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Friday, March 12, 2010

fill in the blank friday {5.}...

It's that time once again. You know...the time to fill those blanks! It is also the time where midterms are finally O-V-E-R and spring break is here. Which hopefully means that I will not be a terrible blogger for at least the next is hoping. Make sure you fill in some blanks of your own and then head on over to Lauren's blog to link up... {1.} The best day ever was the day that my niece was born. It was the day that I realized what true, true love really was. In case you haven't gotten the clue yet...she is my favorite person on the planet.

{2.} My favorite meal of the day is breakfast because almost ALL breakfast food is delicious. Waffles, eggs, bacon, and the love o' my life also known as oatmeal.

{3.} This weekend will be blissfully boring. I am home alone (which is my favorite thing ever) and I have nothing to do but read, scrapbook, and have dance parties in my unds. Word.

{4.} Never in my life have I eaten sushi. And by sushi I mean the raw fish stuff not the actual cooked stuff. Sorry but it sicks me out in a way I cannot even begin to describe. No thank you.

{5.} The only thing better than Sprinkles Cupcakes are a dozen Sprinkles Cupcakes.

{6.} I could really do with some sunshine. I am kind of over California being dreary and rainy all the time.

{7.} The most recent thing I bought myself was lotion and deodorant. Yeah. My life is exciting.

Happy Friday lovey dolls. Have a fabulous weekend...full of dance parties in YOUR unds. Trust. It is legit.



Kellie said...

The most recent thing I bought myself was Wendy's.. and before that I think it was more food. So.. yeah.
Oh and it's finally sunny in the lower half of CA, I'll send some to you. It is freakin wonderful to not have any rain!

Sam said...

We had lots of sun and warm weather earlier this week and it's turned to crap these last couple days! booo.. I want to try sushi, but it freaks me out.

emilia. said...

What. You don't like sushi? I don't care for the ones with raw fish as I do for the one with veggies. If you can over the raw fish part, it's actually really good! :)
Cute blog!

Ashton Dene' said...

Dancing around in your unds is the best way to spend time when you have the house to yourself...which is pretty much my whole life. yay for a relaxing weekend, I for one am going around like a crazy person trying to prepare for a big adventure.

xoxo, ash

Alexa Mae said...

hahaha you are hilarious. you never fail to make me laugh! and i LOVE bacon and waffles too. so much! but i hate pancakes. weird huh?

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

You make me laugh out loud...for real! "dance parties in my unds. Word." I love bacon and you!

Ash Att said...

dude, i love this!! serioulsy. i love your posts :) ps. dancing in your unds is bomb. i did it just like five minutes ago (thats what she said).

Lisa said...

Mmmmmmm, cupcakes. Raw tuna at a sushi (I think that stuff is called sashimi)...not so much. Oh, the last thing I bough myself: blush and 4-pack Reeses cups. Yeah, I'm cool like that.

Enjoy Spring Break. I am now officially on Spring Break. No kids to tell me how much of a Queen B I am. LOL