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Friday, October 23, 2009

happy birthday...

So I am two days late on this post...but better late than never right? Right! Happy Birthday Jon-than!! This past Wednesday was my brothers 26th birthday...yep that is right...he is O-L-D!
he so looks like he is having a blast, right?

We didn't do anything too terribly exciting being that it was a Wednesday night and he didn't even get off work until 7:30!! We just had a family dinner to celebrate the three birthdays that happen this week! We had the best chicken marsala on the face of this earth (cooked by my other brother) and some cake! The cake had three candles on for me, one for Bastina, and one for my brother...guess who blew out all three? Yeah Jon-than I was deprived of my birthday wish! Nice...punk-face!

Now some fun fabulous photos...

while we were waiting for dinner to be ready Jil was schooling my niece in the ways of hula-hooping. She then continued to tell us that she won a hula-hooping contest in elementary school, yeah she hooped it up for a whole hour. true story. told you this picture would be on the blog Jil...haha love you!!

I need to take a photography class...because my pictures are SO not good. I look far from cute in this picture but it was the only one I took that night of the three of up on the blog it goes. enjoy.

This is the my other brother who makes the best chicken marsala 'eva! He is also the father of the cutest niece on this planet...he obviously does not like looking at the I snapped one when he was mid-conversation!

I think the dislike of having ones picture taking runs in the bloodline with the men in my family...both brothers hate it. Hence, Bastina having to direct the birthday boys head towards the lens...oh and if you are wondering he was eating a tootsie roll...

Happy birthday Jon-than!!

Now I am off to go and enjoy the weekend! After Saturday I will be officially old...mourn for me please...

What are YOUR plans for the weekend?


Lauren Elizabeth Crazypants said...

how fun!!!

well, i am a little late as far as my weekend plans...but this week is all about midterms!

three of them! i am kinda sorta freaking out.

cute cute blog!
thanks for your sweet comments!

Stacy Dean said...

fun! my husband turned 27 and I was like...whoa, old! lol. birthday's are the best thing in the world though :)

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Mmm Chicken Marsala? Please send some my way thanks.

What a great way to spend a birthday! Looks like you all had a wonderful time!

P.S. I googled William Sonomas and it is 30 mins from my house... Can we still switch now??

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Happy Birthday to your brother!