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Friday, January 22, 2010

always alexandria's official hottness monster list: the bad boys edition pt. 1...

It is that time again. The time for all of us to gather, swoon, and drool over some of our very favorite hottness monsters. I asked for your suggestions and you ladies once again delivered. Some of these are your picks, some are mine. All are pure sex on a stick. Let's all agree there is nothing better than a really good bad boy...

Hottness Monster #1:
Zachary Quinto is the epic hottness that plays Sylar on 'Heroes' (also, known as the only reason I still sometimes watch that show). Sylar is the epitome of creepy sexy. He is a complete sociopath but in a really good way. He pulls off the whole sexy creeper thing flawlessly (srsly. Edward Cullen should take a few pointers from this guy.) I love his out of control eyebrows and his stubly face. Mmm...mmm...good.

Hottness Monster #2:As always my list contains a female. Who is more hardcore than Sandra Bullock? Well, yes Angelina Jolie...that is what I said and what Sam said. Unfortunately, my #1 girl crush Angie has already graced a hottness monster list. So, Sam said Sandra Bullock. This lady is fearless and absolutely stunning! She has a wicked sense of humor and is a complete babe. Get on with your BA self Sandra!

Hottness Monster #3:Josh Holloway. This one right here is in honor of the lovely Lula and the lovely Nat. Hot. Dripping wet. Muscles. Um, jaw porn. I have lost my train of thought...all I can think about is being stranded on an island with this hot piece. Let's just say I would not mind...*ahem*

Hottness Monster #4:Ed Westwick. Or as I like to call him when we are having alone time, Chuck Bass. He is the definition of sexy, over-privileged, bad boy. The hair. The clothes. The pout. They all slay me. He is one bad mother-chucker. This is truth, ladies. I dedicate this to Amanda because I know how much she loves him. Get it girl.

Hottness Monster #5:Oh Ian Somerhalder, I love him so bad. I mean he really was not on my man-radar until I witnessed his epic snarky self portraying Damon Salvatore on 'The Vampire Diaries'. What is more bad boy than hypnotizing girls and feeding off their blood, all while being charming and witty? Yep. That is correct. Not one single thing.

Hottness Monster #6:Dane-freaking-hottspice-Cook. What is better than a good ol' fashioned bad boy? A hilarious good ol' fashioned bad boy. Do not judge me for this. I find Dane Cook to be hilarious, no lie. I could watch his stand-up over and over and it never loses it's bad boy hilarity. If I were a boy witnessing his hottness would give a whole new meaning to the term 'stand-up'...that is all.

Hottness Monster #7:Milo Ventigmalia has the most Italian name I have ever heard in my life. He was also my first true bad boy love when he played 'Jess Mariano' on the always fabulous 'Gilmore Girls'. He was totes a bad boy with a side of bookish nerd (that happens to be my favorite type). He was sarcastic, he lied, he had fabulous abs, he had the whole crooked mouth thing that made me want to jump through my tv and pounce on him. And the hair...oh the hair...

Hottness #8Bradley Cooper stole my heart when he appeared in, 'The Hangover'. First of all he is absolutely hilarious. Secondly, when he walked out like a total BA in that black suit he sported throughout the entire movie...I feel in L-U-S-T with him. I mean you ALL know exactly what scene I am speaking of. Just look at him...he looks like the best kind of trouble a girl could get into...

Hottness Monster #9Alexander Skarsgard is how sexy vampire should look. This is absolute truth. He plays the foxy that is 'Vampire Eric' on my beloved 'True Blood'. This is all I will say about him because he belongs to Lula and I am not a homewrecker.

Hottness Monster #10:Kat Von D is possibly one of the most beautiful women on the planet. I hate when people say she isn't attractive because of her tattoos, she is gorgeous and her tattoos are such a huge part of that. Not only is she a stellar tattoo artist but she has some of the most beautiful pieces known to man gracing her bod. She is a total bad ass. No lie. She is a leather wearing, swearing, tattoed bad ass all while still being classy and feminine. This is truth. I love her so bad.

Okay. So do y'all agree? Disagree? Are you pissed that I left someone off the list? Share in the comments section! Also, leave any suggestions because like the title says this is only PART ONE of the bad boys edition...there are so many to little time. Yep. Totes what she said...


amanda leeann said...

