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Thursday, March 17, 2011

iphone photos {2.}...

I apologize for my lame week of posts. I was super busy over the weekend, which is normally the time that I write my posts for the week. So...I decided I would iPhone/instagram it up...again. I picked a theme this time though, let me take you on a mini tour of my office. My name is Alexandria and I will be your tour guide for the next 3 minutes, climb aboard (and yes that IS what he told her) and enjoy (he said that as well) *ahem*...

{1.} The ring I was wearing the day I snapped all these photos. Isn't it cute?

{2.} My keyboard...which is always stocked with lip gloss. Just in case, ya know?

{3.} My bitch face when a coworker is bugging me and another coworker is 'playing' with my iPhone, and secretly snaps a photo of this horrible face.

{4.} One of my favorite quotes ever. I got this sticker at the Prop 8 protest.

{5.} I read this every morning when I get in my office. It helps me keep my sanity throughout the day. It reminds me I am powerless over other peoples actions, but that I have full control over my own.

{6.} My lovely corkboard. It contains pictures of the people I love, a key chain Bug made for me, and a wedding invitation for Work Bff Tania's wedding

{7.} My ghetto work phone. I spend my day attached to this damn thing.

{8.} My coffee cup/pen holder that was given to me by my supervisor as a welcome aboard gift. I love it.

{9.} My little cupcake that Bastina made for me. He is named 'Sprinkle', he loves his new home under my computer screen. He told me so.

{10.} A headband that will be going in the Mama Made Shoppe soon! This has nothing to do with my office, but I needed 10 pictures so my OCD could relax.
I apologize for the lameness of this post. I am doing nothing but relax this weekend, so hopefully I can write up some semi-decent posts! Happy Friday folks!



Ivy said...

I heart your iPhone and the moments it captures so we can be a part of your life.


Vanessa said...

Loving your ring and the quotes! Instagram is the best. Seriously.

KatOfDiamonds said...

The last installment was fun but this one is great! Loved the tour, the quotes, the gems and the cupcake!!! Oh and the twss

Mar said...

I love your face!

& the cupcake.

Lauren said...

I love your bitch face! Bahaha! Your office is way cuter than mine, I'm pretty jealous.