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Thursday, December 9, 2010

pardon me...

I will happily be away from my blog until next week. Why? Because I am journeying to Flo-rida. Why?

The Three Best Friends Reunion..

YES! I cannot wait to be reunited with Lauren and Ashton. Seriously, they are real life besties who I met via this little ol' blog of mine. Also, Lauren is getting MARRIED on Saturday! I am so happy for her. Ash and I cannot wait to see her be made an honest woman ;-).

So there you have it. I leave today, get back on Sunday. Florida, look out. You have a tornado of awesome heading your way!



The Kid In The Front Row said...

have a good break from blogging :)

Shelby Lou said...

have sooo much fun!!!

Ivy said...

I want pictures!!! The three of you are true women that would be there for any of us... I love you all and I know some day.... you guys will venture to the midwest and I will be there.... to cover you in hugs and kisses, bring you gifts of coffee and find a Sprinkles Cupcake bit of heaven, add a few inappropriately staged photos and the trip will be complete!

Kiley said...

have a wonderful break. I love your blog. :) And am absolutely jealous you will be in Florida!!!!