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Saturday, January 16, 2010

a guest post from "delysia lafosse"...

Sometimes people like to rant. Sometimes it is hard to rant on your own blog because people get up on their high horses and say things that piss you off even more. OR the person you want to rant about may read your blog so therefore you keep it to yourself...that is where having other blog pals comes into the picture. A dear Internet Bff was having an issue and wanted to vent...anonymously...I said, "Girl, feel free to take over my blog." So that is what she did...I present to you the very first 'Always Alexandria Anonymous Guest Post'...enjoy! Also, to Ms. Delysia Lafosse...I. Freaking. Love. You. No lie.
{Written By: 'Delysia Lafosse'}
Of course this post will be about boys and dumb girls. Of course this post will take all of me to write, and write well. When I get heated about a topic I get sloppy in my writing, then it all goes to hell. I hope for you, and for Alex’s blog this goes smoothly. It all started when I was cuddling close to a guy watching another movie with Jack Black in it. You might not believe me when I say it wasn’t The Holiday, moving on... This boy was hotter than hot can be. No lying about it. Scruffy, but well kept. Stocky but muscular, and oh how I wanted to kiss him all over!! So, being the girl I am I decided that I would, far ahead of anything else, tell myself that if the opportunity presented itself I would mack on this boy and never regret a single moment. Of course, with my good luck the boy was sick with a slight cold and had told me that no, he couldn’t kiss me, for fear he would get me sick. I stuck with the proven fact and tried to forget about it... until he started kissing my neck.

Now, let me break for a moment here and say. Why oh why? I have no control in that area, NONE. I wonder if he was just testing me. Well, if he was... I lost. I turned over and eventually kissed that boy on the lips, because honestly.. I didn’t care if I got sick. (Which I didn’t by the way.) It wasn’t much of a kiss either, it was more of a, dang-I-wish -you-weren’t-sick-and-that-we-were-alone-so-this-was-better. Either way though, I reached my goal, and even though it might seem desperate.. I don’t care.
So what is the problem with this whole situation? Before this night this hot piece of a man was texting my roommate and asking her to hang out that night. He came over and sat next to her to begin with, while I joked before about how he wanted her, and how if she had the chance, she should kiss him. I guess it didn’t really work out like that. My friend wasn’t mad because she constantly would mention how she thought he wasn’t that good looking, or that he wasn’t her type. I just said “OKAY” in a sarcastic way because not only is this boy hawt to everyone, he sort of reminds me of her ex-boyfriend, his good characteristics. I knew she would tap that if the chance came up and I don’t blame her. Anyways, with her constantly saying that he was gross, or not her type, I figured the whole situation would blow over. No, I was wrong. She had to go about and ask him what his intentions were with me and what he thought of me. Being the guy he is, he said he didn’t know me well enough and just thought it was a “whatever” sort of thing. I completely agree. Even though this boy is hawt, hawt, hawt, he has heartache written all over him.

The days go by and my friend is constantly talking about him, dissecting his words when we are alone, and saying “he likes you, I can tell”. News flash honey!! Him liking me is going to get me no where. It feels great to cuddle next to him every-other-night and just have someone to be next to, but it really means nothing to me. Last night after he left she says “He is such a player.” I said, “Why’s that??” Then she freaks out and tells me that he was holding her hand on one side, and had his hand on my leg on the other. I asked her why she didn’t just let go of his hand... “Because that would be rude.” No darling, that would be being honest and blunt like you regularly are. You are never afraid to say no in situations like that, you want him, end of story. I didn’t really say that but I did say something like this, “ He isn’t a player. He has made it subtly clear to both of us that it is no big deal. He can cuddle with whoever he wants and not feel guilty and I give him mad props.” I’m not the kind of girl who can do that, but I’m working on it. I hear playing the game is what is in now-a-days.

On top of all of this, which isn’t even that big of a deal, but only sort of is because she makes everything a big deal, there is something else. This bugs me so bad I could just punch something. This girl is so high maintenance that it is ridiculous. Talking with her ex-boyfriend after the break up he revealed to me that, she was so chill when they first started dating. Going anywhere he wanted to go to eat, doing what he wanted, listening to his kind of music, saying “No problem” to weird situations. Then as soon as they hit a comfortable spot, BAM everything changed. “Ew disgusting!!” and gagging sounds were made at his every suggestion, she soon became very hard to please. So as we meet new people and they talk about the kind of girls they date they mention how they don’t like girls that are high maintenance. Automatically, like a lever has been switched in her brain or something, she says “I’m not high maintenance, I am soo chill.” LIE. I want to stand up and scream at her and say “LIKE HELL YOU AREN’T!” Because this girl is the hardest person to please in the world. I can’t watch TV before I fall asleep because of you, and if I even mention a food I would love to cook, your face goes crazy because you would “throw up”. Stop being a child.

Don’t get me wrong here people, I love her.. she is one of my greatest friends. Sometimes though, I wonder how it became that way. When I am with her, my opinions are mute, my words tend to disappear into oblivion because she is center stage. I’m not one to talk crap about people because I know karma is a bih. That, however has not stopped me from spilling my feelings over the internet and wanting people to see things my way. I want you all to know that, I am severely frustrated at this point and the fact that I have FINALLY gotten to publish this piece is like a load of bricks off my back.

In conclusion, thank you Alex, for so graciously providing a space for me to spill out my heart and soul. I will forever be indebted to your blogging needs because of this, and that is no lie. DANG that felt good.
-Delysia LaFosse


Kellie said...

I know a girl like this.. she makes me want to kick puppies. But I love puppies so I wouldn't.
Feel better, Delysia LaFosse.. ha.

Shelby Lou said...

I like this post. This is a very very good idea.

uhski said...

this was great! hilarious but i hope delysia gives this girl a piece of her mind someday!!!

Kimberly said...

I 100% agree with this post. Many a times I wanted to call out people when they admit to something they are not but I keep quiet as it's not place.

Christmas Eve came around a guy I was talking to was saying how the weather was being crazy. I messaged back saying..your crazy weather is becoming normal. He in return said shut up a**hole lol. I couldn't believe what I saw. I have not since talked to him. I'll write a post on that later.

After talking to a friend I was told that I live in 1870 and it's ok to treat each other like this.

I think that if you play the crafty. Dating is suppose to be fun and an opportunity to get to know your possible spouse.

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

To Miss Anonymous. Good for venting, glad you got this out of your system.

And Alexandria; well, we already talked about this over the phone. What more is there to say. ;)

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Wow, I really hate girls like this. You should give her a piece of your mind girl. I'm glad you had a place to vent and feel better by doing it! Good luck my dear!

Sam said...

Love this post. I hope you have more anonymous ones in the future!

colleenroselle said...

good post.

Alexa Mae said...

hahaha this was awesome. and alex, you make my day. {que: always} love you!