1. drool

2. love her

4. i love you for this. & this picture. whoa damn.

5. he would be the only reason i would watch the show. stefan just got on my nerves.

8. guess who wants to watch the hangover now? only me.

9. vampire eric could take me anytime, any place. ahem. he kicks vampire bill butt.

10. we've discussed this. her tattoos are beautiful. #truth

Shelby Lou said...

Milo Ventigmalia

oh my h-e-double hockey sticks.

he is like, a fine wine. NO LIE

I love Kat Von D she is gorgeous!

Sandra Bullock is married to Jesse James? Is it.. I'm not sure what is that really hardcore biker man's name? Either way she is a babe

Kristin Lee said...

I love your list. You know what I love even more? The fact that you love Dane Cook as well. Virtual high five for being amazing. :)

Christina said...

This is the first of your lists that I THOROUGHLY (ohsothoroughly) agree with. You read my mind.. and then wrote a blog about it.



Anna said...

mmmmmm LOOOVE IT!!! :) esp #2,3,4,6,7. and you are hilarious.

uhski said...

THANK YOU for saying Kat Von D is beautiful. I hate when people write her off cuz she has tattoos. I have tattoos. I love her. And your list made me drool all over my computer. Zachary Quinto. Epic. =]

Ashton Dene' said...

holy hotness monster. i pretty much want to jump every man (and Kat Von D) on this list. No lie.

xo, ash

Liz said...

1. Um yes. I think I have a major crush on Spock aka Z-Quint. I like his eyebrows, what can I say?

2. Sandra is such a hottie and so hilarious.

Lauren said...

Ahhh!! Vampire Eric is smoking! And Damon and Bradley Cooper and Jess. Oh yeah, AND Dane Cook! I love him big time.

Amazing list! And that means a lot coming from a girl who likes her boys a little on the nerdy side :)

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

Ok, I apologize for the tattoo comments. I still do not find them attractive, but perhaps you can change my mind on that. ;-)

Jen and Chris said...

If Jess Mariano (yes, I know his name is actualy Milo) showed up at my door I would make-out with him...sorry husband....

TheLittleFlower said...

Those are guys! I love them!! :D

Great blog! I love it!

Sam said...

mmm bradley cooper

Shannon said...

Shelby Lou..yes Sandy is married to Jesse James..the ultimate biker dudes name! have outdone yourself again...I have to give you a special thank you for the pic of Josh Holloway..have not seen that picture before and I will never watch LOST the same way again!
*Love me some Jess/Milo GG Forever..(also I am thinking Loreli would have totally used the term "Hotness Monster")

Karina said...

So I pretty much die every time you do a hotness monster post.

I love bad boys. :)

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

I may have just drooled on my keyboard. Bad boys (and girls) are my fav! Seriously, Chuck, Damon, Eric, Josh, Dane,Sandra, & Kat?! I need oxygen, I'm pretty sure I'm dying.

Alexa Mae said...

ahhh yahhh!! i love me:

good choices my fair lady.

KatOfDiamonds said...

*drools on 1,34,5,6 & 9 the most*
*wipes drool off chin*

Yeah I guess you did alright putting this list together ;o)

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

@ Amanda Leeann Amen.
Oh and there is nothing like one of Alex's (can I call you Alex??) Hottness Monster Posts! Yummy. That was Yummy...Bad Boy Deliciousness!
I. Love. You.

~Ivy~ said...

Damon... he wasn't on my radar either and now I am head over heals looking for him.
Love your lists!!

Mar said...

Hot damn Dane Cook! I will love him and his smirk forever and ever.
And Kat von D. is gorgeous. And so are her tattoos!

Lula! said...

Oh, but this is DELICIOUS. Sincerely.

Josh Holloway...Amen.

Ed Westwick, my beloved Mother Chucker.

Ian Somerhalder, my beloved Boone (Lost) and Damon (I love the bad boy vamps!). WIN!

And finally...
my boyfriend...THE Alexander Skarsgard. Again, I thank you for respecting my relationship with him. See how I freely share? I don't mind. 'Cause I know he's mine. The end.

p.s. Kat Von D is smokin' hot and I'd totally make out with her.