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Monday, November 15, 2010

must have monday {5.}...

It is time for me to start my week off with a whole lot of swooning. I have finally decided to own the fact that I am slightly tall. I am about 5'8", and while that isn't gigantic, it is still a bit above average for women. This fact has always kept me feeling uncomfortable in heels or any shoe with height. But, whatever. I am loving my height as of late, and have been rocking some super cute/super tall wedges. I looooove them so bad. Guess what the theme is for this Must Have Monday? Enjoy the shoe porn my friends.

Why hello super foxy wedge boots, would you like to come and live in my closet? I think you would. I am really feeling wedges this season, in a big way. I also am needing some boots in my life. These are too freaking cute. Wedge? Check! Boots? Check! Heather Gray? Check! Only $99.95 through Zappos? Check! These babies are true freaking love.

These are too cute for words. Are they a little 'much'? Probably, but they scream fun to me. They are perfect to spice up a bland work look, or to go out and dance in, or to wear on a weekend outing. I adore these because, to me, they can dress up or dress down any outfit. These are a little wild for my taste, but I am working on branching out with my fashion. These are only $37.99 at ModCloth!

I am not even sure I have the words to express how freaking adorable these heels are! I want them. Okay, I actually NEED them. It is not a want, it is more of a spiritual need to have these lovelies sitting in my closet. My oh my Anthro, you have done it again! These retail for $138.00, and yes I will be checking on them every single day so I can pounce on them the moment they go on sale.

While most of these shoes are all about the height, these obviously are not. I mean has anyone ever tried to wear heels every day of the week? Yeah, no. My poor feet would hate me. These boots are cute and badass all at the same time. They look so comfy! These bad boys are over at Anthropologie for $378.00, that means that they will not be mine now or probably ever.

Once more we end up with gray! I am swooning over all things gray for some strange reason. These are to freaking die for. These are 4 1/2 inches tall...which is intense, but I still want them. These babies are over at Zappos for $275.00, which is far too rich for my blood. Someone go and buy them now.

Now that I have shared my must haves with you all, share yours with me! What shoe trend are you loving this season? Do you rock the wedges? Are you a strictly flats girl? Does anyone want to buy all these for me? If so I will be your very best friend. The end.



Jilian said...

Uhm what is going on?!?!?! Who are you? (ps I kinda like it..alot)

However what I don't like is now we have to make sure not to dup out our shoes. Yep. Those boots are in my shopping bag at, and those anthro TV pumps..well those I have been loving too!

I love your shoe porn!

Ash Att said...

love the shoe porn. very much shoe-gasm. ha!!! i dont think i'll ever get over that saying haha

Grace said...

Those boots are freakin' AMAZINGLY cute, but they are way pricey for sure! Never could be mine either.

I'm not at all into wedges but I do love heels and flats. :)

Alexa Mae said...

I will buy some for you, if you buy some for me. ;)

I would die a happy woman with #2 and LOVE!!!

I'm loving the boots this season. And yes, I love me a great pair of amazing (and comfy) wedges.

Mar said...

You can never have too much shoes.

Having said that, I usually end up with sneakers. I just don't do walking in heels very well. One of my classmates once said I looked like a construction worker in heels when I walked in them... wtf, right?

So those easy rider boots definitely have my vote :)