I don't like button downs with this bra but b/c it's just a bra.... I change it up or down really and wear my not so uplifting one with blouses :)


And yes, when I meet you in person, I am gonna wanna touch 'em. ;-)

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

I say "Go Girl"!!! Get the twins! If you want you can have some of my boobage...I have plenty to share! lol! Yay Mama for gifting you boobs and Coach!
Like my friend Ivy...I will need to feel you up!

Michelle A'etonu said... definitely had me going with the twins. i have a friend that just got some too and she likes I say, go for it!