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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

wise words wednesday {25.}...

I had a perfect lazy weekend. I didn't really do much at all, I did laundry, I made some headbands for the Mama Made Shoppe, and I watched some movies with my mama. It was actually quite lovely. I finally watched, 'Love & Other Drugs' it was amazingly beautiful, and not only because Jake G is naked throughout the entire flick. If you haven't watched this movie go watch it now, also don't read this because it is a recap of one of the last scenes in the movie. This scene touched me in a lot of ways. Mainly in how much I related to both of the characters. I have been known to be very guarded in relationships. I don't let a lot of people in to really see me. I don't let myself need other people, or at least I try not to. Which is why this scene really got to me...

{25.} Wise Words...
- I am full of shit, okay? No, I'm knowingly full of shit. Because...because...I have...I have never cared about anybody or anything, in my entire life. And the thing is that everybody just kind of accepted that. Like, "That's just Jamie!" And then you...Jesus. You. You. You didn't see me that way. I have never known anyone who actually believed that I was enough. Until I met you. And then you made me believe it, too. So, unfortunately, I need you. And you need me.

Maggie- No, I don't.

Jamie- Yes, you do.

Maggie -No, I don't.

Jamie- Yes, you do.

Maggie- Stop it. Stop saying that.

Jamie- You need someone to take care of you.

Maggie- No, I don't.

Jamie- Everybody does.

Maggie- (sobbing) I'm going to need you more than you need me.

Jamie- That's ok.

Maggie- No, it's not! It isn't fair. I have places to go.

Jamie- You'll go there. I just may have to carry you.

Maggie- I can't ask you to do that.

Jamie- You didn't. Hey, let's just say in some alternate universe there is a couple just like us. Only she's healthy and he's perfect. And their world is about how much money that they're gonna spend on vacation, or who's in a bad mood that day, or whether they feel guilty about having a cleaning lady.
I don't want to be those people. I want us. You. This.

This scene had be bawling. It was so well acted, and so heartfelt. It also really made me it so bad to *let* yourself need someone? No, I don't have the answer...but I am currently looking for it.



Karm said...

This scene did make me cry.. it was beautiful. The movie was awesome too (especially the naked Jake parts haha jk)

Karm said...
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Elysie Piecie said...

I haven't seen the movie, but I love that is beautiful.

Melissa said...

Ya I really liked that scene too. I think its so completely relatable. I also think while its a lovely sentiment, its hard to tear down the walls we build to protect ourselves. Cause, well, that means someone could actually really hurt us.

Heidi said...

That movie looks so cute.

I wish I had the problem of *letting* myself need someone. Instead I constantly need someone, and I hate it!

KatOfDiamonds said...

So I was so unknowing just how blown away I was going to be by this movie. And this scene. OH THIS SCENE.
So amazing.

KimCandis said...

That scene is beautiful. It means a lot to me. Will has to take care of me so much and I always feel bad for him...but I know that he wouldn't have it any other way.

Ivy said...

I need to see this.
I need Scott and I always will.

Keep looking, it is sooo worth it!

Love you

Dree said...

Oh my goodness, I bawled my eyes out during that scene. It's one of my favorite movies now! I think the way that they found out how they were meant to be without trying to.. I don't know, it was just perfect.