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Monday, July 18, 2011

must have monday {13.}...

After spending the weekend in the Bay Area and shopping my little heart out, (literally. when I got home and added up how much I spent my heart stopped for a few minutes), you would think I would be over swooning and shopping. But no. I am not. I am still ALL about it. What can I say? I love to shop. End of story.

Ok...not end of story really. I am super excited that in one month I will be hopping on a plane to Las Vegas to see Adele in concert. Jealous? Well if you aren't when I tell you I am also meeting up with Lauren and Ashton, you will be. I am so excited to see two of my besties and have a blast in Vegas with them. I am not so excited about being in Las Vegas in August. Seriously. Anyone who has been there knows it is pretty much like living in an oven. This sparked a shopping frenzy for some cool summer dresses, because jeans when it is 120 outside are a little ridiculous. That is what inspired this weeks, 'Must Have Monday'.


{1.} 'Demeter Maxi Dress'-ModCloth

I am seriously loving on this fierce maxi dress. I mean the shoulder alone is super foxy. So, while wearing an all black dress in Las Vegas during the day may result in death, rocking this little number out to a fabulous dinner would be cool and hot all at the same time. You can find this gem over at ModCloth for only $59.99!

Now this dress would be perfect for a day out and about on The Strip. Yes. I did just make 'The Strip' a proper noun. I am loving how delicate and pretty this little number is. I think it would be perfect for a day of shopping and running around. I also love how with the right shoes and accessories you could make it a bit fancier. This is over at ModCloth for $42.99.

{3.} 'Let's Go On A Dot Dress'-ModCloth

I want this dress in the worst way. I love items that can be worn a bunch of different ways. I could see this as a bathing suit cover-up, a flowy little dress, or belted with some high heels. It also has pockets, if a dress has pockets I typically deem that dress as legit. Once again head over to ModCloth and pick this up for only $49.99!

{4.} 'Second Verse Dress'-ModClothThis is such a fun and classic take on the LBD. I mean what woman doesn't own one? This just seems like such a classy little number. Once again it is black. Yeah, yeah. I like to wear black. So, this would only be used as nighttime wear in LV. Do we love? It is $99.99 at ModCloth!

{5.} 'Catchphrase Dress'-ModCloth

I love how comfy this dress looks. It would be so cute with some shiny gladiator sandals and a cute hat. Anything that is made out of jersey knit makes me think of pajamas. I love pajamas. For $42.99 you could have this to lounge, shop, and play in!

Okay fellow fashionistas, what is YOUR way to look cute and feel cool all at the same time? Also, if anyone has any must-do Vegas suggestions please share in the comments section! Happy Monday pals!



Karm said...

Oh VEAGS is awesome. I really want to go back to sight see more. I went to a George Strait and Reba concert in Feb when it was freaking cold. Have a lot of fun!!

Lauren said...

VEGAS!! Why the eff did you start talking about Modcloth dresses?? Now I need to do some looking/shopping so I can be properly dressed at the appropriate level of fanciness in the desert.

Vanessa said...

What an amazing trip ya'll have planned! & you need all those dresses. Especially the Second Verse Dress! SO adorable!

Jayde said...

Vegas and ADELE?!?!?! JEALOUS!!!! Espesh of the Adele part. Gah, I would SO love to see her live. Loving these dresses - super-cute! Completely agree that the grey one looks really comfy. I cn so see myselg in the with leggings, a little cardi, some ballet flats and a cute little necklace. LOVE.